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ApacheCon CFP closing soon (11 February)

Hello, fellow Apache enthusiast. Thanks for your participation, and interest in, the projects of the Apache Software Foundation. I wanted to remind you that the Call For Papers (CFP) for ApacheCon North America, and Apache: Big Data North America, closes in less than a month. If you've been putting it off because there was lots of time left,... [Read more...]

What are you working on at ApacheCon?

The biggest benefit of ApacheCon is getting together with the members of your community. While much of this is social, it's also an opportunity to collaborate in person on the code. We will have a open collaboration space, with network and power, and tables for your project to gather around to work. Signs will be available to indicate what project... [Read more...]

ApacheCon Seville CFP Closes September 9th

It's traditional. We wait for the last minute to get our talk proposals in for conferences. Well, the last minute has arrived. The CFP for ApacheCon Seville closes on September 9th, which is less than 2 weeks away. It's time to get your talks in, so that we can make this the best ApacheCon yet. It's also time to discuss... [Read more...]

ApacheCon North America 2016, happening now in Van...

This week we're holding the Apache: Big Data and ApacheCon North America events in Vancouver, BC, Canada. Although the event is still on-going, I wanted to mention a few highlights of the event for those of you who missed it. Attendance has grown 51% over our event in Austin last year, with 675 Apache enthusiasts in attendance. Keynotes from... [Read more...]

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