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Apache OFBiz News - May 2016

Apache OFBiz News May 2016

Welcome to our regular monthly round-up of OFBiz news. This month we have news about Apachecon NA, work on a new style website, our Committers give their opinions in a survey and work continues on our re-factoring effort.

Apachecon NA 2016 Vancouver

Four presentations from the OFBiz community were accepted for Apachecon NA in Vancouver. Unfortunately one speaker had to cancel so this was reduced to two. The audio for all Apachecon sessions was recorded and is available on feathercast.apache.org

The audio from the OFBiz related presentations can be found using the links below:

It's OK Consensus Reached. We've Agreed to Disagree!

OFBiz Configuration Only (Or Look No Code!)

Our community is now looking forward to Apachecon EU 2016 in Seville, Spain.

New Website and Logo Ideas

This month the community gave their feedback on some initial draft pages for a new look project website. The existing website has not been updated for a while and the community think it's time to give the existing site a new look and feel. Feedback on the draft pages was very positive and now work is continuing to refine the site and also complete the remaining pages.

As part of the website update, options for an updated logo featuring the newly style Apache feather were also discussed. The community has decided to change the style and lettering of the logo so that it reflects the true project name 'OFBiz'. Work is now in progress to prepare some draft layouts for the new logo for the community to review.

OFBiz Committers Survey

This month we ran our first ever OFBiz Committer Survey. The intention was to find out what was important to our Committers and what ideas they saw as key for helping improve the project. The survey was completely voluntary and 24 out of our 38 Committers responded.

The survey took place over a week, and the results have been summarised on the wiki at the link below:

OFBiz Committers Survey

Thank you to everyone who participated and as a result we have some new topics raised for discussion on our mailing lists.

OFBiz Code Tidy Up and Re-Factor

There was a continued focus on re-factoring and general code tidy up this month. A revised and much leaner version of the OFBiz start component (start.java) was committed to the repository. This re-factor needed community collaboration to test and validate that the new version worked correctly. Thanks to Taher Alkhateeb for taking on this difficult task from our Current Re-Factor To Do List

If you are interested in helping out with any of the code refactoring work, then please check the current list for tasks that are open.

New Features and Improvements

Functional enhancements and improvements as well as updates of third party libraries and source code refactoring:
  • Continue work on the form widget grid element (OFBIZ-7029)
    • updates XSD documentation and remove the list type when grid element is used
    • Replace some form lists by grids
    • StatsForm.xml now only uses grids and the "searchList" form in ecommerce Content Forms does NOT.
  • Add links to edit/delete a term, for instance from the list (OFBIZ-6866)
  • Add Uom descriptor for selection and display in invoice forms (OFBIZ-7032)
  • Upgraded freemarker jar to 2.3.24 and remove 2.3.22 (OFBIZ-7041)
  • Have ExampleReportPdfBarcode open in a new window (OFBIZ-7036)
  • Add a drop-down for Tax Auth Combined Id in Product Price Creation screen (OFBIZ-5697)
  • Enhance PartyTypeAttr with a description field (OFBIZ-6738)
  • Updated fromDate and thruDate field type for CustomTimePeriod entity from date to date-time, and made changes accordingly (OFBIZ-5740)
  • Move all Groovy scripts in components WEB-INF/actions sub-folder (OFBIZ-6981)
  • Major changes to the start component (OFBIZ-6783)
    • add commons-cli library
    • fix build.xml in start menu to include the commons-cli
    • set a default portoffset value of 0 when not selected in build.xml
    • fully redefine the commands passed in java -jar ofbiz.jar using the commons-cli api
    • remove ofbiz dependency on String[] args across the different components and isolatethem in a new entity class called StartupCommand. This decouples ofbiz from both String[] args and commons-cli at the same time
    • fix all the calls in the master build.xml to comply with the new commands
    • fix the Config.java to remove dependecies on the args array
    • create a utility class StartupCommandUtil that takes care of all commons-cli operations and abstracts away the implementation in private methods
    • substantially reduce the size of main and init in Start.java by refactoring them in different places
    • create an intermediate function called populateLoaderArgs. This is the first step in removing the dependecies on args by "adapting" them using this method
    • unify the exception model everywhere to StartupException. This makes exception propagation cleaner and easier
    • lots of cleanup of the code related in all these areas
    • refactor Start.java to make it about 140 lines long and focused only on high level function calls. Also minimized the number of class fields (state) to only two (ServerState and Config)
    • separate the AdminPortThread into a new class with some refactoring done to ensure interoperability with other classes
    • delete CommonsDaemonStart as jsvc is not yet fully implemented in ofbiz and it stands in the way of a proper refactoring of ofbiz
    • refactor everything so that all dependencies between classes are explicit through function calls (no hidden state or declarations)
    • move all the server processing logic (status, shutdown, start ...) to a new class called StartupControlPanel. All methods in this class are static with side effects only limited to the arguments passed to them
    • add a few missing apache copyright headers
    • refactor Config.java and make it much cleaner and simpler by breaking things down into private methods. Also changed the portoffset to be a normal int instead of a boxed int (Integer)
    • redefine most classes to be package protected (not public) to offer more isolation from the rest of the framework
    • redefine most classes to be final
    • move validation logic to its correct place in StartupCommandUtil
  • Improve the visibility of the Start error messages, also provide pretty printing (OFBIZ-6783)
  • Added manually calculated sales tax while recalculating tax of order (OFBIZ-5935)
  • Minor improvement for "change password" screen title in ecommerce (OFBIZ-7080)
  • Extend OrderAdjustment entity and add isManual field (OFBIZ-7078)
  • Viewing party content should open in a new window (OFBIZ-6364)
  • Example -> PDF should be open in a new window (OFBIZ-7054)
  • Have the internal organization set upon Quote creation (OFBIZ-6105)
  • Have /example/control/fonts.pdf open in a new window (OFBIZ-7035)
  • Show quantityUom in InventoryValuation Report (OFBIZ-5288)
  • Remove restriction of setting PARTY_ENABLED as first default status of party (OFBIZ-7098)
  • Improvement on Edit Promo Screen where two empty options were being shown in shipping method select box (OFBIZ-7091)
  • Show quantityUom in InventoryByProduct (OFBIZ-5291)
  • Show quantityUom in production runs (OFBIZ-5289)
  • Show quantityUom in BoM (OFBIZ-5290)
  • Changed button name from Approve Order to Approve item in PO (OFBIZ-7102)
  • Removed some unused screens and ftl files (OFBIZ-6810)
  • Use only HTTPS in OFBiz (OFBIZ-6849)
  • Move groovy script under WEB-INF/actions for webpos (OFBIZ-6981)
  • Now cmssite will start working again with mapkey in the url in trunk. The code block was commented while working on (OFBIZ-4502) (OFBIZ-7119)
  • Extend Product entity and add serialized field (OFBIZ-7079)
  • Ugrade PDFBox to 1.8.12 due to vulnerability (OFBIZ-7136)
  • Upgrade hadoop jars in the solr component from 2.6.0 to 2.7.2 (OFBIZ-7026)
  • Add xls screen renderer to convert a screen definition like an html flow directly ready by a spreadsheet application In addition, add an export example button on FindExample screen and add complete macro ftl renderer unit test (OFBIZ-6931)


Functional and technical bugfixes:
  • Agreement Search List requires partyIdFrom/partyIdTo or fails (OFBIZ-7030)
  • Renamed all component ftl filenames from lower case to upper case (OFBIZ-7021)
  • Un-shipped sales orders are getting listed for returns while creating sales return for another matching address order, now only partially shipped or completely shipped are shown. (OFBIZ-7047)
  • Fixed UiLabel for the GeneratedDescription in ordermgr after applying promotion which was missing due to the usage from EcommerceUiLabels (OFBIZ-7057)
  • Removed redundant entries of handlers from controllers where common-controller is already included (OFBIZ-7044)
  • Non existent item when added as Bulk Item while creating purchase order is throwing null pointer exception (OFBIZ-7045)
  • Non existent Bulk Item throwing errors while its respective qty get updated. Actually system tries to get SupplierProduct data when updating quantity. When productId is not available for item in cart, added check in code so that system should not fetch SupplierProduct record (OFBIZ-7046)
  • Setting a new password in the "forgot password" workflow sometimes doesn't work and causes an error (OFBIZ-7058)
  • CMS does not store "Long text" (OFBIZ-7050)
  • Update empty blog article text does not work (OFBIZ-7062)
  • Order term description is not getting set on adding and updating new order term (OFBIZ-7053)
  • Pagination in product price does not work correctly after a price creation (OFBIZ-7067)
  • Export widget ftl pointing to wrong location (OFBIZ-7068)
  • Forgot your password" process for Web POS. On clicking "Forgot your password" link from the Web POS login page, the system was navigating to blank page (OFBIZ-7042)
  • Pagination Problem in Find Invoices By Due Date (OFBIZ-7070)
  • CategoryContent & ProductContent cachekey problem on multi tenant environment (OFBIZ-7071)
  • "Send mail" button from viewProfile doesn't work (OFBIZ-7075)
  • DataResource.dataResourceName field should be at least 255 Chars (OFBIZ-7072)
  • Asset maintenance pdf has missing UI Labels (OFBIZ-7084)
  • Unable to add new note to Fixed Asset's maintenance (OFBIZ-7083)
  • Fixed error in updating employee position's responsibility. There wasn't a requirement of calling the service as "service-multi" (OFBIZ-7086)
  • WorkEffort Reviews list not showing up (OFBIZ-7085)
  • Fixed console error on Calendar Widget pagination. An exception was being thrown when pagination buttons are clicked on the Calendar widget (OFBIZ-7095)
  • While creating inventory item of type "SERIALIZED_INV_ITEM" in "INV_ON_HOLD" status it gets created in "INV_AVAILABLE" status (OFBIZ-7094)
  • Cash Flow Statement report is broken (OFBIZ-7089)
  • Sales Return - UI issues for top level buttons after sales return is created (OFBIZ-7048)
  • Sales Return Item Status is misleading (OFBIZ-7049)
  • Service entity auto not having duplicate record check when we pass single primary key (OFBIZ-7099)
  • Return Pdf is throwing exception (OFBIZ-7090)
  • Product price rule with no conditions (OFBIZ-6895)
  • Quote report doesn't show terms of the quote (OFBIZ-5861)
  • When changing the status of any return to 'accepted', the status of return item should be changed to 'accepted' as well (OFBIZ-7101)
  • FreeMarker template error - Template inclusion failed, on selection of the bluelight theme (OFBIZ-7103)
  • RUN MRP is not working properly for multiple facilities. It deletes the 'Proposed' requirements for all facilities and creates only for selected facility (OFBIZ-7097)
  • Fixed error on console when accessing project manager (OFBIZ-7003)
  • Fixed missing parameter error on deleting workeffort contactmech (OFBIZ-7109)
  • At /accounting/control/globalGLSettings the number of GL accounts is wrong: always 20 items in PDF report list and same problem with XML export in the same screen (OFBIZ-7038)
  • Remaining quantity should be ZERO for completed order items (OFBIZ-7093)
  • Backordered flag should not be shown for service product (OFBIZ-7092)
  • Fixes an issue in workEffort children tree which breaks when the user collapses it from the root node (OFBIZ-7114)
  • Fixes an issue in Product Backlog items update (OFBIZ-7116)
  • Fixes an error on adding a manufacturing exception day (OFBIZ-7131)
  • 'Acctg Trans Entries PDF' on payment details screen not working (OFBIZ-7100)
  • UI Fix to make the ecommerce cart summary consistent with other sections (OFBIZ-7133)
  • Added existence check to fix stack trace on return links ftl (OFBIZ-7134)
  • Added missing content-type on ExampleReportXls to force the mime file type send to user (OFBIZ-6931)
  • Fixes an error on console when navigating to update party email address view (OFBIZ-7130)


  • Remove commented code labeled as "TO BE REMOVED" since 2008 (OFBIZ-7043)

Wednesday May 04, 2016

Apache OFBiz News - April 2016

Fixed 3 typos[Read More]

Tuesday April 05, 2016

[ANNOUNCE} Apache OFBiz 12.04.06 Released

The Apache OFBiz community is pleased to announce the new release "Apache OFBiz 12.04.06".

Apache OFBiz™ is an open source product for the automation of enterprise processes that includes framework components and business applications.


"Apache OFBiz 12.04.06" is a bug fix release for the 12.04 series; all users of Apache OFBiz 12.04.* series are encouraged to upgrade to this latest release because the new release contains several improvements and bug fixes, including fixes for the following vulnerabilities:

CVE-2015-3268 - Information disclosure vulnerability
CVE-2016-2170 - Java deserialization vulnerability

Release notes are available here: Release Notes - 12.04.06

Note: this is the last release of the 12.04 series so please consider upgrading to the 13.07 series.

The release file can be downloaded following the instructions in the OFBiz download page:


The OFBiz Team.

[ANNOUNCE] Apache OFBiz 13.07.03 Released

The Apache OFBiz community is pleased to announce the new release "Apache OFBiz 13.07.03".

Apache OFBiz™ is an open source product for the automation of enterprise processes that includes framework components and business applications.


Apache OFBiz 13.07.03" is a bug fix release for the 13.07 series; all users of "Apache OFBiz 13.07.02" and "Apache OFBiz 13.07.01" are encouraged to upgrade to this latest release because the new release contains several improvements and bug fixes, including fixes for the following vulnerabilities:

CVE-2015-3268 - Information disclosure vulnerability
CVE-2016-2170 - Java deserialization vulnerability

Release notes are available here: Release Notes - 13.07.03

The release file can be downloaded following the instructions in the OFBiz download page:


The OFBiz Team.

Monday April 04, 2016

Apache OFBiz News - March 2016

Apache OFBiz News March 2016

Welcome to our monthly round-up of OFBiz news. This month we have news about our first Community Day for 2016, OFBiz at Apachecon NA, an update on the code tidy up and re-factoring work and we congratulate two new ASF members from our community.

OFBiz Community Day

Last year the project introduced Community Days where we focus on getting as many people as possible from the community to collaborate and work on improving OFBiz.

Four Community Days are held each year and our first for 2016 was held on Saturday 19th March. Contributors from around the world participated and collaborated. Countries included France, The Netherlands, India and the Czech Republic and work ranged from bug fixes through to documentation.

A total of 39 commits were made to the repository on the Community Day itself although work did span days before and after the event. A Jira Sprint was used to manage the tasks and generate a report for the event.

Our next Community Day is planned for Saturday 18th June.

Apachecon NA Vancouver 2016

OFBiz will be represented at Apachecon NA in Vancouver. Over the last few years the community has been consistently submitting presentations with the hope of running OFBiz tracks. This time four presentations from the OFBiz community have been selected and cover several topics including community, functional setup and technical development areas.

The OFBiz 'mini track' is planned for Friday 13th May. Please take a look at the full Apachecon NA schedule for more details.

A big thank you to everyone that made a submission.

OFBiz Re-Factoring

Work has started on some code re-factoring. The overall objective is to tidy up and improve the code base so that it becomes easier to maintain.

To help people get started, a list of tasks we'd like to work on has been created. The tasks range from simple straightforward clean up work that anyone can pick up to more complex work that will take a bit more time and effort to complete. We also have a list of general tasks that will also help the clean up effort.

The community is looking for people to actively help with this so if you are interested in joining the effort then please take a look at the links below:

Re-Factor Approach

Current Re-Factor To Do List

It is hoped that this work will become part of a continual ongoing effort.

New ASF Members from the OFBiz Community

Two people from our community (Jacques Le Roux and Sharan Foga) have become Apache Software Foundation members. Membership is by invitation only so it's a real honour to be invited.

Our congratulations goes out to both Jacques and Sharan.

New Features and Improvements

Functional enhancements and improvements as well as updates of third party libraries and source code refactoring:
  • Small update mostly about OTP, the "nicely" scripts, and notsoserial Java agent replacing contrast
  • Upgrade Axis2 to 1.7.1 (OFBIZ-6916)
  • Remove "ivy:cleancache" from "clean" target (OFBIZ-5461)
  • Update Tomcat to 7.0.68 (OFBIZ-6913)
  • Update the passport component to use httpclient/core-4.4.1 instead of commons-httpclient-3.1 (OFBIZ-6755)
    • Remove commons-httpclient-3.1.jar from passport component.
    • Use httpclient 4.4.1 in base/lib instead.
    • Remove randomString methods, use RandomStringUtils.randomAlphanumeric instead.
    • Move getAllowAllHttpClient to UtilHttp.
  • Improve the decorator for manufacturing/order/facility component for re-use (OFBIZ-6923)
  • Comments on ordering products should be store driven (OFBIZ-6924)
  • Company check payment method should be shown when issuing check (OFBIZ-6937)
  • Change how the action expire on entity-auto engine is managed (OFBIZ-6892)
    • if a date field is present on service attribute, OFBiz tries to expire it with the given value or with now date
    • else try to expire thruDate field
    • else try to expire *ThruDate or thru*Date field
  • Add width and height attributes retrieval in renderLink method in MacroMenuRenderer (OFBIZ-6927)
  • For screen engine drop-down, sort with the locale the entity-list if the related entity have a default resource defined. (OFBIZ-3311)
  • Update entity definition of OtherDataResource, VideoDataResource and AudioDataResource replacing object to byte-array data type and title correction (OFBIZ-6943)
  • Allowing inventory transfers based on Product instead of only InventoryItem. (OFBIZ-6042)
  • Move forms in ProductStoreForms.xml to StoreForms.xml (OFBIZ-6938)
  • Adding event definitions for inbound and outbound shipments (OFBIZ-6958)
  • Enhancing *Attribute entities with a description field (OFBIZ-6962)
  • Have the ability to test solr queries through widgets (screens & forms) (OFBIZ-6595)
  • Ensure a ModelField is set for rhs EntityConditionValues that don't already have it, such as the EntityFunction classes
  • Remove antwebsystems.com references
  • Adding some translations for French (OFBIZ-4761)
  • Update various manufacturing labels regarding the dutch locale (OFBIZ-6876)
  • Dutch translations for catalog labels (OFBIZ-6890)
  • Enhancement of Dutch labels (OFBIZ-6850)
  • Adding some translations for French (OFBIZ-4761)


Functional and technical bugfixes:
  • Temporarily replaced the demo-trunk.ofbiz.apache.org domain by ofbiz-vm.apache.org:8080 (OFBIZ-6922)
  • Incorrect content length in response from HTTP service engine (OFBIZ-6925)
  • GroovyEngine.serviceInvoker masks Groovy script exceptions in some cases (OFBIZ-6888)
  • Fixed broken 'run-test-list' target (OFBIZ-6936)
  • Credit card details cannot be updated (OFBIZ-6920)
  • Comment out RMI related code because of the Java deserialization issue (OFBIZ-6942)
  • Currently the View Profit overview is only visible when the quote has the status 'QUO_CREATED'. It should be visible independently of the status. (OFBIZ-5868)
  • When updating the allow order decimal quantity to N for the product store and then updating the unit price of an item in the shopping cart an error is shown (OFBIZ-6933)
  • Added missing jgrowl js and css file for ecommerce main-decorator.
  • Cannot find linkToProduct from createCommunicationEvent SECA (OFBIZ-6894)
  • ProductSearch generates an error (OFBIZ-6860)
  • Fixed Search.groovy, use correct method for analyzer, QueryParser and TopScoreDocCollector. in both lucene and ecommerce (OFBIZ-6859) and (OFBIZ-6861)
  • Fixed NPE for ecommerce/products url, if user enters invalid url ecommerce/products then redirect it to main. (OFBIZ-5918)
  • Credit Card validation does not work properly during anonymous quick checkout process. Added new method checkoutValidation which will validate if the shipping method and payment method are in the cart and if not available then this method will return an error.
  • Project contents were not getting deleted. auto-parameters-entity does not seem to be working, for now passed all the needed parameters (OFBIZ-5703)
  • Comment out RMI related code because of the Java deserialization issue (OFBIZ-6942)
  • Update XStream lib to prevent XML External Entity (XXE) Processing (OFBIZ-6959)
  • jQuery plugin jGrowl is loaded before jQuery in ecommerce (OFBIZ-6957)
  • Correct setting of the WorkEffortPurposeTypeId on production run tasks (OFBIZ-6954)
  • Failed to load contentForum.css (OFBIZ-6956)
  • Rename AccountingConfig.properties to accounting.properties (OFBIZ-6954)
  • Popup fades in and out non-stop when hovers on a product image in list view (OFBIZ-6961)
  • Relocate .ftl files in the components
  • There is no commons-httpclient-3.1.jar in the project but the .classpath file still links to it (OFBIZ-6755)
  • Unable to change language in ecommerce (OFBIZ-6966)


  • Add a comment to the testRemoteSoap service to clarify when to use it and how it works.
  • Improve uom convert error message
  • Improved the documentation about the purpose and behavior of the "auth" and "in-validate" secas events.

Sunday March 06, 2016

Apache OFBiz News - February 2016

Apache OFBiz News February 2016

Welcome to our monthly round-up of OFBiz news. This month we have news regarding the OFBiz presentation submissions for Apachecon NA, an OFBiz bug crush event, new videos are posted on our Youtube channel and the community discuss starting work on some code re-factoring.

Apachecon NA 2016

Apachecon NA 2016 will be held in Vancouver 11th - 13th May. In the past, OFBiz has been well represented at previous Apachecons including a full track for 2015. A total of 5 OFBiz based presentations have been submitted from the community across a range of technical and business subjects. The Apachecon selection committee is currently working on selecting the program so we are now waiting to see if any of our submissions have been accepted.

Thank you to everyone that made a submission and we continue to encourage active participation at Apachecon.

OFBiz Bug Crush Event

On 20th February, 24 people from the development team at Hotwax Systems spent the whole day working through a range of OFBiz Jira issues. The team worked in collaboration with other community members and by the end of the day a total of 22 issues were closed. This was a great demonstration of community, teamwork and collaboration.

A reminder that the first OFBiz Community Day of 2016 is planned for 19th March and we hope to repeat the collaborative spirit and increase the community involvement.

OFBiz Re-Factoring

Last month a discussion began around the re-factoring of parts of the OFBiz code base as a way to tidy up and improve it. Several ideas around where and how it could start have been raised. The community is looking for people to actively help with this.

To help focus the effort a wiki page has been setup to highlight a list of 5 areas that people could work on. Anyone interested is encouraged to add their name to the wiki page.

OFBiz on Youtube

The community regained access to the OFBiz Youtube Channel recently and have begun planning some new videos to include. A wiki page has been created with some suggestions for short videos that will help people learn more about OFBiz and how it works. Two new videos have been added (one in French and one in English) and we are encouraging the community to provide videos in various languages that reflect the community worldwide.

New Features and Improvements

Functional enhancements and improvements as well as updates of third party libraries and source code refactoring:
  • Have the ability to add terms to invoices (OFBIZ-6865))
  • Remove the forceManualJsessionid feature (OFBIZ-66867)
  • Added new template locations (OFBIZ-6868):
    • VT_LOGIN_TMPLT_LOC for the login
    • VT_CHPWD_TMPLT_LOC for the changePassword
    • VT_FGPWD_TMPLT_LOC for the forgetPassword
    • VT_GSQUE_TMPLT_LOC for the getSecurityQuestion
  • JGrowl enhancement for internationalization, center and speed up display, with some format/typo fixes (OFBIZ-6869)
  • Gets rid of the session-cookie-accepted feature (OFBIZ-6871)
  • Convert simple crud service to entity-auto for the following entities ProductPaymentMethodType, SupplierProduct, CommunicationEventProduct, ProductCategoryMember, ProductFeatureDataResource, ProductConfig, ProductConfigItem, ProductConfigOption, ProductConfigProduct, ProductPriceRule, ProductPriceCond, ProductPriceAction, PhysicalInventory, ProductFacilityLocation, Facility, FacilityLocation, FacilityGroupMember, FacilityGroupRollup, FacilityParty, FacilityContent, InventoryItemLabelType, InventoryItemLabelAppl, InventoryItemLabel, ProductPromo, ProductPromoCode, ProductPromoCategory, ProductPromoCodeEmail, ProductPromoCodeParty, ProductPromoProduct, ProductPromoRule also added a new service productPriceGenericPermission for acces control to related price service (OFBIZ-6873)
  • Add properties in widget.properties, for easy customization of JGrowl alert (OFBIZ-6869)
  • Removes all sessionsIds put in URLs (OFBIZ-6872)
  • Removes forceHttpSession feature (OFBIZ-6879)
  • Added new theme rainbowstone (OFBIZ-6843)
  • Update of accounting NL labels (OFBIZ-6875)
  • Czech translations (OFBIZ-6885)
  • Be able to set accounting company in the header, so other companent can change it too (OFBIZ-6802)
  • Replaces with EnitityUtilProperties variant where appropriate (OFBIZ-6884)
  • Extend the PostalAddress entity with additional elements (OFBIZ-6882)
  • Hide sessionId in logs by default, show them using a properties (OFBIZ-6886)
  • Upgrade Groovy to the latest version (OFBIZ-6568)
  • DB2 example based on http://markmail.org/message/ez55yv5m36liliue (OFBIZ-1607)
  • Replace the contrast Java agent by the notsoserial Java agent which can be used to protect OFBiz instances from possible Java serialize vulnerabilities
    • For that it modifies the *-secure targets (start-secure, start-batch-secure, start-pos-secure, start-both-secure) to use the notsoserial Java agent with its most secure setting. See https://cwiki.apache.org/confluence/display/OFBIZ/The+infamous+Java+serialize+vulnerability for more information .
    • The notsoserial Java agent is placed in the tools/security/notsoserial folder and a dependency-check folder created under the tools/security folder to move there the dependency-check files from the tools/security folder.
    • The demos will be using the notsoserial Java agent ASAP.
  • In framework/base/lib/ updates Xalan from 2.7.1 to 2.7.2 because of CVE-2014-0107 (was fixed at XALANJ-2435) (OFBIZ-6905)
  • AprintCheck action generates an error (OFBIZ-6898)
  • Corrected commit r1728261 (OFBIZ-6873) Added seca to addPartyToFacilityGroup and addPartyToFacility, if a roleTypeId is present call ensurePartyRole. Correct the entity name present on crud PartyToFacilityGroup service.
  • Replace html widget rendering with Macro widget rendering in
  • Set productFeatureTypeId as INOUT in service defination so that the calling service can use it for further processing (OFBIZ-6910)
  • Show currencyUomId of the invoice in the invoice selection for payments (OFBIZ-6906)
  • new Configuration() is deprecated; instead, the desired freemarker version should be passed in. To make it easier to control the version centrally, add a helper method on FreeMarkerWorker that wraps the instantiation of the Configuration object (OFBIZ-6277)
  • Added return message in service after succesfully deleting of contactMech record. Thanks Aman for providing patch (OFBIZ-6911)
  • UtilDateTime implements deprecated methods, so add the @Deprecated tag to stop javac from producing a warning (OFBIZ-6279)
  • Fix deprecated use of SimpleMethod.getAll{Entity,Service}NamesUsed(), instead using ArtifactInfoContext (OFBIZ-6284)
  • Applied patch for adding a new fieled 'disabledBy' in UserLogin entity (OFBIZ-6909)
  • Removed deprecated warning from FoFormRender as we don't have support to create MacroFormRender object in services (OFBIZ-5780)
  • Show "Create Return" button on order view screen other than when order status is complete (OFBIZ-6012)


Functional and technical bugfixes:
  • webSiteId being null in RegisterPerson.ftl fixed
  • Fix the classpath file for updated tomcat libraries
  • Fix issue on avatar.ftl for rainbowstone theme (OFBIZ-6843)
  • Fix rainbowstone theme personal avatar image (OFBIZ-6881)
  • Revert r1728959 because of misc. issues with the patch, see (OFBIZ-6884)
  • Fix a typo in AccountingEntityLabels (xlm -> xml)
  • With the implementation of @BaseScript annotations (introduced with Groovy 2.3.0) something was broken in the CompilerConfiguration.setScriptBaseClass method and an error is thrown when our scripts are executed; the workaround is to execute at startup a script containing the @BaseScript annotation. (OFBIZ-6568)
  • Error during first attempt of the synchronisation (OFBIZ-6893)
  • Start fixing solr rebuild problem (OFBIZ-6715)
  • On the balance sheet, it displays incorrect value on the total of long-term asset (OFBIZ-6845)
  • corrective patch for xml and pdf error (OFBIZ-6802)
  • Fixed some compilation warnings (OFBIZ-5780)
    • Mark some SecurityFactory method as deprecated
    • Mark FoFormRender as deprecated
    • Fixed deprecation warning for PassportUtil class.
  • Order Manager ViewQuote screen should display party name and link to party manager (OFBIZ-6311)
  • Fixed issue of removeContentFromProductConfigItem request by passing request parameters by submiting a form (OFBIZ-6801)
  • Make use of ResourceLoader.readXmlRootElement, which is non-caching; this fixes a deprecation warning. Use ResourceLoader.readXmlRootElement, which is a non-caching version. This fixes a deprecation warning. Provide method variants (readXml{Document,RootElement}) that contain the body of the deprecated methods.(getXml{Document,RootElement}) (OFBIZ-6278).
  • Exclusion of Manufacturing components leads to load errors (OFBIZ-6757)
  • ApplicationDecorator Entity-One Screen Action Incomplete Primary Key (OFBIZ-6918)

Monday February 08, 2016

Apache OFBiz News - January 2016

Apache OFBiz News January 2016

Happy New Year!

We have a double set of news this month covering both December and January, including our Apache birthday, details about our Community Day, FOSDEM and the very sad news of the death of Adrian Crum, a key member of our community.

Happy Birthday Apache OFBiz !

In December OFBiz celebrated it's 9th Apache birthday.

On 20th December 2006, OFBiz graduated from incubation and became an Apache Top Level Project. Since then the project has continued to grow and develop. The project now has 30 committers and very active mailing lists for users and developers.Over the 9 years the project has released a range of OFBiz versions from versions 4.0 through to 13.07 and is currently preparing for the next release.

December Community Day

Our final Community Day for 2015 was held on 19th December. Although close to the festive season, community members still gave up some of their time to collaborate and work on the project. The key tasks were working through the list of task we have open on Jira and applying previously submitted patches. A big thank you goes out to all those who partcipated and a total 13 issues were closed.

Our Community Days have been very popular so we have decided to continue them for 2016. Dates have been set as :

Q1 - Saturday 19th March 2016

Q2 - Saturday 18th June 2016

Q3 - Saturday 17th September 2016

Q4 - Saturday 17th December 2016

Please add them to your diary if you are interested in participating.

Adrian Crum

On 1st January 2016, OFBiz Committer and ex PMC member Adrian Crum passed away. His loss is strongly felt within the community and we have had many messages of sympathy and support.

Adrian joined the OFBiz project during the incubation phase and in 2007 was invited to become a committer. Later that year Adrian joined the OFBiz PMC and participated until June 2014. Over the years Adrian contributed around 5,000 postings to the mailing lists, over 2,300 issues and comments to issues and over 2,000 commits.

Adrian also adopted the abandoned Apache Commons Convert project in April 2010, and made it the home of a Java data-type conversion framework he developed for Apache OFBiz.

The project has setup a memorial page for the community to share their stories, and experiences of Adrian.

The community has also decided to dedicate our next OFBiz release to him. The whole OFBiz Community sends its condolences to Adrian's family and friends.


During January, some of our OFBiz community members attended FOSDEM, an open source conference for developers. It was held in Brussels and OFBiz community members from France, The Netherlands, Czech Republic and Belgium came along for conference as well as an informal meetup. The project was allocated a timeslot on the ASF booth to promote OFBiz.

With reportedly over 7000 attendees, there were lots of presentations, tutorials and devrooms to choose from. The ASF is planning to have a regular presence at FOSDEM in the future, so it is hoped that we can repeat the meetup and project promotion next year.

Please see below for the list of January changes for the OFBiz project.

New Features and Improvements

Functional enhancements and improvements as well as updates of third party libraries and source code refactoring:
  • Added session tracking mode and make cookie secure for scrum, solr, and some special purposes components (OFBIZ-6655)
  • Add getFieldList method to EntityQuery (OFBIZ-6848)
  • Converted simple CRUD services to entity-auto for
    • PartyContent and CommunicationEventPurpose (OFBIZ-6850)
    • TaxAuthority, TaxAuthorityAssoc, TaxAuthorityCategory (without remove), TaxAuthorityGlAccount, TaxAuthorityRateProduct (OFBIZ-6851), also moved the permission check to the service definition.
    • CreditCardTypeGlAccount (OFBIZ-6852), also converted updatePaymentMethodType and removePaymentContent service (OFBIZ-6853)
    • SalesOpportunity and SalesForecastDetail
    • several Order entities (OFBIZ-6854)
    • AgreementItemAttribute (OFBIZ-6857)
  • Contact Mech Translation in Facility Application (OFBIZ-6856)
  • Add the possibility to set a blackout period for job manager service (OFBIZ-6790). During this time all async and scheduled service are put on hold. Adds the following
    • an entity JobManagerLock
    • a new screen to add/edit job manager lock
    • an information for end user on FindJob and ScheduleJob screen.


Functional and technical bugfixes:
  • When OFbiz reloads crashed jobs on startup, replay the crashed jobs only once. Remove all temporal information to ensure that the new job doesn't create any reccurent schedule that duplicates the origin job's configuration (OFBIZ-6784)
  • Sales opportunity creation: required-field removed, disturbed the form submission, entityone no value field, error in the log
  • Various fixes to the salesopportunity list and create functions
  • Correct the service CommunicationServices.createAttachmentContent that duplicates attachments for existing CommunicationEvents (OFBIZ-6697)
  • Small typo in ecommerce productdetail.ftl would prevent similar products by feature from rendering if the related functionality is enabled in ProductDetailgroovy (OFBIZ-6797)
  • Fixes an issue related to r1715960 and (OFBIZ-6745)
  • Broken filter links if using ecommerce Layered Navigation (OFBIZ-6798)
  • Exception when sending an order confirmation email (OFBIZ-6792)
  • Error occur when create Lead/Contact from Vcard (OFBIZ-6795)
  • Error when accessing /webtools/control/entitymain (OFBIZ-6707 and OFBIZ-6786)
  • Missing parameters when calling the link from a form because they're passed in the url and not with the jquery data set (OFBIZ-6803)
  • ChartOfAccounts.fo.ftl still using the removed (in r1530274) postedBalance field results in system throwing an exception while accessing COA pdf (OFBIZ-6799)
  • There's no attribute "align" for tag "<fo:block>", must change to "text-align" (OFBIZ-6800)
  • Image management cannot share images (OFBIZ-6789)
  • Fix permissions at specialpurpose/myportal/widget/PortalAdmScreens.xml (OFBIZ-6400)
  • Order Item with multiple qty reserved with multiple inventory item not correctly recorded into Shipment_Item_Billing (OFBIZ-6806)
  • Session already invalidated on destroyCart for anonymous userLogin (OFBIZ-6805)
  • Tooltip Calendar field (date or date-time) should not stop when using tab key (OFBIZ-6735)
  • The GL account for USA_IRS is set to 224106 (SALES TAX COLLECTED USA - CA) should be 224100 (SALES TAX COLLECTED USA) (OFBIZ-6753)
  • The passport component misses a web.xml file (OFBIZ-6809)
  • Fixed stack trace on configproductdetail.ftl, Used correct method to get INSTRUCTIONS from ProductConfigItemContentWrapper.
  • ProjectMgr: GanttChart fails in case of dependencies for tasks (OFBIZ-6842)
  • In DemoTaxAuthority.xml the associated countrycode for Bulgaria is wrong (OFBIZ-6844)
  • Temporary fix for "UtilXml.LocalResolver.resolveEntity] could not find LOCAL DTD/Schema with publicId [null] and the file/resource is [web-app_3_0.xsd]" (OFBIZ-6807)
  • Various fixes related with sales opportunity (OFBIZ-6791)
  • Error on the Split Payment button from the Quick Finalize Order screen (OFBIZ-6743)


  • Added wiki documentation regarding the Apache Solr component (OFBIZ-6592)

Saturday December 05, 2015

Apache OFBiz News - November 2015

This month we have some news from the marketing and promotion efforts, the next ApacheCon in Vancouver is being planned and also have several bugfixes and improvements in our code base.[Read More]

Sunday November 08, 2015

Apache OFBiz News - October 2015

We had a full track and some interesting meetings at ApacheCon Core 2015 in Budapest, there's an active discussion and conceptual work on a framework rewrite and there were several bugfixes and improvements in the last month.[Read More]

Sunday October 04, 2015

Apache OFBiz News - September 2015

The 3rd Apache OFBiz Community Day in September was a great success, the new website structure takes form and many bugfixes and improvements were made in the last month.[Read More]

Saturday September 05, 2015

Apache OFBiz News - August 2015

The next Apache OFBiz Community Day is coming in September and there is a discussion about a new initiative to establish an Apache OFBiz Extensions Marketplace.[Read More]

Saturday August 01, 2015

Apache OFBiz News - July 2015

ApacheCon Core EU 2015 will include a full Apache OFBiz track and the community discusses the redesign of its website, marketing and the project logo.[Read More]

Thursday July 02, 2015

Apache OFBiz News - June 2015

The 2nd OFBiz Community Day has been conducted with great success, a new bootstrap based theme is in the works and the community discusses new technologies to document the project.[Read More]

Tuesday June 02, 2015

Apache OFBiz News - May 2015

Apache OFBiz News - May 2015[Read More]

Sunday May 24, 2015

Apache OFBiz 13.07.02 Released

The Apache OFBiz community is pleased to announce the new release "Apache OFBiz 13.07.02".

Apache OFBiz™ is an open source product for the automation of enterprise processes that includes framework components and business applications for ERP (Enterprise Resource Planning), CRM (Customer Relationship Management), E-Business / E-Commerce, SCM (Supply Chain Management), MRP (Manufacturing Resource Planning), MMS/EAM (Maintenance Management System/Enterprise Asset Management), POS (Point Of Sale). Visit the OFBiz website for more details.

"Apache OFBiz 13.07.02" is a bug fix release for the 13.07 series; all users of "Apache OFBiz 13.07.01" are encouraged to upgrade to this latest release because the new release contains several bug fixes and improvements; release notes are available here: Release Notes - 13.07.02

The release file can be downloaded following the instructions in the OFBiz download page: Download - 13.07.02

The OFBiz Team.



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