Apache Trafficserver

Friday August 30, 2013

v4.0.1 is finally here!

The Apache Traffic Server community is extremely pleased to announce the immediate availability of our next major release, v4.0.1! This is the culmination of a years worth of work on features and bug fixes. Some fun facts about this release:

  • There are contributions from 59 individuals
  • Over 1,300 commits
  • 446 Jira tickets were closed

Upgrading from v3.0 or v3.2 to v4.0 should be done with care, since the cache is not backwards compatible. This means upgrading will cause the cache to be reinitialized. More details is available at the Upgrade to v4.0 wiki page. There's a number of new features in this release, the highlights from the Wiki includes: 

  • Assign URLs to specific storage units.
  • HTTP transaction buffering control
  • CPU thread affinity
  • Cache empty documents
  • Fast Range: request handling
  • More plugin and remap overridable configurations
  • Lifecycle hooks for plugins
  • A couple of new plugins, including a gzip plugin

Finally, this release marks a new milestone in how we will manage future release. This is documented in our new release proposal, please take a look at it, but the basic points are

  • We follow strict Semantic Versioning, ever release within a major version is guaranteed to be API, ABI, cache and functionally backward compatible.
  • We promise to bump major version at the most once per year (annually)
  • We will produce minor releases on a strict quarterly schedule: May, August, November and February.
  • The Git master branch is intended to be kept stable and releasable at all times. This implies that master can be seen as the daily current development release, and there are no more official development releases.

On the behalf of the entire Apache Traffic Server community, we hope you find this release to be useful and rock solid!


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