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Monday March 25, 2013

Apache Traffic Server 3.3.1 released

The Apache Software Foundation and the Apache Traffic Server project are pleased to announce the release of Apache Traffic Server v3.3.1-dev. This is our latest development release, and is available from http://trafficserver.apache.org/downloads

This release includes well over 100 fixes and feature changes since v3.3.0-dev. New features includes:

  • gzip plugin is now configurable per mime-type
  • Internal milestone timers exposed through plugin APIs
  • In clustering mode, content can be forced to be cached locally
  • A new authorization proxy plugin
  • The FreeBSD builds now support raw disk caches

Monday February 11, 2013

Traffic Server hackathon at ApacheCon 2013

ApacheCon will be hosting the conference hackathon on Monday February 25th, and the Traffic Server team will be there. There will be almost a dozen Traffic Server committers in attendance. We will be discussing the Traffic Server feature roadmap, hacking on bugs and generally trying to make Traffic Server better. Come by and tell us about your favorite bug (or feature)!

Friday January 25, 2013

Apache Traffic Server 3.2.4

The Apache Software Foundation and the Apache Traffic Server project are pleased to announce the release of Apache Traffic Server v3.2.4.

This is primarily a bug fix release, addressing a number of SSL related issues. Additionally we have important fixes which make running ATS on FreeBSD an overall more pleasant experience. We encourage Traffic Server users to upgrade - and everybody else to try it out!

The source code is immediately available for download.

Sunday January 13, 2013

Traffic Server at ApacheCon NA 2013

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Saturday December 15, 2012

Choosing an Open Source Proxy

Leif previously posted about his talk at Lisa 2012. I hope that everyone who was able to attend enjoyed it and learned something about the open source web proxy ecosystem. For everyone else, here are the slides, which are pretty interesting. If I ever find any video of the talk, I'll post that as well.

Usenix LISA 2012 - Choosing a Proxy from Leif Hedstrom

Wednesday December 05, 2012

Rolling the D2O: Choosing an Open Source HTTP Proxy Server

In a week or so, I'll be presenting a talk at Usenix LISA '12, titled "Rolling the D20: Choosing an Open Source HTTP Proxy Server". The talk is an attempt to educate the audience not only in what technologies are out there, but also how to pick and choose one that's right for their problem. This will obviously include Apache Traffic Server, but of course other prominent proxies such as Varnish, Squid and Nginx will be examined. I'm hoping to see some of you there, and I'd be very interested to learn more about what is good (and bad) with the current state of affairs when it comes to proxies and caches.

Wednesday November 21, 2012

Arno Töll is a new Traffic Server committer

We are welcoming another committer to the Traffic Server community today. Arno Töll has been working hard on packaging Traffic Server for Debian. Distribution packaging is very important because it really makes it easier for people to try out a piece of software. Arno's blog post introducing Traffic Server is probably the best article I have seen for new Traffic Server users, http://daemonkeeper.net/735/apache-trafficserver-the-better-web-cache/ .

Wednesday November 07, 2012

Bin Chen is a new Traffic Server committer

Today we welcome Bin Chen as a new Apache Traffic Server committer and member of the project management committee. Chen has done some quality work in the Traffic Server clustering code over the last year, fixing a number of performance issues and adding new features like local content caching (TS-1270). It's great to have another representative of the excellent Taobao team agree to join us!



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