Saturday December 15, 2012

New CMS managed page

We finally have a nice new Homepage! 

The new page is based on the ASF CMS. Read  for more info about the background.

CDI-1.1, here we come!

The Apache OpenWebBeans team started working towards implementing the CDI-1.1 specification in our trunk. Maintaining the CDI-1.0 version of OWB will be done in branches/owb_1.1.x.
[Read More]

New Committer: Jean-Louis Monteiro and Thomas Andraschko

We are proud to have Jean-Louis Monteiro and Thomas Andraschko supporting the Apache OpenWebBeans team since October 2012.

Thomas will help us supporting the failover functionality and Jean-Louis is an EJB expert working on all CDI and TomEE related parts.

Wednesday May 18, 2011

And the winner is - a new OWB logo!

The Apache OpenWebBeans community has voted on a new Logo recently.[Read More]

Wednesday June 03, 2009

Apache Incubator OpenWebBeans 1.0.0-M2 is Released

I am pleased to announce the 1.0.0-M2 release of OpenWebBeans. OpenWebBeans will be an ASL-licensed implementation of the Context and Dependency Injection for Java EE Platform Specification which is defined as JSR-299.

This M2 release contains the parts of the specification that enables the developers to start and see more functional aspects of the JSR-299 than M1 release. Please look at the README file to get more about release information.

- M2 Release Supports the followings
* Simple WebBeans Support
* Producer Method Support
* Producer Field Support
* JMS WebBeans Support
* Inheritance, Stereotype Inheritances and Realization Support
* Specialization Support
* Event Support
* Decorator and Interceptor Support
* Experimental XML Configuration Support
* Lookup and Dependency Injection Support
* Java EE Plugin Support (via ServetContextListener interface)
* JPA Persistence Context injection support.(Currently does not support JTA based persistence context.)

This release also contains full blown JSF application which is developed by JSF + OWB + JPA.

In addition to the implementation of the specification, the project aims to create a new set of Web Beans exposing functionality of other Apache Foundation projects.

Feel free to ask any questions about the OpenWebBeans and M2-Release via our user forums.

Download URL :

Project Main Site :

User Forum :

Wiki Page :

Gurkan Erdogdu
OpenWebBeans Project Lead

Thursday May 14, 2009

Sample Application with JSF, JPA and OpenWebBeans

We have written a real sample application written with JSF + JPA +OWB. It is called "Hotel Reservation Application". You can create "Admin" and "Normal" user accounts. "Admin" is responsible for defining hotels etc, and user  creates a hotel reservation.
Altough it is a simple application, it uses and shows most of the functionality that are defined in the JSR-299, including Scope and Contexts, Interceptors,Decorators, Events and Observers etc.

It is located in the trunk[1]/samples/reservation directory. In this directory

> mvn clean install -Pjetty --> to compile and install
> mvn jetty:run -Pjetty  --> to run the jetty container

Then, http://localhost:8080/reservation
Voila, enjoys it!


OWB Team



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