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Tuesday August 06, 2019

Q&A with Geospatial Software Track Leader George Percivall

Open Geospatial Consortium (OGC) Chief Engineer and Chief Technology Officer

As ApacheCon North America approaches, we invited George Percivall to discuss the OGC’s exciting highlights for the 2019 event, 9-12 September in Las Vegas. Be sure to check out George’s full interview on our Apache Feathercast podcast here: https://feathercast.apache.org/2019/07/31/apachecon-qa-with-geospatial-software-track-leader-george-percivall-of-open-geospatial-consortium/

Q: What can people expect from the Geospatial Software Track this year?

A. This year, we've got a great program. Our track begins with “Geospatial Data and Processing -- Reusable Building Blocks", on Monday, 9 September at 9 a.m. The session will start by explaining what existing Apache projects are using geospatial data. We’ll examine how we can define building blocks and reusable code across the projects based upon standards. We’ll have six additional presentations from our community, including ASU, CCRI, Elastic, JPL, Uber, and NVIDIA.

Almost every application and any software that gets written and used will use data that includes location data. Accurately handling that information is important for safety, as well as privacy. This is the scope of what we're talking about here, and how to make that simple, reusable and accurate are the key themes.

Q: For people who will be attending ApacheCon, what makes this a must-attend track and why should employers send their teams to the event?

A. Attendees should come out to the Geospatial Software Track because the data that they're working with and projects they are developing almost always will be using location data and geospatial data.

You can see from the list of presentations below that the Geospatial Software Track is to provide reusable tools that make developer and data science jobs easier. It increases productivity by reusing existing geospatial APIs while lowering the interoperability friction between projects that might be implementing different data structures. With the APIs, the interoperability can be achieved based upon open standards.

Several of the existing Apache projects are already using a set of APIs that OGC has developed based upon geospatial best practices and the recent kinds of RESTful-based API practices. By using those APIs, they can quickly get up to speed on esoteric topics like coordinate reference systems, spatial geometries, spatial data arrays and more. This track based upon OGC APIs and a lot of Apache work, which helps to provide those building blocks and increase the productivity and the data quality of the developers who are using Apache projects.

Q: What will attendees learn this year from the Geospatial Software Track?

A. Attendees will see how developing applications based on reusable building blocks really pays off in quality and efficiency when you do that reuse. Our track’s presentations are also about learning geospatial concepts and how to work with them accurately, which is another gain for developers from attending the session.

From a data scientist point of view, which is very timely because we're going to be running a workshop specifically about geospatial data science soon, is that geospatial is in some ways just another piece of data.

While geospatial projects involve statistics, there are other aspects of it that can be handled with software. Some parts are unique, in particular dealing with coordinate reference systems; how to get an accurate location on the Earth and how to transfer that location information to others so that they accurately get it.

Geospatial Software Track Presentations: 9 September, 2019, 9 a.m. to 9 p.m.

* “Geospatial Data and Processing - Reusable Building Blocks” - George Percivall, OGC
* “Geospatial Data Management in Apache Spark”, Jia Yu, ASU & Mohamed Sarwat, ASU
* “Apache Science Data Analytics Platform Apache (SDAP)”, Thomas Huang, JPL
* “Using GeoMesa on top of Accumulo, HBase, Cassandra, and big data file formats for massive geospatial data - a LocationTech Project”, James Hughes, CCRI & Eddie Pickle, Radiant Solutions
* “Geospatial Indexing and Search at Scale with Apache Lucene”, Nick Knize, Elastic
* “GeoSpatial and Temporal Forecasting in Uber Marketplace”, Chong Sun, Uber
* “Realtime Geospatial Analytics with GPUs, RAPIDS, and Apache Arrow”, Josh Patterson, NVIDIA

Important Dates and Deadlines

Register at https://apachecon.com/acna19/.

Discounted Hotel Rooms: Book your room before prices go up 29 August! We are offering special room rates at the Flamingo Hotel and Casino. Secure your spot by registering at https://www.apachecon.com/acna19/location.html.

Ways to Get Involved, or Get Questions Answered

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Monday July 22, 2019

ApacheCon Q&A with Rich Bowen, ASF Director and VP of Conferences

As we countdown the days and weeks to ApacheCon North America, we invited Rich Bowen, Apache Software Foundation’s Vice Present of Conferences, to talk about all the great things that we’ve got coming your way in Las Vegas at ApacheCon, 9-12 September. Also, be sure to check out Rich’s full interview on our Apache Feathercast podcast.

Q: ApacheCon will feature four days of Apache project content, including Big Data, Mobile, Machine Learning, Cloudstack, Cassandra. Share with us how ApacheCon has changed over time since you’ve been with the Foundation?

A: We've been working toward a completely project-led schedule for the last few years, which is a big change from the early days. I'm excited about this year's event because this is the year that this approach has really come to fruition. Our projects are actually running their own content, which is interesting to see.

What we do is ask our projects, "Do you want to put on your own conference? We'll handle the logistics. You bring the content." We had 17 projects this year say “yes”. We also have tracks on Machine Learning, Artificial Intelligence and Internet of Things (IoT).

In addition, we have the Community Track, which you'll be hearing about in an upcoming Feathercast interview with Sharan Foga. The Community Track answers the questions about what Apache is, how it works, and how can you build communities inside Apache. Ahead of the conference, we’ll be talking with many other Track Leaders including Giles Sirett who heads up the CloudStack Collaboration Conference, George Percivall who will lead the Geospatial Track, and Felix Cheung who will lead the Machine Learning and Streaming Tracks.

Q: How will the ApacheCon keynotes and tracks provide attendees the opportunity to learn about how “The Apache Way” and help projects thrive?

A: A lot of people in technology are working with one or more of our technologies already. But ApacheCon is the place to come and talk with the people who make that technology happen -- both to influence the paths that those projects take and to learn from the deep experts how to do your job better.

I'm especially excited about some of our keynotes for this year’s event. Award-winning author and futurist David Brin, "father of Java," David Gosling, and 10-year-old CoderBunnyz/One Billion Kids Can Code founder Samaira Mehta will share their expertise on a wide range of topics including STEM, AI, SETI, java programming, privacy and national security. It's a long-running joke around ApacheCon that I use it to gather my heroes on stage so that I can meet them. And this year is no exception.

Q: As the ASF looks to celebrate its 20th anniversary at ApacheCon, how has the “Apache Way” evolved over time? What kinds of "Tomorrow's Technology Today" projects can we expect to see at the conference?

A: The ASF was founded 20 years ago with just two projects and now we've grown to 200 projects. Over the years, we've seen several inflection points in technology that have been driven by the Apache Software Foundation. For example, Apache is very instrumental in the development of the machine-learning and artificial-intelligence software eco-system with Hadoop and Spark and other related projects – things in the news today.

What I’d say to potential attendees is that ApacheCon is the place to come to find out what you're going to be working on in the future. The future is invented at the ASF in our projects, which ultimately have a major impact in the technology world.

I am looking forward to seeing everyone in Las Vegas at ApacheCon. We’ll spend four days learning about the latest innovations from dozens of Apache projects and their communities.


-- Sign up at https://apachecon.com/acna19/

-- Discounted Hotel Rooms: Book your room before 19 August! We are offering special room rates at the Flamingo Hotel and Casino. Your options will be based on availability, or when the block is sold out. Book at https://www.apachecon.com/acna19/location.html

Finally, if you want to get involved, or have any more questions, there are several ways to get in touch with us.

-- Join our mailing lists: http://events.apache.org/involved/mailing-lists.html
-- Email the ApacheCon planners directly: planners@apachecon.com
-- Follow us on Twitter: @apachecon
-- Visit the ApacheCon website: https://apachecon.com/acna19/

Wednesday March 06, 2019

4 Apache Events in 2019: DC Roadshow soon; next up Chicago, Las Vegas, and Berlin!


Registration is open for two Apache Roadshows; these are smaller events with a more focused program and regional community engagement:

Our Roadshow event in Washington DC takes place in under three weeks, on March 25th. We’ll be hosting a day-long event at the Fairfax campus of George Mason University. The roadshow is a full day of technical talks (two tracks) and an open source job fair featuring AWS, Bloomberg, dito, GridGain, Linode, and Security University. More details about the program, the job fair, and to register, visit https://apachecon.com/usroadshowdc19/

Apache Roadshow Chicago will be held May 13-14th at a number of venues in Chicago’s Logan Square neighborhood. This event will feature sessions in AdTech, FinTech and Insurance, startups, “Made in Chicago”, Project Shark Tank (innovations from the Apache Incubator), community diversity, and more. It’s a great way to learn about various Apache projects “at work” while playing at a brewery, a beercade, and a neighborhood bar. Sign up today at https://www.apachecon.com/chiroadshow19/

We’re delighted to announce that the Call for Presentations (CFP) is now open for ApacheCon North America in Las Vegas, September 9-13th! As the official conference series of the ASF, ApacheCon North America will feature over a dozen Apache project summits, including Cassandra, Cloudstack, Tomcat, Traffic Control, and more. We’re looking for talks in a wide variety of categories -- anything related to ASF projects and the Apache development process. The CFP closes at midnight on May 12th. In addition, the ASF will be celebrating its 20th Anniversary during the event. For more details and to submit a proposal for the CFP, visit https://apachecon.com/acna19/ . Registration will be opening soon.  

Be sure to mark your calendars for ApacheCon Europe, which will be held in Berlin, October 22-24th at the KulturBrauerei, a landmark of Berlin's industrial history. In addition to innovative content from our projects, we are collaborating with the Open Source Design community (https://opensourcedesign.net/) to offer a track on design this year. The CFP and registration will open soon at https://apachecon.com/aceu19/ .

Sponsorship opportunities are available for all events, with details listed on each event’s site at http://apachecon.com/.

We look forward to seeing you!

Rich, for the ApacheCon Planners


Monday December 03, 2018

Save the date: ApacheCon 2019, September 9-12, Las Vegas

ApacheCon, the official global conference series of The Apache Software Foundation (ASF), is pleased to announce that ApacheCon North America 2019 will be held 9-12 September 2019 at the Flamingo Hotel in Las Vegas. The Call for Presentations will open early 2019.

Widely recognized as the event to experience “Tomorrow’s Technology Today”, ApacheCon showcases the latest Open Source innovations in Big Data, Cloud, Finance, IoT, Machine Learning, Search, Servers, and other categories in a collaborative, vendor-neutral environment. Learn from dozens of ubiquitous Apache projects and emerging innovations in the Apache Incubator, and celebrate the ASF’s 20th Anniversary and the industry-defining success of The Apache Way on some of the most influential projects and communities in Open Source.

Details on the event will be posted at announce@apachecon.com mailing list, ASF and ApacheCon blogs, @apachecon on Twitter, and other channels. We invite you to sign up for updates, and look forward to welcoming you in Las Vegas!



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