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Wednesday September 26, 2018

PHPStan Support

Hi all. Today, we will show you about PHPStan integration which will be available in the next NetBeans version i.e. NetBeans 10 as a new code analysis feature. If you have already used other code analysis features(e.g. Code Sniffer), you should be able to use this with similar way soon.


First of all, let's set the Options (Tools > Options > PHP > Code Analysis > PHPStan). You can set a script path, a configuration file path and a level. At least you have to set the PHPStan script path to "PHPStan". If you don't set "Configuration" path, the configuration file of project root directory would be used.


Inspect project/directory/file

Then, let's inspect a project/direcoty/file using PHPStan. Please click "Source > Inspect...". The inspect dialog is shown.


Please choose "Scope" which you would like to inspect and PHPStan as "Configuration". The files are inspected when you click the "inspect" button. Finally, The results are shown in the inspector window after the inspection is done.


That's all for today. As always, please test it. You can download a development version from Jenkins Build. If you find some issues or enhancements, please report them to JIRA (Components: php - Code). Thanks.

Thursday September 06, 2018

Audio of Virtual Apache NetBeans Meeting 3

The third of a series of informal virtual meetups took place today, focused specifically on why/how/when to move netbeans.org to Apache.

The audio of the meeting is available here and takes about 53 minutes:


Screenshot of what we saw of each other, partly:

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Wednesday September 05, 2018

Apache NetBeans Guest Blog: Edward M. Kagan

I'm a big fan of NetBeans, and a team-lead of 2pm.tech crew, a group of independent developers from Russia. For about the last five years, we have been using NetBeans in all of our projects, from "hardcore C embedded systems" to "Grails web-apps", and as a result we've also been hacking NetBeans a little.

As of 2018, there are now 11 developers in the team. Currently, half of us work with Grails apps, despite the poor Grails support in NetBeans at the moment. We're continuing to work with NetBeans due to it simplicity, small footprint, and design. If the NetBeans community would dig up the Groovy/Grails support, lots of developers will switch to NetBeans I think, and also I'll be very happy, too. :-)

One of coolest things we've created lately is the Crew Look & Feel plugin, which we hadn't released to the public yet and now we think the time has come. It's not too complicated, but a nice little add-in to have, maybe it'll be useful for other users too. Here it is on the Plugin Portal:


Click to enlarge the images below, to get a feel for the new plugin that provides our look and feel:



NetBeans is my favorite IDE and Apache is one of my technological icons. So, I'm very happy for NetBeans to be migrating to Apache. Apache does not always give you a sweet design, though it does always provide nice UNIX-like tools, and I love it. I hope Apache will make NetBeans not only better, but the best IDE for all Java-based technologies. :-)



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