Friday Apr 26, 2013

Apache CouchDB is supporting the Google Summer of Code

The Apache Software Foundation is participating in GSoC again this year, and CouchDB is on the project list of course!

By the end of the summer, we hope you've above all, had fun, and we've enabled you to make a valued contribution, and ideally help you continue in your involvement with the CouchDB project.

I'm a student, how do I start?

Check out some of the ideas or suggest your own ones. Please subscribe to our developer mailing list and join us on IRC at #couchdb-dev on to talk about what you're interested in. Don't forget to read the ASF GsOC guide.

You'll need to pick your projects and submit proposals from 22nd April to 3rd May.

I'm interested in being a mentor for the CouchDB project!

Thanks! Please read up on being a mentor and contact for more details. Previous mentors suggest the effort is around 5h per week on average. Please review the topics list and feel free to make any adjustments.

Please pass this on to your local user groups, universities, etc. Thanks!

For more information on Google Summer of Code itself, timelines and proposals, visit the Melange website.

For more information on the Apache Software Foundation, visit our ASF site.



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