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Whiskey Clustering with Groovy and Apache Ignite

In a previous blog post , we looked at using Apache Wayang  (incubating) and Apache Spark to scale up the k-means clustering algorithm. Let's look at another useful technology for scaling up this problem, Apache Ignite . They recently released a new version , but earlier versions are also fine for our example. Before we start, a quick... [Read more...]

Apache Ignite 2.13.0: new Apache Calcite-based SQL...

As of April 26, 2022, Apache Ignite 2.13 has been released. You can directly check the full list of resolved Important JIRA tasks but here let's briefly overview some valuable improvements. This is a breaking change release: The legacy service grid implementation was removed. New Apache Calcite-based SQL engine We've implemented a new... [Read more...]


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