Thursday May 06, 2010

Apache Aries samples running on Apache Geronimo

As many of you may already know, Apache Aries is a project that is currently under incubation in Apache. The goal of Apache Aries is to deliver a set of pluggable Java components enabling an enterprise OSGi application programming model. This fits in very well with the latest activities in Apache Geronimo which is also venturing into areas of OSGi and the enterprise application programming model. In fact, some members of the Apache Geronimo team are also doing some work in Apache Aries. At the same time, Apache Geronimo 3.0 is being substantially re-worked to support OSGi bundles and is now pulling in a number of the pluggable Java components that are being produced in Apache Aries. So, as you can see, there is a lot of activity and a lot of collaboration between these projects.

That collaboration is starting to pay off and it is now possible in the latest Apache Geronimo trunk image (3.0-SNAPSHOT) to deploy and run several of the showcase Apache Aries samples. I created a simple set of directions in the Geronimo wiki that can help you get the Apache Aries samples running under Geronimo 3.0. Go ahead and take a look.

Apache Aries Samples in Geronimo

Just a warning that things will be a little bumpy until both of these projects are finally released but if you want to experiment ... then go ahead and give it a try!

Tuesday April 27, 2010


Welcome to the Apache Geronimo group blog! This is the first post to the Apache Geronimo blog - so I thought a brief explanation of the intent and purpose of the blog was in order.

The point of this group blog in the broadest sense is simply to have a place to talk about the Apache Geronimo project. We hope that means that many people will contribute, each sharing a different view point. More specifically, the goal is for this to be a place to highlight particular topics from time to time that people will find interesting. It isn't intended to replace the general Geronimo mailing lists, web page, or documentation. It is merely intended to highlight various items from time to time in a way that is timely and a little less intense than the content included in our mailing lists, wiki, documentation, or web pages. Indeed, anything of particular importance here should also exist in one or more of those other places. Naturally, we want to foster discussion but certain discussions (such as the gory details of some yet unresolved technical issue) are probably best kept on one of the mailing lists. To borrow a line from the Apache Aries blog .. "This is a place to celebrate achievements and to talk about some of the new and exciting things we are doing."

We hope to have some real content soon ... for example I'm soon planning to add an entry with information on running several of the Apache Aries examples on Apache Geronimo .... I'll hopefully have that up shortly.




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