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Wednesday September 30, 2015

Apache Sentry 1.6.0-incubating released!

On September 22, the Sentry community announced the release of Apache Sentry 1.6.0-incubating. Significant works have gone into this release where 115 defects or improvements were fixed and made, and 4 new features were added by the team.

  • The most notable feature added to this release was "Sqoop2 integration with Sentry". This new feature allows for the Sqoop authorization policies to be managed by Sentry.
  • With the feature "Add Audit Log Support for Solr Sentry Handlers", data governance is achieved for Solr activity.
  • Sentry 1.6.0-incubating also supports CredentialProvider, so that the passwords can be specified in an external encrypted file.
  • Sentry also provides tool to dump entire content in Sentry specific format and load the data into another instance of the Sentry Service, it is very helpful for backups, migration from one backend store to another and debugging content of the underlying database
The complete list of bugfixes, improvements and features in Sentry 1.6.0-incubating can be viewed at: http://s.apache.org/w5
- Dapeng Sun (Release Manager)



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Incredible pieces, you have a strong command of space and shape! Love the colors!

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@ICS D Thanks so much Lovely paintings! Congrats.

Posted by signnusabbu1983 on July 21, 2019 at 04:04 AM GMT #

interesting concept. I love it, your style is awesome and pleasing

Posted by herraperna1982 on July 21, 2019 at 05:11 AM GMT #

Wow, what a great work! This looks like a huge project. Brilliant expressions, animation and designs. It's nice to see how initial concept sketches translated into final sculptures and motion. !!!!!!!!:)

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this is so nice. love the big scale application and the story with the young students. Well done Charis. 喜欢 !!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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