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Apache Meecrowave-1.2.3 has been released

The Apache OpenWebBeans team is proud to announce the release of Apache Meecrowave 1.2.3 Apache Meecrowave is a small server (only 9MB) fully based on Apache Tomcat9 and other JavaEE 8 technologies     Apache Tomcat-9.0.10 (Servlets-4.0)     Apache OpenWebBeans-2.0.6 (CDI-2.0)     Apache Johnzon-1.1.8... [Read more...]

Apache NetBeans and Java EE Productivity in Burkin...

Last Saturday (June 30, 2018) I was invited to COFAN (Conférence au Faso sur le Numérique) to present tips for building enterprise Java applications. COFAN is a conference divided into multiple sessions on a variety of technologies. It was started last year and the second tour has been taking place since May and it is sponsored by the government of Burkina... [Read more...]


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