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Wednesday December 12, 2012

Share your Apache TomEE stories!

If you love and use TomEE and want good things to come to it, share your experience! We've created a new Google+ Community for TomEE with a "User Stories" section where anyone can post. Take 5 minutes and say how TomEE has helped you and what you like about it.


Sharing your experience is the best possible "thank you" the hard working TomEE community can get! Helping the community that helps you is good karma! :)

Monday April 26, 2010

User Blog: OpenEJB : Rapid J2EE Development & Testing

Matthew B. Jones writes a great piece, OpenEJB : Rapid J2EE Development & Testing, sharing his team's experience using OpenEJB to aid in the development of their very large JBoss application. His team of 10 has been using OpenEJB since February and by his most conservative estimations has saved 26 man-weeks on deployment time alone. A shocking amount even to our ears.

Monday March 08, 2010

User Blog: Maven, OpenEJB and eviware soapUI

Magnus K Karlsson has written a nice blog post about using Maven, OpenEJB and eviware soapUI to develop and test JAX-WS Web Services.

The full chain involves creating the Maven, OpenEJB driven unit tests and eventually deployment into JBoss with further testing driven manually via the eviware soapUI tool.

Wednesday August 05, 2009

User Blog: Effective Unit Testing EJB 3.0 with OpenEJB

Magnus K Karlsson writes Effective Unit Testing EJB 3.0 with OpenEJB.

As you state quite well, Mangus, many people have had a bad experience with EJB 2.1 and although simpler EJB 3.0 is not so easily testable without a container. Unless of course you use an embedded EJB container like OpenEJB.

We greatly appreciate blog posts like yours as many people try and fail with a few approaches before finally finding OpenEJB. So many more people don't even look for a solution. Blog posts like yours go a long way in helping to get the word out.

Thanks, Magnus!

Tuesday August 04, 2009

User Blog: OpenEJB 3.1 JBoss Embedded and EJB 3.0 unit testing

Nick Mpallas writes in his Nick Says blog an entry titled OpenEJB 3.1 JBoss Embedded and EJB 3.0 unit testing about his month long quest to figure out a way to unit test EJBs. He tries JBoss Embedded first as so many people do and eventually settles on OpenEJB with TestNG and Hibernate.

Thanks for writing, Nick! We're really excited to see more updates about your progress.

Monday August 03, 2009

User Blog: Restarting the embedded OpenEJB container between each test

Jonas Bandi writes in his CLOSED-LOOP blog a nice entry on Restarting the embedded OpenEJB container between each test. Jonas documents the use of a newer property "openejb.embedded.initialcontext.close" which allows you to destroy the embedded container system after each test.

Note that Maven users can use Surefire Forking to achieve a similar result that will also clear out any embedded database state as well. That approach basically gives you a fresh VM for every test and the approach we use internally in our build. Haven't done any speed comparisons to see how they stack up speed wise.

Sunday August 02, 2009

User Blog: How To Unit-Test EJB 3 ...in 0.8 Seconds

Adam Bien writes in is popular weblog an nice entry called How To Unit-Test EJB 3 ...in 0.8 Seconds. As the subject implies he covers using OpenEJB for fast and light EJB 3.0 unit testing.

Adam has been working on a new project called Project Kenai which aims to take a fresh look at Java EE design patterns. So many J2EE design patterns deal with things which were similified or eliminated altogether in EJB 3.0. It's about time someone came out with some new material.

Great work Adam! Thanks for ensuring your examples run on OpenEJB!



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