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Success at Apache: Literally

by Chris Thistlethwaite I became part of the Apache community as a member of the ASF Infrastructure team in 2016, and was elected an ASF Member in 2019. Browsing through the other "Success at Apache" posts made me reflect on the word "success". Years ago, I was asked in a job interview, "How do you define... [Read more...]

Success At Apache: "Mentor Your Mentor"

By Patricia Shanahan After retiring, I wanted to continue programming but without the pressure and constraints of a job, so I started contributing to Apache. Open software development the Apache way is a great retirement hobby, offering social contacts, intellectual challenge, continuous learning, and the pleasant feeling of making a... [Read more...]

Success at Apache: Why you'd want to become an...

by Dmitriy Pavlov All newbies in Open Source communities may sometimes think that they’ll never be able to become Committers. Many treat this role as a prestigious one, granted only for special feats, and after having written a ton of code. But not all things are so simple, and I hope my story will help you.  Election as Apache... [Read more...]

"Success at Apache: The Path To Berlin"

by Isabel Drost-Fromm "A decade ago" - according to common wisdom for software engineering that's the equivalent of the stone age: The only constant is change - and rapid change at that. This blog post is going to tell an entirely different story: One about what persistence, patience and continuous engagement can... [Read more...]


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