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Sunday August 20, 2017

Read Excel spreadsheets in JSPWiki

Displaying Microsoft Excel spreadsheet content in JSPWiki pages is supported by using the JSPWiki Worksheet plugin—developed by Christian Fröhler.

Installation is straightforward, consisting of adding a few extra Java libraries to your application server and the plugin itself. After a restart, insert some easy JSPWiki markup to display the contents of an attached Excel file directly in the wiki page:

JSPWiki Worksheet Plugin

The content can be visually customised with JSPWiki's wide range of styles.

For more information see the Worksheet Plugin page. Development contributions to enhance and improve the plugin are welcome!

Friday August 04, 2017

Apache JSPWiki's codebase moved to Git

We're pleased to announce that the JSPWiki codebase has been migrated from SVN to Git. Aside from making development easier for our core contributors—who prefer Git—we hope this change attracts and increases community developer involvement. If you're a coder looking to get involved in an Apache top-level project, featuring a great (and friendly) developer community, please pop by and say hi—or simply fork and get started!

Browseable source code is available at:

The Git clone URL is:

And we maintain a GitHub mirror at:

For more information on developing JSPWiki, please see:



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