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Saturday August 27, 2016

Change JSPWiki's inactive session timeout value

By default, inactive JSPWiki sessions are logged out after 30 minutes. This value can be adjusted by adding the following entry to the JSPWiki's web.xml configuration file (where the session-timeout value is in minutes):


This sets inactive sessions to be logged out after one hour.

Alternatively, a session timeout value can be configured in your application server. For example, on Payara Server go to server-config > Web Container, and under the Session Properties tab set the Session Timeout value:

Configuring the session timeout value in Payara Server

Configuring the session timeout value in Payara Server

Tip: You can change the session timeout message displayed by JSPWiki when the timeout occurs by creating a wiki page named SessionExpired. It's also a good idea to add an [{ALLOW edit Admin}] ACL entry to this page.


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