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Saturday November 30, 2019

NetBeans 11.3 is Shaping up Nicely

One month has passed since NetBeans 11.2 had been released. There are 82 new PR-s made it to the master branch so far. We usually have a, not necessary intentional, "theme" for each release. I'd say the theme is for 11.3 is: "Remove the Rust".

Our code and libraries spent long time in the transit. Many of our modules were still compiling against Java 1.6 and/or used ancient versions of third party libraries. 11.3 improved a lot on this front and there are still many PR are in the queue to carry that on.
Without trying to be complete, here is a small list of changes what's coming:

- Jgit Library Update
- ASM, PostgreSQL, JUnit5 and Other Library Updates.
- PHP Fixes
- HTML Lexer Stability Improvements
- JSF 2.3 Support
- Gradle Tooling 6.0
- Several Cleanups, Remove Compile Warnings

On the UI Side:
- Return of Dark Metal and Dark Nimbus Look and Feel
- Experimental support for Flatlaf Look and Feel

On Gradle Side:
- Test Output is Channeled Back to the IDE
- Added Project Reload Action
- Elephant Icons Finally Replace the old Ones

Thursday January 24, 2019

Master Your Scripting Skills with the New Tutorial!

Enhanced scripting tutorial has just become part of Apache NetBeans documentation. It contains various examples showing how to communicate from Java with JavaScript, Python and other languages. The following topics are covered:

While the primary use-case for this enhanced scripting API is to simplify usage of scripting languages in NetBeans based applications, the API itself is standalone and can be used outside of NetBeans in any project. We are working on making it available in the Maven central repository.

Read more in the online tutorial.



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