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Thursday May 19, 2022

OpenMeetings v6.3.0 - Fixes and maintenance release including preparation for JDK17

The new version 6.3.0 includes a number of fixes, library updates and prepares for moving OpenMeetings to use JDK17. Currently it still compiles the server to be JRE 11 backwards compatible but you can obviously use JRE17 to run. But in future versions JRE17 will become mandatory. As well as Safari keeps on being an ongoing challenge with HTML5 and webRTC. Latest version 6.3.0 should provide some fixes.

Stability and UI improvements

  • Multiple Whiteboard fixes
  • Confirm popups are unified
  • Multiple fixes for latest Safari
Other updates
  • Libraries are updated with most recent versions (e.g. logging)
Notes re library updates: OpenMeetings was not affected by last years log4j issues since we are not using it. However latest v6.3.0 is updating dependencies that include references to log4j and upgrades those.

Full ChangeLog is available from ChangeLog on Github

Downloads of v6.3.0 are available from openmeetings.apache.org/downloads.html

Monday October 25, 2021

OpenMeetings v6.2.0 - OpenAPI Swagger API, Node, PHP integration and Mobile version

OpenMeetings v6.2.0 improves the Mobile version of the conference client as well as ability to save to Home screen and start it more similar to a native Mobile app. Publishing video on a Mobile device requires iOS/Safari v15.x (current version) or Android/Chrome v85 or later (current is v95). Also v6.2.0 adds an Integration API in OpenAPI v3.x format and community sponsored integrations for Node.js and PHP/Composer modules. The Node and PHP modules enable integrating conference rooms in Node or PHP based websites or APIs. More information, sample use cases and links are available on the website, linked resources and the OpenMeetings Mobile wiki.[Read More]

Sunday March 14, 2021

OpenMeetings v6.0.0 - Security and Performance, webRTC Stability and UI improvements

OpenMeetings v6.0.0 is the second major release since migrating all audio & video components to webRTC and HTML5. There are a number of fixes and improvements in Security as well as webRTC handling as part of this release.

New features available in v6.0.0:

Performance metrics using Prometheus and load tests
v6.0.0 introduces the ability to configure Prometheus metrics to be generated. The metrics are disabled by default. There is detailed documentation on how to configure and enable the export and what type of metrics are available - Prometheus+Logging+and+Metrics. You can find example for load tests and performance metrics using above statistics - Performance+Testing

UI partially migrated to build using NPM and dependency management
Most of the UI code relevant for the conference room has been migrated to be built using NPM and split into multiple partials that built separated. This enables using NPM and dependency management as well as a way to develop JavaScript which is more familiar for a lot of Front End Developers!

And there is a long list of improvements in v6.0.0:


  • TLS1.2. is used for OAuth
  • NetTest client count can be limited
  • Captcha is now configurable
  • Recordings can be globally disabled
  • Audio/video in room is more stable
  • Translations are improved
  • Invitation form displays time in client time zone
  • Notifications are displayed using JS Notification API
  • Video pods size can be fixed and configurable per-user

Full ChangeLog is available from Github, downloads of v6.0.0 are available from openmeetings.apache.org/downloads.html

Wednesday April 05, 2017

OpenMeetings 3.2.1 available

Version 3.2.1 of OpenMeetings changes the UI to use a mixed mode HTML5 and is part of the roadmap to a full HTML5 Web-Conferencing client. The HTML5 implementation covers everything except the audio/video streaming. v3.2.1 improves some of the video streaming and document handling.[Read More]

Monday October 03, 2016

OpenMeetings 3.1.3 released

Release v3.1.3 contains 21 enhancements and fixes. The main improvement of this release is to fix the RTMP-Streaming over SSL in both possible modes. The two available modes are:

  • Native RTMPs
  • RTMP Tunnelled over HTTPS (which is similar to RTMPT)
Note With this release Java8 is required, for the server as well as in case you are screen sharing.

We recommend that previous releases will be upgrade to this version.
Other fixes in this version concern localisation, backup/restore, screen-sharing and sending invitations to conference rooms.

For a complete list of changes, see: https://www.apache.org/dist/openmeetings/3.1.3/CHANGELOG
and https://issues.apache.org/jira/browse/OPENMEETINGS/fixforversion/12337950

Downloads and documentation is available from our project website:

Thursday March 31, 2016

OpenMeetings 3.1.1 released

Release v3.1.1 contains 74 fixes, including improvements and new features. Most notably the migration to a new SOAP/REST API. Additionally it contains 9 critical security fixes that have been privately shared via the Apache Software Foundation as security report.

Downloads and documentation is available from our project website http://openmeetings.apache.org/downloads.html

For a full list of all delivered enhancements please see our Jira list:

3.1.1 will replace the 3.0.x tree, which will no longer receive updates. The migration from 3.0.x or from even older 2.x and 1.x versions can be done using the existing backup export and import mechanism (see http://openmeetings.apache.org/Upgrade.html).

Saturday December 14, 2013

Apache Openmeetings 2.2.0 released

The Apache Openmeetings PMC is proud to announce Apache Openmeetings 2.2.0!

This is a bug fix release for version 2.1.1

Please download and build the distribution yourself or use one of the binary packages

Source: http://www.apache.org/dyn/closer.cgi/openmeetings/2.2.0/src
Binary: http://www.apache.org/dyn/closer.cgi/openmeetings/2.2.0/bin

Known Issues
RTMPS (Flash streaming over SSL) seems to be very unstable (contact the dev list for more information)

List of bugfixes and enhancements:

Friday July 12, 2013

Apache Openmeetings 2.1.1 released

The Apache Openmeetings PMC is proud to announce Apache Openmeetings 2.1.1!

This is a bug fix release for the 2.1.x tree and the second release as Top Level Apache Project!

Please download and build the distribution yourself, or use our convenience binary package

Or in general see: http://openmeetings.apache.org/downloads.html

Release Notes 2.1.1

Summary: Bug fix release for 2.1.0.
This release includes some improvements in user interface, fixes for the interview and video only rooms, and localization issues. Configurable hot key for Mute/Unmute have been added.

Known Issues

  • Note: Video/audio SIP integration is not a part of the Apache project, check the red5sip project for this integration.
  • Issues with Recordigs that are longer then 1 hour under some circumstances https://issues.apache.org/jira/browse/OPENMEETINGS-669
  • Some issue reported with recent version of Adobe Flash Plugin https://bugzilla.mozilla.org/show_bug.cgi?id=885188
  • Multi-tabbing issues with Flash Player on Linux

Bugs solved in that release

  • [OPENMEETINGS-218] - Microphone doesn't work after clicking «unmute microphone» button
  • [OPENMEETINGS-405] - microphoneRateNormal & microphoneRateBest - not change rate
  • [OPENMEETINGS-432] - video only room is coming with white board also
  • [OPENMEETINGS-439] - An LDAP user can't change their own profile picture.
  • [OPENMEETINGS-481] - When I reserve a room by sending an email, users who connected to this link from an email have the same email address as me
  • [OPENMEETINGS-486] - Sometimes OM stops responding to clicks
  • [OPENMEETINGS-503] - Openmeetings does not logout on the Recording panel
  • [OPENMEETINGS-507] - Error message is shown when user save the Profile settings
  • [OPENMEETINGS-537] - Pop menu in conference for files shows "Delete folder"
  • [OPENMEETINGS-544] - some bug with SIP
  • [OPENMEETINGS-579] - In any room not close the video and audio settings windows. Video is not broadcasting.
  • [OPENMEETINGS-586] - FileItem owner_id is not replaced with new id while system import
  • [OPENMEETINGS-587] - Exclusive audio by hotkey is broken
  • [OPENMEETINGS-598] - dont build trunk on JDK 1.7 x64
  • [OPENMEETINGS-608] - Office file are uploaded but not displayed
  • [OPENMEETINGS-609] - The end time shown under the Book Conference Room option in New Message is Incorrect
  • [OPENMEETINGS-618] - Incorrect translation
  • [OPENMEETINGS-625] - Profile Pictures not working on LDAP Accounts
  • [OPENMEETINGS-634] - No menu accessable after file upload, in a special condition
  • [OPENMEETINGS-635] - Administration / Configuration : default_lang_id documentation
  • [OPENMEETINGS-654] - Interview room is broken
  • [OPENMEETINGS-670] - The webinar is already closed, you wil be rediredcted to some interesting offerings in X sek
  • [OPENMEETINGS-672] - in recordings page ,people cant logout
  • [OPENMEETINGS-687] - Microphone is unmuted when user refresh video frame


  • [OPENMEETINGS-589] - Configurable hot key for Mute/Unmute should be added

Tuesday September 04, 2012

Apache OpenMeetings Moodle Plugin 1.4 Incubating released!

The plugin enables integration of Apache OpenMeetings Incubating http://incubator.apache.org/openmeetings/) conference rooms in the popular e-learning LMS Moodle (http://www.moodle.org).

Add virtual conference rooms to courses Moodle organizes learning units in courses. The plugin enables teachers/course moderators of Moodle to add new conference rooms to courses.

Single sign-on and Role-based access control When the user enters the conference room via Moodle he does not need to re-login again. The plugin also transfers the role from Moodle to the conference room so that a teacher, admin or course moderator is automatically a moderator in the conference room.

Enhancements for teachers and workgroups In the plugin configuration you can choose if students that access the conference room need to wait till a teacher enters the room or can directly start.

Integration of recordings Instead of conference rooms you can also integrate conference recordings in Moodle. A recording can be any past conference session that you’ve recorded with OpenMeetings. Students can then watch the recording streamed from the server. Additionally teachers, course moderators and admins can download it.

Installation and documentation can be found at:http://incubator.apache.org/openmeetings/MoodlePlugin.html

Downloads of sources and binaries are available from the mirrors: http://incubator.apache.org/openmeetings/downloads.html

All downloads can be verified using the Apache OpenMeetings code signing KEYS

Thursday July 26, 2012

Apache OpenMeetings 2.0 Incubating released

We are happy to announce Version 2.0 of Apache OpenMeetings Incubating!

This is our first release as Apache project and there have been major changes almost everywhere in the application.

Restyled UI The UI has been refactored to have a common look and feel. Additionally most of the icons are now loaded at runtime. That means you can change colors and icons at runtime without changing the source code. More info: http://incubator.apache.org/openmeetings/themes-and-branding.html

New Calendar The calendar was completely refactored and got a new UI that was built from scratch that also adds some new functions. For example it is possible now to password protect invitations sent via the calendar. Further the timezone handling has been refactored and there is now also a SOAP/REST API to handle calendar Events ( http://incubator.apache.org/openmeetings/SoapRestAPI.html )

Integration with Asterisk The application contains now modules to directly integrate OpenMeetings with Asterisk for SIP/VoIP integration. It enables you to dial in as well as dial out of conference room to SIP or ordinary phones. More info: http://incubator.apache.org/openmeetings/voip-sip-integration.html

Install/Backup/Import via command line Additionally to the Web-Interface you can now do all basic operations via console. Just cd to your OpenMeetings installation directory and type “admin” (or ./admin.sh) and you will see all the options available (OpenMeetings service should be shut down while doing those operations)

Using SWF10 for Video Components All audio/video related components now use SWF10 for broadcasting and receiving audio and video signals. That makes it possible to use for example the echo cancellation feature build in the SWF10 Flash Player.

There are a lot more improvements for example to recording, screen sharing and new layout options. To see the full list please review our Release Notes for Version 2.0:

There are also new Integration Plugins in the pipe!

Integration into Atlassian Jira There is a plugin in our SVN that will be released soon for integration with Atlassian Jira, you can watch a demo here: https://blogs.apache.org/openmeetings/entry/jira_integration_apache_openmeetings_demo

Integration into Atlassian Confluence Same for Atlassian Confluence Wiki, you can watch a demo here: https://blogs.apache.org/openmeetings/entry/demo_video_about_upcoming_atlassian

Important Changes OpenOffice service does not need to be running as permanent service. But you have to set the path to OpenOffice (or LibreOffice) and JODConverter tools in OpenMeetings configuration. OpenMeetings (and JODConverter) will start and stop the OpenOffice service when they need it.

Upgrading from Version 1.9 or prior To update from an old version of OpenMeetings to 2.x you should use the integrated Backup and Import tool that exists since around Version 1.3. You should follow our documentation, see: http://incubator.apache.org/openmeetings/Upgrade.html

Downloads of sources and binaries are available from the mirrors linked here:

All downloads can be verified using the Apache OpenMeetings code signing KEYS



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