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Wednesday October 19, 2022

Apache Maven Doxia Version 2.0.0-M4 released

The Apache Maven team is pleased to announce the release of the Apache Maven Doxia Version 2.0.0-M4, Released

Doxia is a content generation framework which aims to provide its users with powerful techniques for generating static and dynamic content: Doxia can be used in web-based publishing context to generate static sites, in addition to being incorporated into dynamic content generation systems like blogs, wikis and content management systems.

Release Notes - Maven Doxia base - Version 2.0.0-M4

You can download the appropriate sources etc. from the download page.

Release Notes - Maven Doxia - Version 2.0.0-M4

  • Tasks:

    • DOXIA-663 - Remove deprecated XHTML module
    • DOXIA-666 - Remove code duplication Xhtml5Sink
    • DOXIA-670 - Drop dead XdocSink#link(String, String) method
    • DOXIA-673 - Remove compat handling of absent Sink#tableRows() calls
  • Sub-tasks:

    • DOXIA-599 - Replace <a /> element's name attribute with id attribute
    • DOXIA-668 - Remove all obsolete attributes in HTML5
    • DOXIA-672 - Parse id attribute only on <a /> elements by default
    • DOXIA-674 - Replace table border handling with new CSS class
    • DOXIA-675 - Replace table alignment attributes with CSS styles
  • Bugs:

    • DOXIA-598 - Generated XHTML5 content does not pass W3 HTML5 Validation Service
    • DOXIA-662 - Non unique IDs generated by IndexingSink
    • DOXIA-671 - Double quotes contained in markdown page are removed in HTML output
  • Improvements:

    • DOXIA-665 - Add anchors around FML parts
    • DOXIA-667 - Add <summary> and <details> to recognized tag list
    • DOXIA-669 - Improve/rework CachedFileEntityResolver
    • DOXIA-676 - Remove all obsolete elements in HTML5 and add new ones
  • Dependency upgrade:


-The Apache Maven team


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