Thursday Mar 27, 2014

CouchDB Weekly News, March 27

Welcome to the Apache CouchDB weekly news! From today on, we’ll bring you the highlights of what happened in the CouchDB Universe each thursday.

Major Discussions

BigCouch vs. Couchbase
A comparison between the two, around conflict solving, revision docs, nodes, replicas and hashing. Find the thread here.
Healthcare projects running on CouchDB
Albin Stigö asked for healthcare companies / projects using CouchDB. In the thread, a collection of examples and reasons why this is a good fit was discussed. CouchDB works well in healthcare due to its relative ease of configuration and deployment, easy synchronization, backups, attachment-handling and notifications and mobile-readiness. Some examples of projects / companies using CouchDB: CommCare HQ, Mobius, Neurofoundation. Find his summary and the entire thread here.

Weekly CouchDB meeting – summary

  • 1.6.rc-2: discussion around blocker; will be collated and sent to the mailing list
  • Marketing: there'll be a weekly CouchDB news (which you are currently reading)
  • Fauxton - status: Futon will be removed as soon as Fauxton-implementation is done; following release will be marked as beta
  • Merges: discussion around BigCouch and rcouch merges will also be collated and sent to the mailing list

CouchDB Universe


… and also in the news

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Hey Flora ! Very good work as always :) Nice to see you always on the top !!

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