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.NET Applications and Artemis with AMQP

My first draft for this blog had a very extensive introduction about AMQP, its benefits, how business manager X would preserve its investment and blablablablaba... Lets say I cut all that #@!# and I'm jumping right to the good stuff: AMQP is cool , full of Libraries that you can bring to use with ActiveMQ Artemis . One of the Libraries... [Read more...]

A few more details about Apache Log4j 2.7

Apache Log4j 2.7 is now out on a href="https://search.maven.org/#search%7Cga%7C1%7Cg%3A%22org.apache.logging.log4j%22">Maven Central. Here’s are the highlights. What's new since 2.6.2 The  RoutingAppender can be configured with scripts. A new Appender, the ScriptAppenderSelector can create another Appender as specified... [Read more...]

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