Friday Feb 14, 2014

Board Report (Februrary 2014)


CouchDB submits a board report every quarter. Here's a copy of our February board report.


No releases in this time period.

Release has been blocked on a number of issues, but is actively being worked on.

Recent Activity

  • Number of the core devs met in Vienna to discuss the pending merges.
  • Finalising the merge of Benoit Chesneau’s rcouch fork.
  • Working on the BigCouch merge from Cloudant.
  • Created a replication list to discuss specific replication topics.
  • New marketing list about to be created for new marketing team.
  • Confluence wiki set up, and migration being planned.
  • Review Board instance set up, and discussion about review ongoing.
  • Translation work going well.
  • Community-provided packages added for Ubuntu Precise and upcoming Trusty release.


Including the following additions, CouchDB has 31 committers and 9 PMC members.

New committers:

  • Nick North

No new PMC members. Most recent PMC addition Nov 9th, 2012.

Mailing list stats:

  • announce
    • 151 subscribers (+20)
    • 1 message since May (-1)
  • user
    • 1405 subscribers (-26)
    • 1086 messages since May (+280)
  • erlang
    • 154 subscribers (+8)
    • 14 messages since May (-8)
  • dev
    • 602 subscribers (-4)
    • 1977 messages since May (+1097)
  • commits
    • 104 subscribers (-1)
    • 2735 messages since May (+1694)
  • l10n
    • 31 subscribers (+10)
    • 207 messages since May (+104)
  • replication
    • 47 subscribers
    • 35 messages since May




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