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Friday March 21, 2014

Apache Traffic Server 4.2.0 is released

The Apache Software Foundation and the Apache Traffic Server project are pleased to announce the release of Apache Traffic Server v4.2.0! This is our latest stable release, and is immediately available for download at


Upgrading from the previous v3.2 release to v4.x should be done with care, since the cache is not backwards compatible. This means upgrading will cause the cache to be reinitialized. More details on upgrading is available on the Wiki:


Upgrading from 4.1.x should be seamless. 

There's a number of new features in this bugfix release. Details are available at https://cwiki.apache.org/confluence/display/TS/What%27s+new+in+v4.2.x

Finally, this release marks a third cycle in the new release process. 4.2.x will be the last minor version in the 4.x release and is a Long Term Support (LTS) release.


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