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Success at Apache: My experience with the Apache W...

by Etienne Chauchot I have been working in software engineering for more than 15 years. I've always contributed to Open Source software as a user or a developer. But I've been contributing to Apache Software Foundation ( ASF ) projects such as Apache Flink , Apache Beam or Apache Spark for nearly 6 years. It is long... [Read more...]

Sponsor Success at Apache: Exploration and Practic...

by Mark Shan, Chairman of Tencent Open Source Alliance and Tencent Cloud Open Source Ecosystem General Manager The Apache Software Foundation (ASF) manages more than 227 million lines of code, has 206 project management committees, leads more than 350 Apache projects and operates through a merit system, with more than 850 members, 8,100+ committers,... [Read more...]

Success at Apache: from Mentee to PMC

by Ephraim Anierobi This post is about how I became a committer and a Project Management Committee (PMC) member of Apache Airflow, and provides guidance to those new to programming, are new to contributing to open-source projects, and want to become committers and PMC members in their respective Apache projects. About a year and a half after changing... [Read more...]

Success at Apache: Security in Practice

by Jarek Potiuk This post is about the Apache Software Foundation's Security process and security mindset of the Apache Software project’s PMC put to the best use in practice. From this post you can learn why security practices we apply at our projects are important and how they work when they are applied correctly and when the right... [Read more...]


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