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Protecting Apache Ignite from 'Meltdown' a...

The world was rocked after the recent disclosure of the Meltdown and Spectre vulnerabilities that literally affect almost all software ever developed. Both issues are related to the way all modern CPUs are designed and this is why they have opened unprecedented security breaches -- making the software, including Apache Ignite, vulnerable to... [Read more...]

Apache Ignite Essentials: 2-part Webinar Series fo...

We finally made this happen! I’m happy to invite all of the software architects and engineers out there to a series of webinars that will introduce you to the fundamental capabilities of in-memory computing platforms such as Apache Ignite. There will also be a mix of theory and practice. A lot of code examples are waiting to be shown so that you can... [Read more...]

Apache Ignite 2.3 - More SQL and Persistence Capab...

Putting aside the regular bug fixes and performance optimizations, the Apache Ignite 2.3 release brings new SQL capabilities and Ignite persistence improvements that are worth mentioning. SQL Let's start with SQL first. Apache Ignite users have consistently told us that despite all of Ignite’s SQL capabilities, it’s been at times... [Read more...]

Apache Ignite Community News (Issue 3)

by Tom Diederich This is our third community update – there’s a lot going on, so let's get started. Apache Ignite experts have already spoken at two meetups this month, both in Silicon Valley, but there are several more scheduled this month around the world. On Sept. 9 Apache Ignite PMC chair Denis Magda was the featured presenter at... [Read more...]

Apache Ignite Community Update (August 2017 Issue)

by Tom Diederich Igniters, here are some community highlights from the last couple week. If I missed anything, please share it here. Meetups! Did you know that Apache Ignite experts are available to speak at your meetup? And we also have spots open for YOU to speak at the following meetups that some of us co-organize: Apache Ignite London ... [Read more...]

Apache Ignite 2.1 - A Leap from In-Memory to Memor...

The power and beauty of in-memory computing projects are that they truly do what they state -- deliver outstanding performance improvements by moving data closer to the CPU, using RAM as a storage and spreading the data sets out across a cluster of machines relying on horizontal scalability. However, there is an unspoken side of the story. No matter how... [Read more...]

Apache Ignite 2.0: Redesigned Off-heap Memory, DDL...

We released the long-awaited Apache Ignite version 2.0 on May 5. The community spent almost a year incorporating tremendous changes to the legacy Apache Ignite 1.x architecture. And all of that effort paid off. Our collective blood, sweat (and perhaps even a few tears) opened up new and exciting opportunities for the Apache Ignite project. Have I piqued... [Read more...]


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