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Monday August 01, 2016

JSPWiki feature highlight: Smart Typing Pairs

A new feature in JSPWiki's Haddock editor is Smart Typing Pairs. When this setting is enabled, certain typed characters will automatically be balanced with their closing counterparts. Example characters include quotation marks, parentheses, and curly and square brackets. This saves time when entering content, as one does not have to manually close these characters: the Haddock editor will do it for you.

To try out Smart Typing Pairs, first enable it in the Haddock editor's settings menu:

JSPWiki smart typing pairs

The preference is remembered, so it's a one-time setting.

Now enter a square bracket or double quotation mark, and note that the editor will close the character for you:

JSPWiki smart typing pairs

When creating (for example) links with Smart Typing Pairs enabled, you only need to enter the opening square bracket ("[") and then paste the desired address: Haddock takes care of the rest.

You can also select existing content and enter the relevant opening character, which will automatically wrap the selection in the correct associated closing character. In the following example we want to add double quotation marks to the "Haddock Template" text:

JSPWiki smart typing pairs

First select the text:

JSPWiki smart typing pairs

And now enter Shift+" on the keyboard to enter a double quotation mark. Haddock automatically adds the associated closing character around the selection:

JSPWiki smart typing pairs

For more information please check out the Haddock Editor documentation.


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