Tuesday November 08, 2011

Apache CMS for the win!

This week we unveiled a new website driven by the Apache CMS!

Last year at ApacheCon 2010, the Infrastructure team announced they had developed a new CMS using plain old markdown and backed by SVN. This new system is all driven by commits and generates and publishes content instantly. Finally, it is easier to just write the documentation and immediately publish it than draft up a big long email and create a TODO to someday log into Confluence and paste in the content. When you live, eat, and breath on the command line and in your IDE, being able to edit your documentation there is a dream.

A major advantage of this new system is to be able to freely mix docs and code in all sorts of creative ways, never have to wait for publishing delays to deliver answers to users in the form of fresh documentation, and the simplicity of plain old text editing in any way you might want to do it. So far we've generated content using Perl, Java, Bash and heavy amount of just plain editing in Emacs or Intellij. It's been quite nice. You hardly need any "plugins" when you have direct access to the documentation source on a plain old file system.

We're rather excited about some of the new content. Some items of note:

While the site overall looks great, there still is some content that is badly formatted. If you find any such content, please point it out and we'll fix it, or better yet, send a patch!

Monday November 07, 2011

Apache TomEE at JAX London 2011, Autumn

Our own Jonathan Gallimore presented "Apache TomEE – Java EE Web Profile on Tomcat" at JAX London this last week. It was a 50 minute presentation with a mix of slides and demos, met by a very enthusiastic band of Tomcat lovers.

Slides can be found here. Also, check out some photos of Jon in action! You'd probably never guess it's only his second time presenting and first time presenting solo! He makes us quite proud, indeed.

We'd like to give a special thanks to JAX London for their wonderful support of Apache TomEE. TomEE debuted at JAX London Spring 2011. At that point we had just started to heavily peruse certification. We were honored to be able to come back to our friends at JAX London in the fall and say, "we made it!"

Hats off to JAX for being the kind of conference that seeks out and supports growing projects like Apache TomEE. Aside from ApacheCon, JAX is Apache TomEE's second home.

See also this interview with David Blevins on JAXEnter, Be Small, Be Certified, Be Tomcat.

Saturday November 05, 2011

JavaOne 2011 Report

It was a big year for Apache TomEE and OpenEJB at JavaOne this year. Many thanks to everyone on all sides who helped get us there, all the wonderful people who attended and of course everyone in the community that makes this project tick.

First of all, we were very excited and honored to announce Apache TomEE as a Java EE 6 Web Profile certified. The announcement went out on Tuesday of that week and set the stage for some very exciting presentations and panels throughout the week.

We had three presentations total:

And participated in three panels:

  • Meet the Experts: EJB 3.2 Expert Group

  • The Road to Java EE 7: Is It All About the Cloud?

  • CDI Today and Tomorrow

The Apache TomEE talk was quite full with 134 attendees, only 5 less than the "CDI Today and Tomorrow" panel. All in all a very full week and one that will not soon be forgotten!



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