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Sunday October 20, 2013

Apache Log4j Extras 1.2.17 released

The Apache Log4j 1 team is pleased to announce the release of Apache Log4j Extras 1.2.17.

Apache Extras™ for Apache log4j™ is a jar file full of additional functionality for log4j 1.2.x.

This release is a maintenance release.


  • Version naming changed to match the required log4j version.
  • RollingFileAppender with TimeBasedRolling policy doesn't create parent-path if FileNamePattern contains date pattern as directory (thanks to Daniel Stankiewicz) Fixes 53536.
  • DBAppender has a compile error (thanks to Antonio Petrelli) Fixes 53645.
  • Prefixed FormattingInfo and PatternParser with Extras to avoid classloading conflict
  • Fixed product naming
  • Removed duplicated classes (thanks to Jess Holle for spotting it)
  • Removed ant build
  • Made tests writing to target folder
  • Merged all companions into the extras companion
  • Switched Parent to Apache parent Fixes 47595.
  • Upgraded to Apache Maven 3

Apache Log4j Extras 1.2.17 required Java > 1.4.2 and Log4j 1.2.17.

For more information please visit the product website: http://logging.apache.org/log4j/extras


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