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Apache OFBiz News - December 2019

Apache OFBiz News December 2019

Welcome to our regular monthly round-up of OFBiz news. This month we share with you details of our usual list of features, improvements and statistics.

OFBiz Statistics

Apache Kibble tracks some Apache OFBiz community statistics on its demo instance, so we have highlighted a few of our stats for the last month:

  • JIRA Issue Tracker: 12 issues were opened and 8 issues were closed ( 4 different people helped to close these issues)
  • Code Change and Commit Activity:
    • Framework: 42 commits to the code base that changed 3,027 lines of code ( 5 committers were active)
    • Plugins: 4 commits to the code base that changed 331 lines of code ( 2 committers were active)
  • Mailing Lists:
    • Dev: 215 emails sent and 35 topics discussed (22 different people)
    • User: 107 emails sent and 26 topics discussed (24 different people)

New features and improvements

Functional enhancements and improvements as well as updates of third party libraries and source code refactoring:


  • Removes some explicit transitive dependencies in 'build.gradle' (GitHub Link)
  • Upgrades some dependencies in 'build.gradle' (GitHub Link)
  • Removes unnecessary 'ofbizDebug' task type (OFBIZ-11302)
  • Improves lint method 'SEOContextFilter#doFilter' (OFBIZ-11278)
  • Moves 'ComponentContainerTest' data to src/test/resources/ (OFBIZ-11275)
  • Resolves classpath conflict on 'freemarkerTransforms.properties' (OFBIZ-11161)
  • Removes adding classpath info from classloader classpath (OFBIZ-11161)
  • Improves lint 'FreeMarkerWorker' class (OFBIZ-11161)
  • Replaces getLocation with location in 'ComponentConfig.WebappInfo' (OFBIZ-11192)
  • Inlines 'StartupControlPanel#createLogDirectoryIfMissing' (GitHub Link)
  • Provides equivalent of svn:auto-props properties on the server (OFBIZ-11279)
  • Retrieves the included controller files eagerly (OFBIZ-11313)
  • Removes 'RequestHandler#ControllerConfig' wrapper (OFBIZ-11313)
  • Provides mechanism for saving files before refreshing line endings (GitHub Link)


Functional and technical bugfixes:


  • Fixes typo in 'GeoData_ID.xml' (GitHub Link)
  • Removes obsolete references to WorkflowActivity (OFBIZ-11303)
  • Fixes missing else during previous refactoring (OFBIZ-11253)
  • Displays file name in XML parsing errors (OFBIZ-6993)
  • Uses 'WebAppUtil#parseWebXmlFile' when handling 'web.xml' files (OFBIZ-6993)
  • Adds XML declaration in 'web.xml' files (OFBIZ-6993)
  • Fixes: Add button for Gift Message is shown on completed order (OFBIZ-11160)
  • Fixes: German translation typo in PartyUiLabels (OFBIZ-11308)
  • Revertes: "Uses 'depends-on' attribute instead of 'component-load.xml'" (OFBIZ-11296)


  • Adds XML declaration in 'web.xml' files (OFBIZ-6993)


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