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Wednesday June 12, 2013

ATS v3.3.4 (developer) is released!

We've just finished the v3.3.4 release, and it's now available for immediate download. The announcement email is included below, but please take this out for a spin and make sure it's moving towards stability.

          Apache Traffic Server v3.3.4-dev Released

The Apache Software Foundation and the Apache Traffic Server project are 
pleased to announce the release of Apache Traffic Server v3.3.4-dev. This is 
our latest development release, and is available from


This is primarily a bug release over v3.3.3-dev, with one major feature: The 
ability to assign disks to volumes, such that you can target content to 
specific drives (e.g. an SSD).

Please take this out for a spin, and file bugs and problem reports. We need 
everyone to keep testing these -dev releases, as we move towards our next 
stable release (v3.4). We are unfortunately 4-6 weeks behind right now, and 
looking for a v3.4 release by mid to end of July.


-- The Apache Traffic Server community




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