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The Apache Software Foundation Announces Apache® T...

Mature Big Data database management system for working in SQL at Apache Hadoop-scale levels in use China Mobile, China Unicom, Dell EMC, Esgyn Corporation, and Millersoft Limited, among others. Forest Hill, MD —10 January 2018— The Apache Software Foundation (ASF), the all-volunteer developers, stewards, and incubators of more than 350... [Read more...]

Success at Apache: What a Long Strange (and Great)...

By Jim Jagielski It is normally during this time of year that people get awful retrospective. We look over the last 12 months and come to terms with what kind of year it has been. We congratulate ourselves on the good and (hopefully) learn from the bad. We basically assess the ending year and start planning, even a little bit, on the one to come. ... [Read more...]

Success at Apache: Scratch Your Own Itch.

By Ignasi Barrera Recently I was at an industry conference and was happy to see many people stopping by the Apache booth. I was pleased that they were familiar with the Apache brand, yet puzzled to learn that so many were unfamiliar with The Apache Software Foundation (ASF). It's important to recognize not just Apache's diverse projects... [Read more...]

Response From The Apache® Software Foundation To Q...

On 19 September 2017 The Apache® Software Foundation ("ASF") was contacted by the US House Committee on Energy and Commerce to answer questions in preparation for their hearing on 3 October regarding the Equifax data breach. The official response from the ASF follows. = = = RESPONSES TO... [Read more...]

Success at Apache: All My Roads Led to Apache

by Pat Ferrel I became involved with Apache in 2011. After several years in startups where, as CTO, I felt too removed from building things. Looking for a change, I was keenly aware that the most interesting thing about the startups was our early use of Machine Learning techniques and I wanted to see if building ML solutions, for companies new to... [Read more...]

Success at Apache: Lowering Barriers to Open Innov...

By Luke Han Over the past decade, I was a Java developer using many Apache projects such as Tomcat, Jakarta, Struts, and Velocity. In 2010 I stepped into the Big Data field and started to actively participate in Apache projects, and became an ASF Member 3 years ago. In addition to being the VP of Apache Kylin, I helped projects such as Apache Eagle... [Read more...]

Success at Apache: Meritocracy.

By Kevin A. McGrail The Apache Software Foundation is not a democracy. It's an elitist organization that does not support an innate right to vote. We aren't capitalists because you can't buy a seat on our board. We aren't socialists since we place building working communities over software. Monarchy doesn't... [Read more...]

Success at Apache: Learning to Build a Stronger Co...

by John Ament As the next line in the series of "Success at Apache", I had to think about what kind of blog post I wanted to write.  Given my personal focus, it made sense to focus on new projects coming in and the incubator.  When I'm not busy dreaming up new ideas and working on personal projects, I'm helping new... [Read more...]

Success at Apache: Meritocracy and Me.

by Tom Barber When Sally asked for volunteers to help with a blog post series "Success at Apache" I realised there was a very human story to tell about how the ASF helped me get to where I am today and hopefully where I'll go tomorrow. Over the years I have worked on and run a number of Open Source projects whilst working with... [Read more...]


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