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Friday March 19, 2010

Incubator Log4PHP graduated to Logging Log4PHP

Dear all,

good news! Please read what has been reported to the Incubator PMC in march:

"The Log4PHP Community and the Logging PMC voted in favour of leaving the

Incubator and moving to the sponsoring Logging project. This has just been
confirmed with a vote by the IPMC, so Log4PHP has graduated!

There are still some resource moves etc that need to happen, but expect that
future Log4PHP reports will now come as part of the Logging report. Congrats
Log4PHP devs."

Your  PHP-Logging-Crew 


That's a great news. Need only a good tuto to show how to use it with chainsaw (still does'nt work at home) Continue on that way thanks

Posted by benjamin on April 02, 2010 at 10:16 PM AEST #

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