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Thursday September 19, 2013

Connectors and drivers in the world of Apache Sqoop

Apache Sqoop is a tool for highly efficient data transfers between relational databases and the entire Hadoop ecosystem. One of the significant benefits of Sqoop is that it’s easy to use and can work with a variety of systems both inside and outside of the Hadoop ecosystem. With one tool, Sqoop, you can import or export data from all databases supporting the JDBC interface using the same command line arguments exposed by Sqoop. Additionally, Sqoop was designed in modular fashion, allowing you to plug in specialized additions to optimise transfers for particular database systems.

While some users of various projects within the Hadoop ecosystem use the words "connector" and "driver" interchangeably, these words mean completely different things in context of Sqoop. As both connector and driver are needed for every Sqoop invocation, we see a lot of confusion in the use and understanding of these concepts. This blog post will explain the difference between them and how Sqoop uses these concepts to transfer data between Hadoop and other systems.

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