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Apache Usergrid 2.1 now available!

The Apache Usergrid community is happy to announce that Usergrid 2.1 is now available for download.

Apache Usergrid 2.1 is a major revision of the Usergrid code-base that includes a new, improved and streamlined persistence and query engine, as well as support for iOS and Android Push Notifications. Usergrid 2.1 supports the very same REST API as the Usergrid 1.x releases, but this new release is incompatible with the Usergrid 1.x database format.

The new "core persistence" engine in Usegrid 2.1 has been under development for two years now. Internally, this new engine provides a set of new modules for Entity Collections, Graph Database, Maps, Query-Index, Queues and Caching. The core persistence design favors simple and composable operations that can be made asynchronous via RxJava, uses Multi-Version Concurrency Control (MVCC) to avoid use of locks and the Query-Index module relies on ElasticSearch. Version 2.1 is the first official release to include the new core persistence engine, but members of the Usergrid team have been using Usergrid 2.x in production environments for about a year now.

If you're looking to deploy Usergrid, then 2.1 is where you should start. As we say on the download page, it's the best available version.

Downloading Apache Usergrid 2.1

You can download Usergrid 2.1 from our Releases page. In addition to the official sourcec-code release, we now offer a pre-build binary with the Usergrid Stack, Admin Portal and the HTML5/JavaScript and Java SDKs.

Getting started with Apache Usergrid 2.1

Whether you're a developer who wants to write applications that use Usergrid or a sys-admin who wants to know how to deploy Usegrid, we've got docs for you. Refer to our documentation page for Getting Started with Usergrid or jump straight to the Usergrid Deployment Guide.

Apache Usergrid 1.0.2 released

Apache Usergrid 1.0.2 is now officially released and available for DOWNLOAD HERE.

Here's the release announcement that was posted to the Usergrid dev mailing list last week:

Apache Usergrid (incubating) is a multi-tenant Backend-as-a-Service (BaaS) stack for web and mobile applications, based on RESTful APIs. Usergrid consists of a Java-based web application that persists data to Apache Cassandra, an HTML5/JavaScript based management portal and a set of SDKs for JavaScript, iOS, Android, PHP, Java and more.

Usergrid 1.0.2 is a minor release with bug fixes and small improvements.

Bugs fixed
  • S3 upload fails on OpenJDK and Java 8 (fixed by JClouds upgrade)
  • Asset data deleted when connection to Asset deleted
  • Portal stores app password as clear-text
  • Cassandra key-space names are now configurable
Experimental new features
  • ExportAdmins: a new tool to export Admin Users, credentials and organizations
  • ImportAdmins: a new tool to import Admin Users, credentials and organizations
  • Central SSO: Usergrid-Usergrid SSO via new /management/externaltoken end-point

Here's the full list of JIRA issues resolved:

The release is available at:

The tag used to create the release with is 1.0.2:

The release's Git commit ID is d52427b279306e19c163e89e9d5025760fc0b50a

The MD5 checksum of the release can be found at:

The signature of the release can be found at:

The GPG key used to sign the release are available at: