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Thursday February 15, 2018

Announcing Apache JSPWiki 2.10.3

We're pleased to announce the availability of Apache JSPWiki version 2.10.3—the fourth major release made as an Apache Top-Level Project.

This is a hugely exciting release, packed with great features. Let's look at some of the highlights.

Updates to the Haddock template

Haddock is our next generation template. It's received an enormous number of changes in 2.10.3, including:

Mandatory properties have been removed

Important fixes

For developers

For more information

For a full list of changes see the ChangeLog file or our issue tracker.

All JSPWiki site administrators are encouraged to update. For feedback, help, and developer queries please visit us on the mailing lists.

Friday August 04, 2017

Apache JSPWiki's codebase moved to Git

We're pleased to announce that the JSPWiki codebase has been migrated from SVN to Git. Aside from making development easier for our core contributors—who prefer Git—we hope this change attracts and increases community developer involvement. If you're a coder looking to get involved in an Apache top-level project, featuring a great (and friendly) developer community, please pop by and say hi—or simply fork and get started!

Browseable source code is available at:

The Git clone URL is:

And we maintain a GitHub mirror at:

For more information on developing JSPWiki, please see:

Monday May 09, 2016

A new blog home for Apache JSPWiki

As part of our recent new release of Apache JSPWiki 2.10.2, we’re pleased to announce that the JSPWiki project has a brand new blog home—right here on https://blogs.apache.org/jspwiki. Over the coming weeks we’ll be sharing news, tips, and feature highlights—so be sure to check back regularly. The RSS feed for your favourite news reader is here (and for folks who prefer social networks, we have a revived presence on Facebook and Twitter).

For JSPWiki 2.10.2, you can check out the list of terrific new features here. As well as code rewrites for core components, support for running in Docker containers, and fixes for popular supporting application servers, the new Haddock template has been enabled by default. Previously only available as a manually configured option, Haddock has matured sufficiently to serve as our production-ready, next-generation template. There’s a huge number of improvements in Haddock compared with JSPWiki’s legacy templates, and we’ll be covering some highlights in future blog posts. If your site is running an older JSPWiki version, consider giving it a substantial visual and feature boost by updating to 2.10.2.

We have one of the most friendly and helpful user and developer communities around—folks as always are welcome and encouraged to participate via the mailing lists.



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