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Friday December 04, 2009

If it's not at, it's not from the Apache Software Foundation!

A number of websites have "apache" in their domain name, and sometimes pretend to be official sources of information about projects of the Apache Software Foundation (ASF). How do you find out if it's the case?

The rule is very simple: if a website is not hosted on an domain, it's not a website of the ASF (with a few exceptions, see below).

In other words, if the site's address doesn't end with, it's not ours. Note the dot before or wouldn't belong to us, whereas does.

The only exceptions to that rule are, which is jointly managed between
the ASF and companies producing our conferences, and and, for historical reasons.

So remember: if it's not at or one of the three above domains, it's not from us!


And for historical reasons :) I think the important amendment here is that each of those domain names are getting redirected to an ASF-owned DNS entry and thus everything ends up in an domain name scheme anyway.

Posted by Daniel S. Haischt on January 01, 2010 at 06:19 PM GMT #

Note that the ASF does use a very few Twitter handles for official announcements (@TheASF and @ApacheCon) - and we also have a select few Groups/Pages/Events and the like on various social networking sites. In each case, it should be obvious that the groups or IDs really are official - they will have numerous links directly back to official or sites and the like. If in doubt, always check first!

Posted by Shane Curcuru on July 02, 2010 at 06:57 PM GMT #

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