Wednesday August 05, 2009

Screencast: EJB Unit Testing with Eclipse and OpenEJB (repost)

We've had some download issues with the original screencast, so we have uploaded it to a video sight and are reposting it to the blog.

This screencast shows how you can turn the plain, non-javaee version of Eclipse into an EJB testing machine. The tutorial walks you through installing Eclipse, adding OpenEJB to your project's classpath, and creating a simple EJB with a JUnit unit test.

EJB Unit Testing with Eclipse and OpenEJB from OpenEJB on Vimeo.

(video made with ScreenFlow)


Oh yeah! These Packshots are so... awesome Execution!

Posted by quisunviehob1971 on July 18, 2019 at 12:53 PM EDT #

@João Figueiredo @Victoria Ivanova @Beast B Hey guys, thank you for your comments, have a great week! fantastico lavoro!

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