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Monday December 24, 2012

[ANN] Apache Isis 1.0.0 (Core, 4 components, 1 archetype) Released

The Isis team is pleased to announce the release of Apache Isis Core 1.0.0, along with 4 components and 1 archetype

- isis-core-1.0.0  (Isis core)
- isis-security-file-1.0.0  (file-based security)
- isis-objectstore-jdo-1.0.0  (JDO objectstore)
- isis-viewer-wicket-1.0.0 (Wicket viewer)
- isis-viewer-restfulobjects-1.0.0  (Restful Objects viewer)
- quickstart_wicket_restful_jdo-archetype-1.0.0  (Quickstart Archetype for Wicket viewer, Restful Objects viewer, JDO objectstore).

This is the first release of Isis as an Apache top-level project.  This release incorporates a restructuring so that the core is released independently of the main components. 

Full release notes are available at [1], [2], [3], [4], [5] on the Isis website.

You can access this release directly from the Maven central repo [6], or download the release and build it from source [7].


-The Isis team

[1] http://isis.apache.org/core/release-notes/isis-1.0.0.html
[2] http://isis.apache.org/components/security/file/release-notes/isis-security-file-1.0.0.html
[3] http://isis.apache.org/components/objectstores/jdo/release-notes/isis-objectstore-jdo-1.0.0.html
[4] http://isis.apache.org/components/viewers/restfulobjects/release-notes/isis-viewer-restfulobjects-1.0.0.html
[5] http://isis.apache.org/components/viewers/wicket/release-notes/isis-viewer-wicket-1.0.0.html
[6] http://search.maven.org
[7] http://isis.apache.org/download.html


Is a binary download available for this distribution? I'm not running Maven and I don't need the sources up front.

Posted by Bob Hathaway on January 04, 2013 at 11:14 PM UTC #

Hi Bob, No, the only binaries made available are through Maven. In theory you could just download the JARs from the Maven central repo; go to search.maven.org and enter "isis". However, even once you've downloaded Isis, you would then need to parse the pom.xml's in order to bring down Isis' transitive dependencies. But I strongly recommend you use Maven in the first event... you can use our archetype to get up and running very quickly. Later on, you could always port the build scripts to some other build tool that supports transitive dependencies, eg Gradle or Apache Ivy. HTH Dan PS: these sorts of queries are best routed through the isis users mailing list, see isis.apache.org/support.html.

Posted by Dan Haywood on January 05, 2013 at 06:56 AM UTC #

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