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Wednesday July 15, 2009

Public Preview of Drafts feature added to ASF Roller instance

Previously, to be able to preview a draft post by any Roller Blog, one had to be a member user of that blog.

For those that would like an easy way to post previews of drafts for lazy consensus or voting, a script has been setup to allow the preview url that Roller generates to be shared publicly.  For example:

   (roller preview url)

   (public preview url)

A typical process is to create the blog post, set it up to publish in 3-4 days via the "Advanced Settings", then post the modified preview URL to your dev@ list with the anticipated publish date for lazy consensus.

Projects must opt-in by adding the "preview" user with "Limited" access.

Details here:


Monday March 23, 2009

Roller installed for use by Apache Projects

blogs.apache.org open for ASF Projects[Read More]



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