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Tuesday August 02, 2016

JSPWiki feature highlight: Tab Completion

Continuing on from yesterday's blog post on Smart Typing Pairs, let's take a look at another time-saving feature in JSPWiki's new plain editor: Tab Completion.

With Tab Completion enabled, certain keywords typed into the editor will expand to a full text snippet when followed by a Tab keystroke.

Tab Completion can be enabled from the Haddock editor's settings menu (click to enlarge):


A good example is adding a Table of Contents. Typically this is achieved by manually entering the following markup:


To instead add a Table of Contents using Tab Completion, simply enter the keyword toc followed by a Tab keystroke. JSPWiki will automatically expand the keyword to the full text snippet.

Some other useful examples include the sign keyword which expands to a user's signature and date, and the quote keyword which will create fancy formatting for quoted content.

There's a range of additional keywords available, which you can view here (and for the more adventurous users the snippets can also be customised).


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