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Monday September 21, 2015

Fall 2015 Apache Traffic Server Summit (Nov 15-17th)

The ATS community is pleased to announce the next Apache Traffic Server Summit. This time, we’ll be hosting this event at the Yahoo! Campus in Sunnyvale, California. The dates are

Sunday November 15th: Hackathon / Bug bashing / get-together
Monday November 16th: First day Summit with presentations from various teams
Tuesday November 17th: Second day Summit, focusing more on discussion items and designs

Everyone is very, very welcome to participate in this event, and there are no fees (however, we ask everyone to RSVP, see below). Previous Summits have been a good mix of system administration topics around ATS, advanced topics of usage and problems, as well as future discussions around direction and features of ATS.

Request: We are looking for people to present topics for the Monday - Tuesday events. If you have something ATS related to share, or something to discuss / propose / analyze, please submit a proposal with a Subject and 1-2 paragraph description. Send such proposals to 


Proposal does not have to be code related, in fact, some of the most interesting and popular topics from previous Summits have been around ATS use cases. The deadline for submissions is October 15st, 2015.

Finally, please RSVP on this page (which is still work in progress, we’ll update the schedule as we get the proposals submitted).:




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