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Thursday June 15, 2017

Community Development at Open Expo in Madrid

Throughout May we promoted that we had been invited to have an Apache booth at the Open Expo in Madrid. The event took place on 1st June 2017 and was the first time that we had an Apache presence there. We received an invitation to the event because of a contact made at FOSDEM (so you can see how being at one event can lead to another!)

In preparation we made sure that we had enough stickers and swag (pens, usb hubs, fandanas and lapel pins) for our booth.

Booth Duty

Our booth staff was made up of myself and two amazing Spanish speaking volunteers (Ignasi Barrera and Jan Iversen). Ignasi had also designed a flyer / leaflet with details about the ASF, who we are and what we do on one side and some information about Incubator on the other. This was translated into Spanish as we expected that it would be a predominantly Spanish event. One hundred of the leaflets were printed and when we put the first few out, they disappeared quickly. It was then that we realised that we needed to ensure we kept enough leaflets available on the table but we ran out of them completely by early afternoon. It was a long day and Jan and Ignasi were kept very busy explaining to people about the Foundation, its goals and how it all works.

We understand that the conference attracted over 3000 visitors throughout the day and 300 of them (around 10%) stopped by the Apache booth to talk to us. We found that most people already knew about specific Apache projects and were keen to talk to us about them. Around one in every six spent around 5-10 minutes which is really great as it shows that they are very interested in knowing or finding out more about Apache.

Being part of Apache, we sometimes take it for granted and it was a little surprising to find out that many people didn't really know very much about the Apache Software Foundation and in fact most of them didn't even know that there was a Foundation behind Apache projects!. Being at the event helped us fill this knowledge gap.

We had a wide range of questions - ranging from 'I want to use the Apache Licence for my own open source project, Do I need to join Apache to do that?' to 'What do I need to do if I wanted to sponsor the Foundation?'

We noticed that people were quite selective in which stickers they took (it wasn't a grab everything!) and one attendee especially wanted the first sticker on his new PC to be an Apache one!

It was good to see and meet up with some of our Apache project contributors and committers at the event and they were also very happy to see us.
I was also pleasantly surprised to see that there were a lot of women attending this conference. I'd heard that Madrid is becoming a technology hub and it was great to see women in technology being so well represented at this event.

A main highlight (apart from the great atmosphere and conference buzz) was that we completely ran out of our flyers (information leaflets) about the ASF. To us it showed that people were really interested in finding out more about Apache.

What we learned and achieved?

These are the main things we achieved and learned by being here were:.
  • This event was mainly a Spanish speaking event although the organisers are trying to bring more English speaking presentations.
  • There wasn't any Apache content at the event so if we are do plan to be there in then it would be good to encourage participation in the CFP (NOTE: We need to be prepared to do this in Spanish)
  • Being there brought a bit more awareness about Apache to a new audience
  • Having information leaflets and flyers at events like these, is a great way to provide essential information about Apache. People were happy to take them away which showed that they were really interested in finding out more about us.
  • As well as potential sponsors, we were asked about taking part in some Spanish podcasts about free software, and some people also asked about Apache meetups in Spain so have opened up some potential opportunities
  • Being able to scan our booth visitors meant that we could send out a thank you message to them all (Thanks Ignasi!)
  • Community development is also about going out and being active at conferences and events where people can see and speak to us, so let's keep doing it!

So was it a success?
Yes definitely! And we will be looking out for any future events to see if we can participate. Also some photos from the event have been uploaded to our Facebook page..

We are hope that we will be invited again next year and if so will be looking forward to another successful event so please come along (especially any Spanish speakers) and support us.

Special Thanks!

Once again huge thank you to Ignasi Barrera and Jan Iversen who volunteered their time and energy to come to Madrid and help out.

Wednesday June 14, 2017

Community Development News - May 2017

Welcome to our monthly blog update about what is happening in Apache Community Development (ComDev)! This month we have lots of news about ApacheCon North America; share some links to some of the conference keynotes; deliver a co-ordinated Apache Way track alongside our Community one; get some feedback from a first time ApacheCon attendee; encourage you to listen to ApacheCon via our FeatherCast podcast channel and we run yet another successful BarCampApache.

ApacheCon NA 2017

After all the preparation ApacheCon North America took place this month in Miami. As well as the standard ApacheCon and Big Data tracks, several mini conferences were held around the main event. It also featured a new Apache Way track which is mentioned in separate section below in more detail.

ApacheCon featured some great keynote speakers with some interesting topics from IoT to Digital Pychometrics. If you haven't had a chance to hear or see them then they are all available on Youtube as follows:

The complete Youtube video playlist from ApacheCon NA Miami is also available. For those sessions there were not on video, we have recorded the audio and these are available on FeatherCast.

During ApacheCon Benjamin Young organised a ComDev Tools Hackathon where people interested in improving some of our tools got together and started working on it. Thanks very much to Benjamin for this initiative and to all the hackathon participants who came along to help out.


Our BarCampApache was a great success and attracted well over 35 people. It was facilitated by Jean-Frederic Clere and some of our attendees on the day. It was great to see so much involvement from people from a wide range of Apache projects.

The following were some of the topics raised by our partitcipants and discussed:

  • MQ in Practice
  • Community Engagement & How to Atract More Contributors / Committers
  • Benchmarking
  • Open Source in China
  • Orchestraiton
  • Static Analysis and Project Management
At every BarCampApache a key theme is sharing information and advice as well as making contacts, and I'm sure we succeeded in doing that. How do we know? The discussions kept on well after the time when we were planning to finish!

So thanks again to everyone that attended and we hope that you will pass on your experiences to other colleagues and encourage them to participate at future events.

The audio from the BarCampApache is available on FeatherCast.
(WARNING: This current file is over 5 and a half hours long but we will be splitting this up into more topic based discussions)

The Apache Way Track and Community Track

As well as our usual community based track, for the first time at ApacheCon a co-ordinated track detailing different aspects of the Apache Way was organised by Shane Curcuru and Nick Burch. The five presentations and one panel discussion incorporated common themes and explored some of the challenges encountered.

The Apache Way Track" was recorded and videos are available on Youtube at the following links:

"The Community Track" was also recorded and videos are available at the following links:
Thank you to everyone who attended and participated, both on and off camera. Please watch, learn and share.

FeatherCast Audio from ApacheCon

Our Community Development podcast channel FeatherCast has been extremely busy this month. Before ApacheCon we were recording interviews with some of the speakers and during the conference itself we talked to attendees, sponsors and some of our Apache Directors and Officers. We now have a large amount of content for you to listen to.

Also don't worry if you missed missed ApacheCon or couldn't make to all the sessions because they have all been recorded. You can find the audio for all the ApacheCon sessions on FeatherCast. Thanks very much to all the people who worked hard to get this audio up so quickly after ApacheCon.

Please follow FeatherCast on Twitter to be informed about our latest interviews. We are always looking for volunteers so if you are interested in helping out with our FeatherCast podcast channel then please email contact our mailing list feather@apache.org

First Time ApacheCon Experience - Stephen Downie

If you haven't taken a look at the blog post by Stephen Downie then it is highly recommended. Miami was Stephen's his first ever ApacheCon and his blog post describes his experiences all the way through from apprehension to realisation.

Stephen's full blog post can be found here. My First Experience of ApacheCon Blog Post by Stephen Downie

OpenExpo in Madrid

During May we promoted that we had been invited to have an Apache booth at the Open Expo in Madrid on 1st June. This is a new event for us and we wanted to find out whether it could be a good place to have an Apache presence at in the future. We understand that the conference had over 3000 visitors and 300 of them passed by our Apache booth not only to pick up stickers but to also find out more about the Foundation itself. Please take a look at our detailed blog post about the event.

A big thank you to Ignasi Barrera, Jan Iversen and Sharan Foga who spent the day on booth duty during the event.

Contacting Community Development

Remember that we are always happy to get your feedback and comments so please feel free to contact us, follow our events and participate in our discussions on our mailing list. If you would like to be kept up to date with all the latest news about what is happening in Community Development then please subscribe to our mailing list by sending an email to dev-subscribe AT community DOT apache DOT org.



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