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Wednesday September 04, 2013

Custom logs and identifying remap rules

In a recent project we worked on, we needed to add a custom log which also had to identify which exactly remap rule triggered. I think this is probably a worthwhile feature to add to ATS (see https://issues.apache.org/jira/browse/TS-2181), but there's an easy way using existing plugins to accomplish this. Using (for example) the header_filter.so standard plugin, you can setup a config for each remap rule that you wish to identify.

    map http://www.example.com http://x.example.com @plugin=header_filter.so @pparam=id_a.config 

Where id_a.config contains simply

        @MapID =a_mapping= 

 In a custom log, you can then log this as


Voila! The trick here is that headers with the @ prefix are considered internal to ATS, and are removed before sending to servers or User-Agents.


I am new to servers and linux and learning a lot from you.. but i have a query... if any one can help please.. In apache access logs if i have to count number of access attempts made to my server within a timestamp say from 12:15:00 to 12:50:00 on a perticular day ,,then how will i do so??? 

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