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Monday September 21, 2015

Traffic Server 6.0 released

The Apache Software Foundation and the Apache Traffic Server project are pleased to announce the release of Apache Traffic Server v6.0.0!
This release immediately available for download at:


When upgrading to 6.0.0 from 5.x you will need to recompile user written plugins. Upgrading from the previous releases, 3.2.0 and later, to v6.0.0 should preserve the cache and not require it to be cleared.  More details are available at:


This release is the second release to have HTTP/2 support and it is now considered stable.  For a list of what’s changed in this release, please see:


For a list of all JIRAs for this release, please see:



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For a list of all JIRAs for this release, please see:

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