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Monday June 10, 2019

Apache NetBeans, OpenJFX, and AdoptOpenJDK

Check out a great series of articles on a killer combination, by Chris Luff—Apache NetBeans, OpenJFX, and AdoptOpenJDK.

In part one you see how to get a modular JavaFX application built and running from NetBeans. In part two, you look at generating, from Maven, a runtime to execute the application. In part 3, you learn about the distribution of the new application.

Here are the three parts:


Firstly, thanks for you hard work! I have a question to do: When Netbeans will be focused on Apache Ant projects, like it ever was? I hate the f**** Maven and is sad to me to try make a openJFX app with Ant based and it dont work. So, please, make Netbeans to be what it was before Oracle abandon the project. Please!

Posted by ALEX SANDRO CARVALHO on June 10, 2019 at 03:47 PM UTC #

Just FYI: Oracle hasn't abandoned NetBeans at all, in fact, about 50% of the contributors to Apache NetBeans are Oracle employees. Re Ant: everything should work as always, if not, this is where you're going to go, i.e., the mailing lists (https://netbeans.apache.org/community/mailing-lists.html) or file an issue (https://issues.apache.org/jira/projects/NETBEANS).

Posted by Geertjan Wielenga on June 10, 2019 at 08:19 PM UTC #

Ant, Maven, Gradle all have a place in the ecosystem. Ant is still support in netbeans and there is no sign that it will be removed. But people have a reason to move build systems and you should respect that. If you think there is something missing for ant projects in netbeans, you are welcome to join the development team and provide fixes and enhancements.

Posted by Matthias on June 16, 2019 at 06:33 PM UTC #

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