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[ANN] Apache Isis version 2.0.0-M3 Released

After a *lot* of development effort, the Apache Isis committers are delighted to announce the release of v2.0.0-M3 of the framework. This is a major milestone release that "re-platforms" Apache Isis so that it now runs on top of Spring Boot 2.x.  JDK8 is the minimum.  Some highlights: A new convenience parent pom builds on top of... [Read more...]

[ANN] New committer - Jörg Rade

Hi folks, I'm delighted to announce that Jörg Rade has been voted in as a committer for Apache Isis, and also as a member of the Apache Isis PMC.  The first gives Jörg the right to commit changes directly to Isis' codebase, the second gives him the right to be involved in future votes. Jörg has been active in the community for more... [Read more...]


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