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Thursday April 16, 2015

Come to HBaseCon2015!

Come learn about:hbasecon.com

  • A highly-trafficked HBase cluster with an uptime of sixteen months
  • An HBase deploy that spans three datacenters doing master-master replication between thousands of HBase nodes in each
  • Some nuggets on how Bigtable does it (and HBase could too)
  • How HBase is being used to record patient telemetry 24/7 on behalf of the Michael J. Fox Foundation to enable breakthroughs in Parkinson Disease research
  • How Pinterest and Microsoft are doing it in the cloud, how FINRA and Bloomberg are doing it out east, and how Rocketfuel, Yahoo! and Flipboard, etc., are representing the west

HBaseCon 2015 is the fourth annual edition of the community event for Apache HBase contributors, developers, admins, and users of all skill levels. The event is hosted and organized by Cloudera, with the Program Committee including leaders from across the HBase community. The conference will be one full day comprising general sessions in the morning, breakout sessions in the morning and afternoon, and networking opportunities throughout the day.

The agenda hase been posted here, hbasecon2015 agenda. You can register here.


The HBaseCon Program Committee 

Monday March 24, 2014

HBaseCon2014, the HBase Community Event, May 5th in San Francisco


By the HBaseCon Program Committee and Justin Kestelyn

HBaseCon 2014 (May 5, 2014 in San Francisco) is coming up fast.  It is shaping up to be another grand day out for the HBase community with a dense agenda spread over four tracks of case studies, dev, ops, and ecosystem.  Check out our posted agenda grid. As in previous years, the program committee favored presentations on open source, shipping technologies and descriptions of in-production systems. The schedule is chock-a-block with a wide diversity of deploy types (industries, applications, scALE!) and interesting dev and operations stories.  Come to the conference and learn from your peer HBase users, operators and developers.

The general session will lead off with a welcome by Mike Olson of Cloudera (Cloudera is the host for this HBase community conference).

Next up will be a talk by the leads of the BigTable team at Google, Avtandil Garakanidze and Carter Page.  They will present on BigTable, the technology that HBase is based on.  Bigtable is “...the world’s largest multi-purpose database, supporting 90 percent of Google’s applications around the world.”  They will give a brief overview of “...Bigtable evolution since it was originally described in an OSDI ’06 paper, its current use cases at Google, and future directions.”

Then comes our own Liyin Tang of Facebook and Lars Hofhansl of Salesforce.com.  Liyin will speak on, “HydraBase: Facebook’s Highly Available and Strongly Consistent Storage Service Based on Replicated HBase Instances”.  HBase powers multiple mission-critical online applications at Facebook. This talk will cover the design of HydraBase (including the replication protocol), an analysis of a failure scenario, and a plan for contributions to the HBase trunk.”  Lars will explain how Salesforce.com’s scalability requirements led it to HBase and the multiple use cases for HBase there today. You’ll also learn how Salesforce.com works with the HBase community, and get a detailed look into its operational environment.

We then break up into sessions where you will be able to learn about operations best practices, new features in depth, and what is being built on top of HBase. You can also hear how Pinterest builds large scale HBase apps up in AWS, HBase at Bloomberg, OPower, RocketFuel, Xiaomi, Yahoo! and others, as well as a nice little vignette on how HBase is an enabling technology at OCLC replacing all instances of Oracle powering critical services for the libraries of the world.

There will be an optional pre-conference prep for attendees who are new to HBase by Jesse Anderson (Cloudera University).  Jesse’s talk will offer a brief Cliff’s Notes-level HBase overview before the General Session that covers architecture, API, and schema design.

Register now for HBaseCon 2014 at: https://hbasecon2014.secure.mfactormeetings.com/registration/

A big shout out goes out to our sponsors – Continuuity, Hortonworks, Intel, LSI, MapR, Salesforce.com, Splice Machine, WibiData (Gold); Facebook, Pepperdata (Silver); ASF (Community); O’Reilly Media, The Hive, NoSQL Weekly (Media) — without which HBaseCon would be impossible!



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