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The ApacheⓇ Software Foundation Welcomes CloudBees...

Donation of Continuous Delivery Software Services Helps Support Apache Infrastructure, Projects, and Communities Wakefield, MA, and DevOps World/Jenkins World Lisbon, Portugal —4 December 2019— The Apache ®  Software Foundation (ASF), the all-volunteer developers, stewards, and incubators of more than 350 Open Source projects and... [Read more...]

The Apache Software Foundation Objects to the For-...

Non-profit organizations like The Apache Software Foundation serve the public good in many ways. It is critical to our mission and to the mission of many other non-profits, that we be able to reliably disseminate information via the Internet. This principle of enabling the open exchange of information to and among those we serve lies at the heart of what... [Read more...]

Project Perspectives: Apache RocketMQ and The Apac...

by Von Gosling, member of the Apache RocketMQ Project Management Committee Last year, I wrote a blog about how communities from a non-English-speaking country understand and use Apache way for open innovation . In that article, I mainly expressed the desire to be open as a developer, to be good at using mailing lists, listening to community... [Read more...]

Apache in 2018 - By The Digits

It's been a great year for the Apache community at-large. With nearly 200M lines of code under the ASF's stewardship, our ongoing success is the result of community-led development "The Apache Way", executed through the collaborative efforts of more than 300 Apache projects and their communities. Highlights include: Apache... [Read more...]


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