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Sunday January 13, 2013

Traffic Server at ApacheCon NA 2013

ApacheCon 2013 is being held in Portland, Oregon at the end of February. There's quite a lot of Traffic Server content scheduled, so it should be a great opportunity for the Traffic Server community to get together and share our experience and knowledge.

First off, a number of Traffic Server committers will be attending a Traffic Server hackathon. The hackathon event extends from February 24th to 25th. Our fearless leader Leif Hedström will be there, along with Alan Carroll, Igor Galić, Daniel Gruno, Phil Sorber and James Peach. We'll be there all week, and  we're looking forward to meeting new people in the Traffic Server community.

Next,  we have two Traffic Server tutorials on the 24th. Igor will be introducing Apache Traffic Server. This is a great opportunity for anyone who is new to Traffic Server and wants to find out what it's all about and what it can do. For people who are already running Traffic Server, Phil Sorber will be talking about plugin writing for Traffic Server. Writing plugins can be a great way to enhance Traffic Server for your environment and Phil will tell you everything you need to know to get started.

The main conference begins on the 26th. Igor will be delivering an introduction to Traffic Server presentation. If you missed his tutorial, this is your chance to catch up!

On the 27th, Igor will be talking about implementing SSL in the Apache ecosystem. Expect a load of information about security and SSL and maybe a mention of how Traffic Server terminates SSL. Later that afternoon, Alan will be presenting transparent HTTP proxying with Traffic Server. This is a sophisticated feature with a lot of moving parts. If you want to do transparent proxying, this is going to be essential viewing.


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