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Thursday October 08, 2015

Imgur Notifications: From MySQL to HBase

This is the third in a series of posts on "Why We Use Apache HBase", in which we let HBase users and developers borrow our blog so they can showcase their successful HBase use cases, talk about why they use HBase, and discuss what worked and what didn't.

Carlos J. Espinoza is an engineer at Imgur.

An earlier version of the discussion in this post was published here on the Imgur Engineering blog.

- Andrew Purtell

Imgur Notifications: From MySQL to HBase

Imgur is a heavy user of MySQL. It has been a part of our stack since our beginning. However, with our scale it has become increasingly difficult to throw more features at it. For our latest feature upgrade, we re-implemented our notifications system and migrated it over from MySQL to HBase. In this post, I will talk about how HBase solved our use case and the features we exploited.

To add some context, previously we supported two types of notifications: messages and comment replies, all stored in MySQL. For this upgrade, we decided to support several additional notification types. We also introduced rules around when a notification should be delivered. This change in spec made it challenging to continue with our previous model, so we started from scratch.

Early in the design phase, we envisioned a world where MySQL remained the primary store. We put together some schemas, some queries and, for the better, stopped ourselves from making a huge mistake. We had to create a couple columns for every type of notification. Creating a new notification type afterwards would mean a schema change. Our select queries would require us to join against other application tables. We designed an architecture that could work, but we would sacrifice decoupling, simplicity, scalability, and extensibility.

Some of our notifications require that they only be delivered to the user once a milestone is crossed. For instance, if a post reaches 100 points, Imgur will notify the user at the 100 point mark. We don’t want to bother users with 99 notifications in between. So, at scale, how do we know that the post has reached 100 points?

A notification could have multiple milestones. We only want to deliver once the milestone is hit.

Considering MySQL is our primary store for posts, one way to do it is to increment the points counter in the posts table, then execute another query fetching the row and check if the points reached the threshold of 100. This approach has a few issues. Increment and then fetch is a race condition. Two clients could think they reached 100 points, delivering two notifications for the same event. Another problem is the extra query. For every increment, we must now fetch the volatile column, adding more stress to MySQL.

Though it is technically possible to do this in MySQL using transactions and consistent read locks, lock contention would make it possibly very expensive with votes as it’s one the most frequent operations on our site. Seeing as we already use HBase in other parts of our stack, we switched gears and we built our system on top of it. Here is how we use it to power notifications in real time and at scale.

Sparse Columns

At Imgur, each notification is composed of one or more events. The following image of our notifications dropdown illustrates how our notifications are modeled.

As illustrated, each notification is composed of one or more events. A notification maps to a row in HBase, and each event maps to multiple columns, one of which is a counter. This model makes our columns very sparse as different types of notifications have different types of events. In MySQL, this would mean a lot of NULL values. We are not tied to a strict table schema, so we can easily add other notification types using the same model.

Atomic Increments

HBase has an atomic increment operation that returns the new value in the same call. It’s a simple feature, but our implementation depends on this operation. This allows our notification delivery logic on the client to be lightweight: increment and only deliver the notification if and only if a milestone is crossed. No extra calls. In some cases, this means we now keep two counters. For instance, the points count in the MySQL table for posts, and the points count in HBase for notifications. Technically, they could get out of sync, but this is an edge case we optimize for.

Another benefit of doing increments in HBase is that it allows us to decouple the notifications logic from the application logic. All we need to know to deliver a notification is whether its counter has crossed a pre-defined threshold. For instance, we no longer need to know how to fetch a post and get its point count. HBase has allowed us to solve our problem in a more generic fashion.

Fast Table Scans

We also maintain a secondary order table. It stores notification references ordered by when they were last delivered using reversed timestamps. When users open their notifications dropdown, we fetch their most recent notifications by performing a table scan limited by their user ID. We can also support scanning for different types of notifications by using scan filters.

Other Benefits

With HBase we gain many other benefits, like linear scalability and replication. We can forward data to another cluster and run batch jobs on that data. We also get strong consistency. It is extremely important for notifications to be delivered exactly once when a milestone is crossed. We can make that guarantee knowing that HBase has strong row level consistency. It’s likely that we’ll use versioning in the future, but even without use of it, HBase is a great choice for our use case.

Imgur notifications is a young project, and we’ll continue to make improvements to it. As it matures and we learn more from it, I hope to share what we’ve built with the open source community.


Nice post! Clear explanation of use cases and well fit into HBase. Good luck Imgur! p.s. Have you tried to use snapshots for data analysis on the same cluster? As I read "We can forward data to another cluster and run batch jobs on that data".

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Thanks for the post. It would be great if you can share the code bits as well to get more on how this is achieved.

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