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The Apache Software Foundation Announces Apache® N...

Popular, award-winning Open Source development environment, tooling platform, and application framework enables Java programmers to easily build desktop, mobile, and Web applications Wakefield, MA —24 April 2019— The Apache Software Foundation (ASF), the all-volunteer developers, stewards, and incubators of more than 350 Open Source... [Read more...]

Master Your Scripting Skills with the New Tutorial...

Enhanced scripting tutorial has just become part of Apache NetBeans documentation. It contains various examples showing how to communicate from Java with JavaScript , Python and other languages. The following topics are covered: Setup Get started Guest language "Hello World!" It's a polyglot world Add a... [Read more...]

Apache OpenWebBeans-2.0.8 has been released

The Apache OpenWebBeans Team is proud to announce the release of Apache OpenWebBeans-2.0.8. Apache OpenWebBeans-2.0.x is an Apache License v2 licensed implementation of the JSR-365 CDI-2.0 specification. OpenWebBeans has a modular structure and provides Dependency Injection scaling from Java SE environments up to Java EE8 server clusters with... [Read more...]

Apache Meecrowave-1.2.4 has been released

The Apache OpenWebBeans team is proud to announce the release of Apache Meecrowave 1.2.4 Apache Meecrowave is a small java enterprise application server framework fully based on Apache Tomcat9 and other JavaEE 8 technologies.     Apache Tomcat-9.0.12 (Servlets-4.0)     Apache OpenWebBeans-2.0.7 (CDI-2.0)    ... [Read more...]


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