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Sunday January 14, 2018

Apache Software Foundation Community Sponsor for DeveloperWeek 2018

We are happy to announce that the Apache Software Foundation (ASF) will be participating as a Community Sponsor for DeveloperWeek 2018 which takes place on February 3-7, San Francisco Bay Area.

The conference says it is the world's largest developer festival with 8,000+ participants. DeveloperWeek includes 200+ DevTech sessions across Artificial Intelligence, Blockchain, JavaScript, Microservices, Serverless Dev, and more. It also features 90+ innovators exhibiting at the DeveloperWeek Expo. One of the PRO workshops will be run by Denis Magda on "Apache Ignite Service Grid: Foundation of Your Microservices-Based Solution"

In recognition of our community sponsorship of this event, the ASF has been offered 100 free OPEN Passes and discounted PRO Passes to DeveloperWeek 2018 to be made available to anyone from our Apache project communities who want to attend. To receive a free or discounted pass:

  • You must register by 11:59 pm on January 17 to get your free OPEN Pass or SAVE $300 on your PRO Pass.
  • Click here to start your registration. Promotional code SFOMP4025, with a $300 discount, will automatically be applied to your order making your OPEN Pass completely free -- or use the discount towards an all-access PRO Pass.
  • The OPEN Pass will give you access to all OPEN sessions, keynotes, the Expo floor, and Mentor Mixers. If you use your $300 discount towards a PRO Pass, you will get unlimited access to all of DeveloperWeek 2018, including: all 10 conferences (JavaScript Conference, Serverless Dev Conference, Blockchain Dev Conference, API & Microservices Conference + 6 more); the Technical Workshop day; and the VIP Party.

NOTE: To get your free OPEN Pass or discounted PRO Pass you must register by 11:59 pm on January 17 (or before they run out).

Monday November 27, 2017

The Spirit of Thanksgiving - 2017 China Open Source Conference (COSCon'17)

Article written by KAIYUANSHE. (NOTE: A copy of the original article including all photos can be found here. }

Special thanks to Ted Liu, Emily Chen, Biaowei Zhuang, Mabel Li, Rui Li, Jiansheng Li, Sting Chen, Cynthia Xin (KAIYUANSHE COSCon'17 Steering Committee)

2017 China Open Source Conference-COSCon'17 successfully concluded

community graphic

2017 China Open Source Annual Conference-COSCon'17 which was held in November 18-19th in Shanghai Jiaotong University Campus concluded successfully. Following the successful holding of the 2015 Apache China Roadshow, and the 2016 China Open Source Conference-COSCon'16, the COSCon'17 was jointly organised and meticulously crafted by KAIYUANSHE, the first ground-up open source alliance in China, the Shanghai Branch of the China Computer Federation (CCF), and the Open Source Cloud Alliance for Industry (OSCAR) for the people who truly love open source technologies, believe in community, enjoy the lively sharing of the community atmosphere of the open source.

1. Event Summary

The conference was attended by a total of 1,108 people on-site, 2,284 participants in the online video broadcast, 5 keynote speeches, 60 gurus delivered 45 speeches, 6 hands-on camps, 5 panel discussions. Notably, there was 50 enthusiastic volunteers from all over China to warmly serve the lecturer and the audience.

community graphic

2. Highlights

Gurus gathered and shared

As the host, Dr. Dawu GU, the chairman of the Shanghai branch of the China Computer Federation (CCF) and the professor of the computer department of Shanghai Jiaotong University, made a welcome speech, and Dr. Hongbao HE, the executive vice chairman of the Open Source Cloud Alliance for Industry (OSCAR). Breathtakingly, three executives from the world leading open source software foundations, including Nuritzi Sanchez, the chairman of GNOME Foundation, Kylie LIANG, the first Chinese director of the board at FreeBSD Foundation and Niclas Hedhman, the member of Apache Software Foundation were invited to give keynote speech. And Mr. Taiwen HUO, the founder and CEO of Geekbang Technology was also invited to do keynote speech and to the keynoter panel discussion at the end of the morning session.

ASF Challenges

In addition to the above-mentioned gurus, we have also invited 5 native ASF projects (incubation or top-level projects, including CarbonData, Kylin, RocketMQ, Weex, Griffin) to uncover how to be incubated and graduated from the world's top open source community. We also invited Jenkins founder Kohsuke Kawaguchi (K.K.), the founder of Jenkins, to share "The hackers got to eat".

conference photo

The Rise of Grassroots

[The rise of grassroots in the Github]: The founders of five well-known open source projects or communities (Beego, Element, Swoole, TiDB, Nuggets) shared their secret of success.

conference photo

The Art of Community

[How to run a technical community] breakout session shared the tips of their community operations.

conference photo

Open Source Governance - Inconvenient truth revealed

KAIYUANSHE's unique positioning, open source governance, and the OSS Goverance session is also a climax with many open source governance and community experts share their experience in a very direct and candid fashion.

conference photo

A Leading Container Project Announced Open-Sourced

There are many famous open source projects shared their technology inside in the conference. Notably, Alibaba's container technology Pouch project also officially announced open-sourced in this conference.

conference photo
More great topics shown in the list below. The audience can find interested topic in our video broadcast platform on demand.

speakers and talks

3. In the Know

Press Interview

Niclas Hedhmen from ASF and Kohsuke Kawaguchi (K.K.), founder of Jenkins, were interviewed by InfoQ

interview photos
Niclas Hedhman:What open source project does Apache welcome and more?
Kohsuke Kawaguchi:How to make a living from open source project and more. (editing by InfoQ)

Community Manager Roundtable

How does a healthy community operate? What is the ability of the community to contribute back to the people involved? How to help enterprises benefit from open source? How to help individuals get faster growth? What is the difference between the new generation of Github and the traditional foundation model? The leading local community managers, the new generation community model changers and old hackers got together to explore how to develop a better community here in China.

conference photos

The Open Source Night

After a long yet bumper harvest day, get relaxed and connected with old and new friends.

open source night photos
At the end of this lovely evening, we presented our special awards to two individuals, Mabel LI and Chunsheng WANG, who have made significant contributions to KAIYUANSHE and the open source communities, with the [Open Source Star] commemorative trophy.

award photos

4. Special Thanks

Community Partners

KAIYUANSHE has positioned itself as the community of communities, and our missions are to promote open source governance, community collaboration/development, and international bridging. We walk the talks by hosting the first national event on the theme of community management and open source project contribution. 25 domestic and international communities have come together hand-in-hand to make the COSCon'17 possible.

Kind greetings from Jim Jagielski

Jim Jagielski, one of the early founder of the Apache Software Foundation (ASF), recorded a greeting videos and tweeted for the conference. and the Apache Software Foundation also tweeted!

Jim photo

Media Partners

We work with the leading IT media Geekbang Technology/InfoQ China to promote and to report, with ITDKS.com for live video broadcast/replay, with Juejin.im and Linux China on their technical community platform to promote, resulting a total of more than 200,000 participants. Our exclusive registration site Huodongxing has attracted more than 60,000 viewers.

Sponsor Partners

We are also very grateful to our sponsors who supported us to make the conference excel.




The conference is concluded, but our journey has just begun. As the conference organizer, we, KAIYUANSHE's directors of the board, were worried about whether the main themes of the conference , i.e. the journey to the successful community management and project contribution, could attract the domestic technology-oriented audience. However, the feedbacks we gathered from the conference audience have been quite encouraging. Echoing perfectly the "communities over code" motto advocated by the world leading communities, like ASF, our key themes "China community, global contribution" has been highly recognized by many guru lecturers and picky audience of this conference. This is not only the biggest encouragement to our perseverance in our missions of promoting open source governance, community collaboration and international bridging, but also allows us to continue to move forward with many partners' support.

Do you want to get the speech slides, shorthand and video playback first-hand (expected to be released November 27)? Please pay special attention to KAIYUANSHE's Wechat public QR-Code shown below. Do you also want to communicate closely with a large number of guru lecturers? Do you want to participate in the colorful community interaction of KAIYUANSHE? Do you wish to cast your sacred vote for the site selection of the 2018 China Open Source Conference? Simply scan the KAIYUANSHE's Wechat QR-code and reply "I want to join your community chat group", you can join the KAIYUANSHE community chat group to have more fun there!

QR code

Friday November 10, 2017

[ANNOUNCE] Apache Participation at the Open Source Summit Paris

Voir ci-dessous pour la version française de cette annonce.

We are happy to announce our participation at the Open Source Summit in Paris on 6th and 7th December 2017. The event schedule contains a mix of both French and English speaking presentations across many areas of open source technology, innovation and community.

The Summit will feature an Apache Software Foundation keynote by Bertrand Delacretaz, member of our Board of Directors, as well as a half day track of Apache based projects and technologies, with the following program:

  • Asynchronous Decision Making - why and how - Bertrand Delacretaz
  • IoT using Apache Spark and Apache Bahir - Luciano Resende
  • Apache Spatial Information System (SIS) + Geospatial Standards - Martin Desruisseaux
  • Apache Beam: Portable and efficient data-intensive processing - Ismaël Mejía
  • DevOps for Apache OFBiz using Jenkins and Selenium - Olivier Heintz

We'll also be present at the Community Summit on Thursday with a topic on "Project and Community Services the Apache Way" presented by Emmanuel Lécharny and Bertrand.

The Summit is free to attend but you are requested to register on the conference website at www.opensourcesummit.paris, which provides lots more details.

We will also have an Apache Software Foundation booth at the event where we look forward to meeting attendees and talking to them about the Foundation and its projects.


Nous avons le plaisir d'annoncer notre participation au Paris Open Source Summit les 6 et 7 décembre 2017. Le programme comprend des présentations en français et anglais sur des sujets technologiques, d'innovation et de communauté liés à l'Open Source.

Le Summit inclura une keynote présentée par Bertrand Delacrétaz, membre du comité de direction de la Fondation Apache, ainsi qu'une session d'une demi-journée consacrée aux technologies et projets de la Fondation, avec le programme suivant:

  • Asynchronous Decision Making - why and how - Bertrand Delacretaz
  • IoT using Apache Spark and Apache Bahir - Luciano Resende
  • Apache Spatial Information System (SIS) + Geospatial Standards - Martin Desruisseaux
  • Apache Beam: Portable and efficient data-intensive processing - Ismaël Mejía
  • DevOps for Apache OFBiz using Jenkins and Selenium - Olivier Heintz

Nous serons aussi présents au Community Summit le jeudi sur le sujet des services aux projets et à la communauté, avec une présentation de Emmanuel Lécharny et Bertrand ("Project and Community Services the Apache Way").

Le Summit est gratuit mais il est nécessaire de s'y inscrire pour participer, sur le site www.opensourcesummit.paris qui fournit toutes les informations utiles.

Nous serons également présents sur le stand de la Fondation Apache et nous réjouissons de vous y rencontrer pour échanger sur nos activités et projets!

Thursday November 09, 2017

Community Development News - October 2017

Welcome to our monthly blog update about what is happening in Apache Community Development (ComDev)!

This month we have news about attending the FOSS Backstage Micro Summit, we share some interviews from the Prague Open Source Summit, we revitalise our Jira issue tracker, we welcome a new PMC Chair, we translate our ASF brochure into more languages, we prepare for FOSDEM and a for a half day track at the Open Source Summit in Paris, and we look at introducing Apache Community Business Cards.

FOSS Backstage Micro Summit

The schedule for FOSS Backstage Micro Summit, which takes place in Berlin on November 20th, has been announced and focuses on community, governance and the legal aspects around open source. Several speakers from Apache have been selected to present. Full details of the program can be found at the following link:

FOSS Backstage Program

Attendance at the conference is free but organisers have requested that you register so that they know how many people to expect. You can register for the event at

FOSS Backstage Registration

Open Source Summit Europe

It was great to meet people and talk about Apache and other related topics at the Open Source Summit in Prague in October. Although we did not have a booth at this event, there were several Apache related presentations including a keynote from Neha Narkhede about Apache Kafka,

Other talks included Rich Bowen's presentation about why mentoring is so important, Piergiorgio Lucidi's talk on the incubation process for Apache ManifoldCF and Sharan Foga's presentation of the ASF Committer Diversity Survey at the Diversity Empowerment Summit.

We also managed to record some interviews for our podcast channel FeatherCast and you can find details of the interviews below

This was a great event to attend and meet others in the open source world.

MesosCon Europe

The Apache Mesos community were happy to have an Apache presence with a booth and also a keynote presentation from Rich Bowen. Feedback on the keynote was very positive and many people were interested to learn about the Foundation itself and Apache as the work it does to support its projects.

Quite a few people stopped by our booth to collect stickers and talk to us not only about Mesos but other Apache projects that they used or were familiar with. We also received several enquiries about future ApacheCons. Rich took a short video of us all on duty at the Apache booth:

Apache Booth Duty

Thank you to everyone that helped out on booth duty or supported us at the event especially to the Apache Mesos community for inviting us.

Comdev Jira

Community Development has a Jira instance that we use to track tasks and issues. Over the last few months it hasn't been fully utlised so we have decided to revitalise it and start using it again to help us manage things we are working on. Some initial cleanup of old and existing tasks is needed and this is currently in progress.

Those of you subscribed to our dev mailing list may have noticed the that the Jira notifications are now appearing there when an issue or task is updated. This has been done to enable better communication so that everyone can see the progress on any specific task. So far this has been been successful and people who see a task that they can help with are volunteering to make a contribution.

If you would like to see if you can help us with any of our open issues and tasks then please take a look at our Jira list

Comdev Jira Issues / Task List

ASF Brochures

An ASF brochure was put together for the OpenExpo in Spain earlier this year and was available in English and Spanish. A German language version was later created for our participation at the Solutions Hamburg conference. With the help of our contributors the brochure has now been translated into several other languages including Italian, Catalan, French, Russian, Japanese and we have a Chinese translation on the way.

These brochures are available for anyone running or attending an event that need to information about the ASF for attendees. People can download and print the details they need.

You can find the brochure in the various translations can be found on the Wiki at the link below:

ASF Information Brochures

We are still looking for volunteers to if you would like to help translate the brochure into yet another language then please contact us.

Open Source Summit Paris

The Open Source Summit in Paris is planned for 6th and 7th December and we have been given a booth. . The event schedule has a mix of French and English speaking presentations and we have recruited some French speaking volunteers to help out on our booth.

We have also been given a half day track and the details are as follows:

  • Asynchronous Decision Making - why and how - Bertrand Delacretaz
  • IoT using Apache Spark and Apache Bahir - Luciano Resende
  • Apache Spatial Information System (SIS) + Geospatial Standards - Martin Desruisseaux
  • Apache Beam: Portable and efficient data-intensive processing - Ismaël Mejía
  • DevOps for Apache OFBiz using Jenkins and Selenium - Olivier Heinz

and we also a keynote slot that will be presented by Bertrand Delacretaz.

This is a new event for us and it is great that we have some talks on the schedule. We are looking forward to being there and talking to attendees about Apache. The conference is completely free to attend but you do need to register on the conference website. More information can be found at: www.opensourcesummit.paris


We have requested an Apache booth for next year's FOSDEM conference in Brussels. The decisions will be announced in late November so we are hoping that we will be allocated a place.

Based on feedback from the community, we put together a FOSDEM devroom proposal but unfortunately it was unsuccessful. However FOSDEM will have a Community Devroom again next year so we are encouraging people to make submissions to this devroom on any community related topic. You can find details of the CFP and how to submit a talk proposal at the following link:

CFP for FOSDEM Community Devroom

Deadlines for submissions is 27th November 2017 so if you are interested in presenting, then please get your proposals in now.

New PMC Chair

We have decided to rotate our PMC Chair. Uli Stark has held the role for a while and it is general practice for projects to rotate the role within the PMC. Sharan Foga has now been appointed the new PMC Chair for Community Development.Many thanks to Uli for all his hard work and effort as VP ComDev over the last few years and also congratulations to Sharan on her new role.

Apache Community Business Cards

This month we started a discussion about the introduction of Apache Community business cards. The idea is that people could have Apache style business cards that could be given out to people. For example, if you are at an event representing your Apache role or project or if you are volunteering at the ASF booth and want to give your contact Apache details to someone you have been speaking to.

Individuals (not the ASF) would be responsible for the cost of printing their own cards. The two suggested card formats are now on the Comdev wiki and we will be promoting their use to committers and projects.

Contacting Community Development

Remember that we are always happy to get your feedback and comments so please feel free to contact us, follow our events and participate in our discussions on our mailing list. If you would like to be kept up to date with all the latest news about what is happening in Community Development then please subscribe to our mailing list by sending an email to dev-subscribe AT community DOT apache DOT org.

Thursday October 12, 2017

Community Development News - September 2017

Welcome to our monthly blog update about what is happening in Apache Community Development (ComDev)! You may have noticed that we missed our August issue, this was due to preparations and participation at the Solutions Hamburg conference so once again we have a double update for you this month.

This month we have news about the FOSS Backstage Micro Summit, we share our experience of the Solutions Hamburg conference, and we start preparing for two conferences in October - the Open Source Summit and MesosCon.

FOSS Backstage Micro Summit

FOSS Backstage is "a conference on everything related to governance, collaboration, legal and economics within the scope of Free and Open Source (FOSS)". A micro summit will be talking place in Berlin on 20th November and the conference schedule has been announced. A list of the presentations is as follows:
  • Open Source and Trusting the Water
  • Open Source Licensing for Rocket Scientists
  • Building distributed systems in distributed teams
  • The hateful 20
  • How mentoring projects can help newcomers get started with Open Source
  • Open Source: Access or Contribution?
  • Training our team in the ApacheWay
  • Ant's Community - Looking Back and Current State
  • Beware of geeks bearing gifts
  • Asynchronous Decision Making – why and how?

Full details of the program can be found at the following link: FOSS Backstage Program

Solutions Hamburg

In early September we were invited to present a 3 day track filled with Apache content. We were allocated was at a university campus where most of the technical talks were held and had a mix of talks in both in English and German. Approximately 5000 conference tickets had been sold for the conference yet attendance was mixed. The most popular of our talks were microservices related which attracted approximately 20 people.

The talk around open source licencing was also well attended with many people keen to ask questions. We had prepared a German version of the ASF information brochure and it was very useful for giving people some general background about the focus and role of the ASF within open source.

The organisers were great and provided everyone with lots of food, coffee and evening events. This was the first time we had a complete track at this conference so the next step will be to start a discussion about how we could improve our participation and attract more attendees.

A huge thank you to our 9 speakers (Justin McClean, Mark Struberg, Benedikt Ritter,Jacek Laskowski, Lars Francke, Myrle Krantz, Christofer Dutz, Sharan Foga, Greg Stein) and a very special thank you to Myrle Krantz and Chris Dutz for their work in organising, facilitating and generally liaising with the conference organisers.

We have received some pictures from the official event photographers and will be publishing them on our Facebook page soon.

Open Source Summit Europe

The Open Source Summit Europe will take place in Prague, Czech Republic from 23rd - 26th October 2017. The conference feathers Open Community Summit, Open Community Summit, ContainerCon, a Diversity Empowerment Summit, Cloud Open as well as the usual LinuxCon.

The schedule has been published and is available online here

There are several Apache related presentations and we will feature an update of the conference in our next monthly update.

MesosCon Europe

MesosCon Europe will take place on 25 - 27 October in Prague, Czech Republic. It will be at the same location as the Open Source Summit and is co-located. Rich Bowen will be giving a keynote at the event which includes a Hackathon, MesosCon University and Town Halls. You can find all the details in the MesosCon schedule

We will also have an Apache booth at the event where were will be talking to people about Apache and giving away stickers and promotional items, so please come along and see us.

Contacting Community Development

Remember that we are always happy to get your feedback and comments so please feel free to contact us, follow our events and participate in our discussions on our mailing list. If you would like to be kept up to date with all the latest news about what is happening in Community Development then please subscribe to our mailing list by sending an email to dev-subscribe AT community DOT apache DOT org.

Friday August 04, 2017

Community Development News - July 2017

Welcome to our monthly blog update about what is happening in Apache Community Development (ComDev)! You may have noticed that we missed our June issue, this was due to the holiday season so we have a double update for you this month. This month we have lots of news about upcoming conferences that we are interested in participating at, we share a more detailed blog post about the OpenExpo in Madrid, we remind everyone to find us on Twitter, and provide a pointer to how to help fix misuses of Apache project brands.

Call for Apache Project Presentations for Solutions Hamburg

We have been invited to provide a 3 day track filled with Apache content for Solutions Hamburg. The conference runs from 6th-8th September 2017. This is an established conference that is attended by a wide range of people and businesses so could be a great opportunity to inform a new audience about Apache and our projects. Our proposed 3 day Apache track will be broken down into the following areas:
  • Dev-Day with Developer-Centric Apache project talks
  • Ops-Day with Operations-Centric Apache project talks
  • Apache Day with talks on Apache itself
An initial call for participation went out on the ComDev mailing lists in June and so far several people have volunteered to do presentations but we could always do with more!. So if your project fits into any of these categories and you would like to participate then please let us know by:

Please note: that the presentation can be in English or German.

This will be a new event for Apache and once again it is another opportunity to have a presence, spread the Apache message and grow our communities. A very big thank you to Chris Dutz for initiating this and also Myrle Krantz for helping summarise and organise the prospective talks.

Open Source Summit Europe 2017

This month we had some discussions on our mailing list about participating in the Open Source Summit Europe 2017 which runs from 23-26 October 2017 in Prague, Czech Republic. This conference is actually a consolidation of several other conferences including LinuxCon, ContainerCon, the Open Community Conference and the Diversity Empowerment Summit.

Although we could not get scheduling for a specific Apache track, many of the topics covered in the Apache Way presentations are very relevant to open source communities and several presentations have been submitted via the CFP. The schedule will be announced 17th August so thanks to everyone who submitted a proposal and we hope that some Apache related content will be included.

ASF Booth at MesosCon Europe 2017

We have been offered an Apache booth at MesosCon Europe 2017 which is happening from 25-27 October in Prague, Czech Republic. MesosCon is an established conference from the Apache Mesos community that runs globally. This year their European conference is co-located alongside the Open Source Summit and it is great that Community Development will be having a presence at this Apache project event.

Thanks very much to Piergiorgio Lucidi and Sharan Foga for volunteering to help out with MesosCon booth duty.

Introducing FOSS Backstage

Over the last few months there has been some detailed discussions on our mailing list about creating a new conference event that would be more focussed on open source governance and community related topics. The new event has now been created and is called FOSS Backstage.

While the main conference is planned June 2018, a micro FOSS Backstage summit has been organised for 20th November 2017 in Berlin.The CFP for the FOSS Backstage Micro Summit 2017 is now open so please submit your proposals. The deadline for submissions is 10th September 2017 and you can find out more details from the FOSS Backstage website.

A very big thanks to Isabel Drost-Fromm for making this initiative happen.

Blog Post re: OpenExpo in Madrid

In our May blog post we talked about our participation at the OpenExpo conference in Madrid. It was our first time at this event and have written a short blog post about it

Being at the OpenExpo also opened up a new opportunity to talk to people about Apache. A local Spanish podcast channel focussed on open source software asked us to record an interview (in Spanish) about Apache. Ignasi Barrera was interviewed and the podcast can be found at the link below:

Podcast with Ignasi Barrera

Once again, a big thank you to everyone who helped to make this event a success.

Help Fix Misuses Of Apache Project Brands

Have you ever seen a corporate website or press release that claims they run an Apache project, or seen someone using Apache project names or logos improperly? We have a guide for fixing that - but it requires you to raise the issue up so the PMC can address it! We hope all committers and expect that PMC members will speak up if someone is misusing their project's brand.

Read the Apache brand misuse reporting guide!

Follow @ApacheCommunity on Twitter

Apache Community Development has been tweeting since April 2017 and has already built up a following of 80 people. We'd like to keep it growing so please feel free to tweet us @ApacheCommunity or follow us.

Contacting Community Development

Remember that we are always happy to get your feedback and comments so please feel free to contact us, follow our events and participate in our discussions on our mailing list. If you would like to be kept up to date with all the latest news about what is happening in Community Development then please subscribe to our mailing list by sending an email to dev-subscribe AT community DOT apache DOT org.

Thursday June 15, 2017

Community Development at Open Expo in Madrid

Throughout May we promoted that we had been invited to have an Apache booth at the Open Expo in Madrid. The event took place on 1st June 2017 and was the first time that we had an Apache presence there. We received an invitation to the event because of a contact made at FOSDEM (so you can see how being at one event can lead to another!)

In preparation we made sure that we had enough stickers and swag (pens, usb hubs, fandanas and lapel pins) for our booth.

Booth Duty

Our booth staff was made up of myself and two amazing Spanish speaking volunteers (Ignasi Barrera and Jan Iversen). Ignasi had also designed a flyer / leaflet with details about the ASF, who we are and what we do on one side and some information about Incubator on the other. This was translated into Spanish as we expected that it would be a predominantly Spanish event. One hundred of the leaflets were printed and when we put the first few out, they disappeared quickly. It was then that we realised that we needed to ensure we kept enough leaflets available on the table but we ran out of them completely by early afternoon. It was a long day and Jan and Ignasi were kept very busy explaining to people about the Foundation, its goals and how it all works.

We understand that the conference attracted over 3000 visitors throughout the day and 300 of them (around 10%) stopped by the Apache booth to talk to us. We found that most people already knew about specific Apache projects and were keen to talk to us about them. Around one in every six spent around 5-10 minutes which is really great as it shows that they are very interested in knowing or finding out more about Apache.

Being part of Apache, we sometimes take it for granted and it was a little surprising to find out that many people didn't really know very much about the Apache Software Foundation and in fact most of them didn't even know that there was a Foundation behind Apache projects!. Being at the event helped us fill this knowledge gap.

We had a wide range of questions - ranging from 'I want to use the Apache Licence for my own open source project, Do I need to join Apache to do that?' to 'What do I need to do if I wanted to sponsor the Foundation?'

We noticed that people were quite selective in which stickers they took (it wasn't a grab everything!) and one attendee especially wanted the first sticker on his new PC to be an Apache one!

It was good to see and meet up with some of our Apache project contributors and committers at the event and they were also very happy to see us.
I was also pleasantly surprised to see that there were a lot of women attending this conference. I'd heard that Madrid is becoming a technology hub and it was great to see women in technology being so well represented at this event.

A main highlight (apart from the great atmosphere and conference buzz) was that we completely ran out of our flyers (information leaflets) about the ASF. To us it showed that people were really interested in finding out more about Apache.

What we learned and achieved?

These are the main things we achieved and learned by being here were:.
  • This event was mainly a Spanish speaking event although the organisers are trying to bring more English speaking presentations.
  • There wasn't any Apache content at the event so if we are do plan to be there in then it would be good to encourage participation in the CFP (NOTE: We need to be prepared to do this in Spanish)
  • Being there brought a bit more awareness about Apache to a new audience
  • Having information leaflets and flyers at events like these, is a great way to provide essential information about Apache. People were happy to take them away which showed that they were really interested in finding out more about us.
  • As well as potential sponsors, we were asked about taking part in some Spanish podcasts about free software, and some people also asked about Apache meetups in Spain so have opened up some potential opportunities
  • Being able to scan our booth visitors meant that we could send out a thank you message to them all (Thanks Ignasi!)
  • Community development is also about going out and being active at conferences and events where people can see and speak to us, so let's keep doing it!

So was it a success?
Yes definitely! And we will be looking out for any future events to see if we can participate. Also some photos from the event have been uploaded to our Facebook page..

We are hope that we will be invited again next year and if so will be looking forward to another successful event so please come along (especially any Spanish speakers) and support us.

Special Thanks!

Once again huge thank you to Ignasi Barrera and Jan Iversen who volunteered their time and energy to come to Madrid and help out.

Wednesday June 14, 2017

Community Development News - May 2017

Welcome to our monthly blog update about what is happening in Apache Community Development (ComDev)! This month we have lots of news about ApacheCon North America; share some links to some of the conference keynotes; deliver a co-ordinated Apache Way track alongside our Community one; get some feedback from a first time ApacheCon attendee; encourage you to listen to ApacheCon via our FeatherCast podcast channel and we run yet another successful BarCampApache.

ApacheCon NA 2017

After all the preparation ApacheCon North America took place this month in Miami. As well as the standard ApacheCon and Big Data tracks, several mini conferences were held around the main event. It also featured a new Apache Way track which is mentioned in separate section below in more detail.

ApacheCon featured some great keynote speakers with some interesting topics from IoT to Digital Pychometrics. If you haven't had a chance to hear or see them then they are all available on Youtube as follows:

The complete Youtube video playlist from ApacheCon NA Miami is also available. For those sessions there were not on video, we have recorded the audio and these are available on FeatherCast.

During ApacheCon Benjamin Young organised a ComDev Tools Hackathon where people interested in improving some of our tools got together and started working on it. Thanks very much to Benjamin for this initiative and to all the hackathon participants who came along to help out.


Our BarCampApache was a great success and attracted well over 35 people. It was facilitated by Jean-Frederic Clere and some of our attendees on the day. It was great to see so much involvement from people from a wide range of Apache projects.

The following were some of the topics raised by our partitcipants and discussed:

  • MQ in Practice
  • Community Engagement & How to Atract More Contributors / Committers
  • Benchmarking
  • Open Source in China
  • Orchestraiton
  • Static Analysis and Project Management
At every BarCampApache a key theme is sharing information and advice as well as making contacts, and I'm sure we succeeded in doing that. How do we know? The discussions kept on well after the time when we were planning to finish!

So thanks again to everyone that attended and we hope that you will pass on your experiences to other colleagues and encourage them to participate at future events.

The audio from the BarCampApache is available on FeatherCast.
(WARNING: This current file is over 5 and a half hours long but we will be splitting this up into more topic based discussions)

The Apache Way Track and Community Track

As well as our usual community based track, for the first time at ApacheCon a co-ordinated track detailing different aspects of the Apache Way was organised by Shane Curcuru and Nick Burch. The five presentations and one panel discussion incorporated common themes and explored some of the challenges encountered.

The Apache Way Track" was recorded and videos are available on Youtube at the following links:

"The Community Track" was also recorded and videos are available at the following links:
Thank you to everyone who attended and participated, both on and off camera. Please watch, learn and share.

FeatherCast Audio from ApacheCon

Our Community Development podcast channel FeatherCast has been extremely busy this month. Before ApacheCon we were recording interviews with some of the speakers and during the conference itself we talked to attendees, sponsors and some of our Apache Directors and Officers. We now have a large amount of content for you to listen to.

Also don't worry if you missed missed ApacheCon or couldn't make to all the sessions because they have all been recorded. You can find the audio for all the ApacheCon sessions on FeatherCast. Thanks very much to all the people who worked hard to get this audio up so quickly after ApacheCon.

Please follow FeatherCast on Twitter to be informed about our latest interviews. We are always looking for volunteers so if you are interested in helping out with our FeatherCast podcast channel then please email contact our mailing list feather@apache.org

First Time ApacheCon Experience - Stephen Downie

If you haven't taken a look at the blog post by Stephen Downie then it is highly recommended. Miami was Stephen's his first ever ApacheCon and his blog post describes his experiences all the way through from apprehension to realisation.

Stephen's full blog post can be found here. My First Experience of ApacheCon Blog Post by Stephen Downie

OpenExpo in Madrid

During May we promoted that we had been invited to have an Apache booth at the Open Expo in Madrid on 1st June. This is a new event for us and we wanted to find out whether it could be a good place to have an Apache presence at in the future. We understand that the conference had over 3000 visitors and 300 of them passed by our Apache booth not only to pick up stickers but to also find out more about the Foundation itself. Please take a look at our detailed blog post about the event.

A big thank you to Ignasi Barrera, Jan Iversen and Sharan Foga who spent the day on booth duty during the event.

Contacting Community Development

Remember that we are always happy to get your feedback and comments so please feel free to contact us, follow our events and participate in our discussions on our mailing list. If you would like to be kept up to date with all the latest news about what is happening in Community Development then please subscribe to our mailing list by sending an email to dev-subscribe AT community DOT apache DOT org.

Thursday May 25, 2017

My First Experience Of ApacheCon by Stephen Downie

Let me start with a small introduction of myself. My name is Stephen Downie and I have been working in the world of IT for only 2 months. Tom Barber, an ASF member and committer, recently got in touch and offered me the opportunity to retrain. I have previously worked for the last 20 years in retail and if I’m being honest hated 90% of my time at work, so I thought why not. I knew Tom was very knowledgeable and I had always been very envious of his Facebook posts, it seemed like every week he was working on a new project in different countries all over the world from India to Europe to the US. As part of the offer he said he would like to take me to Miami to a conference called ApacheCon….How could I say no? I had never heard of ApacheCon prior to this and in my naivety assumed it was something to do with helicopters (like I said I have zero experience in IT). The weeks passed and Tom was sending more and more documentation through, the thoughts that I was massively out of my depth started growing.

Anyway, 13th May arrived and our flight was leaving the UK at 10:20am so we set off to the airport. Excited, nervous, anxious were just a few of the emotions I was experiencing at this stage. Check in went smoothly and we were off. We landed mid afternoon Miami time and made our way to the apartment. To make the most of our time away Tom had booked tickets for us to see a baseball game (I guess it’s a must when in the States), we went to the beach and explored Miami. My new life/career in IT had started and it was amazing, but work had yet to start….What would it be like?

Tuesday 16th arrived and alarms were set early. We drove to the Intercontinental Hotel, the venue for ApacheCon 2017. The building was huge and I felt very out of place walking through the large automatic doors and stepping on to the escalators. As we approached the first floor I was suddenly at work. Tom was doing a talk on OODT .so had to join a different line for registration so I was, for the first time on my own. I joined the back of the line and slowly edged forwards. I was listening to the conversation, it all sounded very foreign to me but what did strike me was that people of all nationalities all seemed to be old friends. Closer to the front on the line I edged. I registered and received my badge and a free t-shirt (very nice it was too). I wandered around looking for Tom who was already chatting to a group of people so I took it upon myself to have a chat to some people at the sponsor stands and get myself some swag. It all seemed very interesting but mostly went over my head. The thing that was striking me was everyone seemed so friendly and welcoming (very different from the career I had come from where no one seemed to have time for anyone other than themselves).

The previous evening we had gone through the schedule planner and made an itinerary for me of talks that would be interesting/useful to attend. I would start my day in the Versailles Ballroom to watch the opening Keynotes. Again it struck me that so many people knew each other and were catching up on what had been a year since they last met. The speakers were great and had really got me in the mood for what was to come. I have to mention Sandra Matz’s talk on Digital Psychometrics and the Future Effect on Technology. She was both captivating and funny and also the British accent helped me feel at home. The Apply Magic Sauce app was very interesting, it reckons I’m 31….who doesn’t want a few years knocked off their age? It was then a coffee break. I had only been there a few hours and already there was free nibbles and drinks. I grabbed a meat patty and a bottle of Orange and then went to the Alhambra Room to check that Tom was set up for his talk,
OODT 2.0: The Future of Distributed Data Management.The room wasn’t packed but a good 15-20 people turned up and listened to Tom talk about the use of OODT with his work at NASA. I listened and tried to make sense of it but once again it was slightly over my head. After Tom had finished we split up and I was attending a talk on my own (scared!!) I made my way to Biscayne Room to watch Peyman Mohajerian give a talk on Continuous Applications with Apache Spark 2.0. I got my notebook out and tried to make notes of the bits I thought were useful but also so I could quiz Tom about them later. I noticed a lot of people taking photos of the slides so I got involved and did the same (was I getting the hang of it?) The talk was interesting from what I could take from it but once again I’m not sure I really understood what was going on (there seems to be an occurring theme here).

It was lunch, I needed to eat, my brain felt overloaded with so much information so we headed out and found a restaurant to eat at. In case you were wondering I ate calamari for the first time, it was lovely (a week of firsts continuing). When we returned to the venue, next up for me was Leveraging Docker for Hadoop Build Automation and Big Data Stack Provisioning with Evan Ye. in the Balmoral Room. For the first time during this talk I could relate to some of what he was talking about as Tom has introduced me to these bits of software with Spicule, the company I’m now working for. It was quite high level and I soon got lost but it felt good. After the talk I went to find Tom as I wanted to ask him some questions about what I had just heard. I found him in the corridor. He asked how my first day was going, I didn’t really know other than my mind felt like it was melting but I had something I could actually ask him and he had the answers!! I was then supposed to be going back to the Alhambra room for a talk on comparison of Spark SQL with Hive.

Later Tom suggested I went with him to the the Brickell Room which was part of ApacheCon (everything I had attended was the Big Data side of it so far). Bob Paulin was giving a talk on user groups (something I had attended in my short time in IT) The way he spoke and engaged the attendees was amazing and something I could relate too as I enjoy public speaking and engaging an audience. After the talk he came and sat at the table with myself and Tom. I thanked him for delivering a talk that I could relate to. Tom explained that I had zero experience of Apache and IT in general. I told him what talks I had attended so far and he laughed and said “So he’s thrown you into the deep end then”. I don’t know if he realised but that is when my experience changed as I then realised that I was never likely to have understood much of what I had heard (Tom later explained he didn’t expect me to but that the main reason I was here was to get a better understanding of the environment as a whole). The day finished with the Podling Shark Tank which was a fun way to bring the day to an end. I thought then it was home time but before that we had beer to drink and food to eat and people to chat to. The thing I took from my first day was there was a varying level of expertise and knowledge but that the one thing everyone had in common was their love for Apache software. When I got back to the apartment I was shattered, opened a beer and fell asleep on the sofa!

Day 2 went pretty much the same way, a lot of techie talks and then coffee then more techie talks and then food but it was when I attended the talk in Brickell Room with Sharan Foga on Committed to The Apache Way , that things started to make a lot of sense to me. As the week had gone on I was feeling like a bit of an intruder in the midst of all these IT geniuses with their talk about coding and programming but as Sharan started I realised that the ASF was so much more than this and that one of their most important sayings was it's about “Community over Code”. This helped everything make sense and finally I could see that I could have a place within the Apache Foundation. Her talk was so enlightening to me, that evening Tom and I spent hours talking about the ASF and not just technology, about what it takes to be a committer, how to gain the trust and other ways to be involved with the foundation (perhaps I had found my place?).

Day 3 seemed very sedate compared to the first two days as a lot of people had left early for flights. We attended a few interesting talks throughout the day and spent time recapping what my experience had been like. My head was fried and I’m sure i didn’t make a great deal of sense which is why I wanted to write this blog to try and get my thoughts and experiences out there in the hope that it may inspire other people to get involved too. In the last talk we attended with Tim Allison on Evaluating Text Extraction: Apache Tika’s New Tika-Eval Module Tom thought it would be a good idea to volunteer me to write a UI for the software which is something I will certainly be keen to try (maybe I would be a coder after all).

I’d like to say a massive thanks to all that were involved in make ApacheCon 2017 an amazing event and I hope that I will be able to attend the next one. Thanks!

Friday May 05, 2017

Community Development News - April 2017

Welcome to our monthly blog update about what is happening in Apache Community Development (ComDev)! This month we have news about ApacheCon North America; give you some reasons why attending BarCampApache is great; encourage projects to ask for help protecting their trademarks; share some mini podcasts from FeatherCast; and we're planning a Community Development Tools Hackathon.

ApacheCon NA 2017

It is less than 2 weeks to ApacheCon NA in Miami and tickets are still available. We have a full schedule and a range of mini conferences that cover a variety of topics. Many of the mini conferences (TomCatCon, FlexJS Summit, ApacheIoT, Cloudstack Collaboration Conference, Apache Big Data) also include access to the main ApacheCon event so you can mix and match what you attend.

Please check ApacheCon.com for more details about the conference and register.


If you haven't heard about BarCamp, the please read on. BarCampApache an informal 'unconference' that happens around ApacheCon. It is a completely free event that anyone can attend. So whether you are already involved in Apache or simply wanting to find out more about what we do and how we do it, then please feel free to come along and ask your questions at the BarCamp.

There is no fixed agenda and in fact the schedule is created on the day by the participants. This means that once the schedule is set, you can choose to stay for the topics you are interested in and leave for those you are not.

So what happens during a BarCamp? Each BarCamp is different as it also depends on the people who attend. Please see below for a list of some previous BarCamp activities:
  • We talk and discuss any topic that people want to raise
  • We share experience and ideas
  • If anyone is looking for advice or has a problem they need to solve then we help them with brainstorming options
  • You can present or share something that you are working on and get feedback
  • We experience the culture, sights and sounds of our e location by going for a walk around the city

If you'd like to know more about the BarCamp the please listen to our Feathercast interview with Jean-Frederic Clere who has been it for the quite a while

BarCamp will run on Monday 15th May from 9.30am to 3pm approx. If you'd like to come along then please help us with the organisation by registering to your attendance via
  1. ApacheCon Wiki - for planning what we'll do
  2. Sched - to let folks know you're attending!

Please remember that you don't need to stay for whole day and you are free to drop in and out at any time.

Interested in sponsoring BarCampApache?It's cheaper than you think! Generally BarCamp runs alongside ApacheCon but this time it is being run separately the Monday beforehand. It is a free event so would appreciate any help to cover the costs. Community Sponsorship for BarCamp starts at $5000 so if you are interested in being a Community sponsor for BarCampApache then please let us know.


FeatherCast is the voice of the ASF and our main podcast / news channel. Generally we try to record presentations from events such as ApacheCon and make them available online for reference and also for those who did not get the chance to attend. We also share news and interviews about what is happening in our projects.

As part of the lead up to ApacheCon we have recorded some short interviews with some of the ApacheCon and Big Data speakers. A few are highlighted below:
Please feel free to check our webpage for updates and follow us on Twitter.

ComDev Inventory & Tools Hackathon

We are putting together a list of all the tools and applications that the Community Development team has at its disposal. This will include a list of what websites (internal or external), social media accounts, or other applications that we use, manage or are responsible for. Having this will give us greater visibility and more flexibility to share and co-ordinate activities.

Following on from this ComDev tools theme, contributor Benjamin Young has suggested a ComDev tools hackathon for ApacheCon in Miami. The session will be used not only to get familiar with the tools and applications, but also work on cleanup, coding and anything that can help make our tools use more effective. A few of our community members will be attending ApacheCon and it will be a good environment to get together, share information and review what we have.

If you are interested in participating in the ComDev Tools Hackathon at ApacheCon then please contact us for more details.

Improving Your Project's Brand

Have you ever wanted to improve your project's brand and attract more contributors? Concerned that BigCo Vendor is misusing your project's trademarks and good reputation? Apache Brand Management is here to help.

We have a complete Trademark And Branding Site Map with links to all relevant ASF policies and best practices, like social media account guidelines and how to address abuses of your project's trademarks. Contact Brand Management if we can help your project.

OpenExpo in Madrid

We have been offered a booth at a new conference in Madrid. The conference is called Openexpo and will run on 1st June. You can find out more details about the conference and the schedule on their website. The conference has content in both Spanish and English, though we are expecting that attendees will be mainly Spanish speakers.

Thanks very much to our two Spanish speaking volunteers Ignasi Barrera and Jan Iversen who have generously offered to help our on the Apache booth.We will be once again talking to people about Apache and our projects.If you are attending the conference the please feel free to come along to visit our booth to say Hello.

Contacting Community Development

Remember that we are always happy to get your feedback and comments so please feel free to contact us, follow our events and participate in our discussions on our mailing list. If you would like to be kept up to date with all the latest news about what is happening in Community Development then please subscribe to our mailing list by sending an email to dev-subscribe AT community DOT apache DOT org.

Monday April 10, 2017

Community Development News - March 2017

Welcome to our monthly blog update about what is happening in Apache Community Development. This month we have news about our Annual Members meeting, we celebrate our 18th birthday, we encourage participation in GSoC, a new system for making donations to the ASF goes live, we simplify the Apache Way and the ASF joins Facebook.

Happy 18th Birthday Apache!

Last month the ASF celebrated its 18th birthday. and who would have believed that the Apache HTTP Server, the ASF's original project still remains the most popular Web server on the planet totalling nearly 80M active sites. Over the 18 years the ASF has grown and developed and now has 300+ projects and 6000+ committers. Our projects cover a range of different domains including Big Data, Artificial Intelligence, Mobile, Geospatial and Internet of Things.

It's great to see that many of our projects are not only well known but are a key part of mainstream technology infrastructure and applications. We have become so much more than just the web server! So let's celebrate our first 18 years by thanking all our communities and volunteer contributors that helped make Apache what it is today.

Let's look forward to our next18 years of Apache collaboration, innovation and successful project communities.

Donate and Help Support the ASF

Last month saw the start of a new way to donate and support Apache. We do rely on a lot of volunteer effort but we still need to spend money on things such as infrastructure, marketing, legal services and administration. Any amount is accepted and even small donations can make a real difference. Details of how to make a donation can be found below.

Donate to the ASF

If you use or rely on any Apache software then please consider donating (even a small amount helps) to help the ASF continue doing what it has been doing for another 18 years.

Apache Annual Members Meeting

Every year the foundation holds its Annual Members meeting to review the previous year and prepare for the next one. A key part of this includes reveiwing the state of the foundation itself and also voting in a new board of directors. During this year's meeting the following were elected as the new ASF Board. Rich Bowen, Shane Curcuru, Bertrand Delacretaz, Ted Dunning, Jim Jagielski, Chris Mattmann, Brett Porter, Phil Steitz, and Mark Thomas

As well as welcoming our new Board members, we would also like to say a huge thank you to the two directors that have left the board this year (Marvin Humphrey and Isabel Drost-Fromm) for their work and dedication over the past year.

The annual members meeting is also used to increase the membership by inviting new members. Over the coming weeks you may see various announcements for the new members
If you would like to find out more about the how the foundations works, what the Board of Directors do and the role of the foundation members then please see the links below:

Apache and the Google Summer of Code 2017

Once again the ASF is one of the mentoring organisations for the Google Summer of Code (GSoC).A range of Apache projects have volunteered mentors and tasks that can picked up, worked on and then contributed back to a project.

We have already seen some activity on our mailing lists as people sign up for various tasks so if you are interested in participating in the GSoC then please take a look at the list of task ideas

The Apache Way

A new resource is available that simply and easily explains the main concepts of the Apache Way. The new site was put together by community member Shane Curcuru and breaks down the Apache Way into 6 key concepts as follows:

A big thank you to Shane Curcuru for putting this together and if you have any feedback or comments regarding the site then Shane is happy to receive your pull requests.

ASF on Facebook

Did you know that the ASF is now on Facebook?

One of our community members, Raphael Bircher discovered that the ASF had an automatically generated Facebook site with over 9000 likes. Facebook automatically generates pages for highy requested pages that don't already exist, so highlights that we have a significant amount of followers looking for us.

We have now taken over the autogenerated page and are working on actively building our following. If you or your community has a Facebook page then please help support Apache by liking us. Big thanks to Raphael Bircher for working on getting this setup.

Committer Survey Feedback and Comments

During March the detailed comments from our committer diversity survey were posted on our mailing list. We had a range of feedback from improvements for the structure of the survey to comments about diversity and the role of the Apache Software Foundation itself.
Details of all these comments can be found at the links below:

  1. Survey Related Feedback

  2. Diversity Related Feedback

  3. Improvements Related Feedback

  4. Running Survey and General Apache Related Feedback

  5. Improvements Related Feedback

It was good to be able to engage with our committer group and get their feedback. We are now looking at following up on some of the ideas for improvements, including finding a way to better inform and engage committers across all our projects.

Contacting Community Development

Remember that we are always happy to get your feedback and comments so please feel free to contact us, follow our events and participate in our discussions on our mailing list. If you would like to be kept up to date with all the latest news about what is happening in Community Development then please subscribe to our mailing list by sending an email to dev-subscribe AT community DOT apache DOT org.

Friday March 17, 2017

Community Development News - February 2017

Welcome to our monthly blog update about what is happening in Apache Community Development. This month we have news about ApacheCon, Apache Big Data and our range of mini themed conferences, we also invite you to promote your talk on Feathercast.

ApacheCon NA 2017 - Miami

During February our main focus was in promoting Apache Big Data and the new format ApacheCon in Miami. Over 225 submissions were received and we'd like to thank everyone that was involved in helping review them all. There are 126 sessions planned for Apachecon and 90 sessions for Big Data. The full schedule for both conferences have now been published and details can be found at the links below:

ApacheCon NA 2017 Schedule
Apache Big Data NA 2017 Schedule

Five mini or themed conferences will also be running alongside ApacheCon and Apache Big Data. More details can be found at the following links:

Apache IoT (Internet of Things)
Cloudstack Collaboration Conference
FlexJS Summit
Apache Traffic Server and Traffic Control Summit

Conference dates are 16th - 18th May 2017 and registrations for ApacheCon or Big Data can be done via the Linux Foundation website. Please check individual schedules if you are only attending any of the mini conferences as they may begin before the main conferences.

PLEASE NOTE: With the exception of the Flex and Traffic Server events, which begin before the main event, admission to one of these events also secures you entrance to the others.

Promote Your Talk on Feathercast!

Congratulations if you were lucky enough to get a talk accepted for ApacheCon, Big Data or any of the mini summits. Would you like to promote your talk by participating in a short interview for Feathercast? .
Interviews are approximately 5 minutes and will be published on the feathercast.apache.org website. We also usually share these links via social media. If you would like to organize an interview with then please send an email to the feathercast mailing list at feathercast-AT-apache.org with your details ad one of our team members will contact you.

Contacting Community Development

Remember that we are always happy to get your feedback and comments so please feel free to contact us, follow our events and participate in our discussions on our mailing list. If you would like to be kept up to date with all the latest news about what is happening in Community Development then please subscribe to our mailing list by sending an email to dev-subscribe AT community DOT apache DOT org.

Tuesday February 14, 2017

Community Development News - January 2017

Welcome to our monthly blog update about what is happening in Apache Community Development. This month we have news about FOSDEM and our Commnity Development presence there, Feathercast and the audio recordings available and the new mini conference format for Apachecon NA 2017.

Community Development at FOSDEM 2017

During January a lot of our focus has been in preparing for FOSDEM. FOSDEM is a open source conference in Brussels that is held every year. It is completely free to attend and attracts 4000-5000 attendees. It is a great event to spread the word about Apache and also projects can use it to promote themselves to potential new users or community members.

A wiki page was setup with details of the event where projects could book time on the ASF booth to promote their project.This year we had a special banner made featuring logos of as many Apache projects as we could fit. Having the banner with the project logos really helped people realise just how many projects we have at the ASF. We are now seeing a lot more recognition of Apache projects than before.

Around 20 FOSDEM presentations and talks were from ASF contributors which shows that the ASF is already building a strong presence. There is also an increased awareness of Big Data and IoT and it was good to see that many people recognised ASF projects as leading the way in these technology areas. And tweets from the ASF Twitter account helped guide people to our booth.

During FOSDEM we also had the opportunity to record some Feathercast interviews. Links can the recordings can be found below:

Interview : Joerg Schad (Apache Mesos)
Interview : Holden Karau (Apache Spark)
Interview : Danese Cooper
Interview : Rich Bowen
Interview : Roman Shaposhnik
Interview : Isabel Drost-Fromm

Thanks to everyone who helped out on and around the ASF booth during the conference and also to the people who volunteered to be interviewed. We are looking forward to being at FOSDEM again next year.


Feathercast was started by David Reid and Rich Bowen and is currently used to store podcasts and recorded audio from ASF related events or presentations. It contains a lot of audio from previous Apachecons and is a good way to catch a presentation that you haven't been able to attend. All the audio from Apache Big Data and Apachecon 2016 in Seville has is now uploaded and available.

In the past Feathercast was jointly maintained by David and Rich. More recently Rich has taken on the majority of the work involved so now we are actively looking for additional volunteers to help share the workload. If you are interested in helping out with Feathercast then please follow the feathercast mailing list feathercast-AT-apache.org or subscribe to the feathercast mailing list  by sending an email to feathercast-subscribe-AT-apache.org

Apachecon NA 2017

The Community Development team will be working on helping support the preparations for Apachecon NA in Miami. If you have been following the discussions on our mailing lists then you will have seen that a new format for Apachecon has been proposed. This involves mini project or themed conferences integrated with Apachecon. Already confirmed for Miami are the following:

  • Apache: Big Data

  • Cloudstack Collaboration Conference

  • Tomcatcon

  • Apache IoT  (Internet of Things)

  • FlexJS Summit

  • Apache Traffic Server and Traffic Control Summit

We will still be including our core Apachecon tracks for community, lightning talks, general project presentations and tutorials, as well as our regular Barcamp.We hope that you will enjoy the new format and hope to see as many of you as possible in Miami.

Contacting Community Development

Remember that we are always happy to get your feedback and comments so please feel free to contact us, follow our events and participate in our discussions on our mailing list. If you would like to be kept up to date with all the latest news about what is happening in Community Development then please subscribe to our mailing list by sending an email to dev-subscribe AT community DOT apache DOT org.

Thursday January 05, 2017

Community Development News - December 2016

Welcome to our monthly blog update about what is happening in Apache Community Development. This month we have news about defininig a Commnity Development Strategy, ASF involvement in GSoC and the results from our Committer Diversity Survey are published.

Community Development Strategy

This month our mailing list has had some detailed discussions around the goal of the Apache Community Development project. The discussion covered topics such as the original mission statement when the project was established and why people felt that more organisation and direction was needed.

When the project was established our original mission was 'charged with coordinating community development efforts' which was a very broad and flexible definition. Defining a strategy will guide the project and give better visibility of our current and planned activities.

Some of the main ideas mentioned were as follows:

  • Increase community diversity

  • Develop tools that projects can use to promote themselves and attract new participants

  • Educate projects about the Apache Way so that they can more richly experience what Apache really is

  • Strengthen the bonds between projects and the larger Foundation

  • Work with marketing to promote what our projects are doing and promote the idea that the ASF is where innovation happens

  • Internal promotion - many of our projects don't know about what other projects are doing

The next step is to document these ideas into a formal strategy and link it to specific goals and plans.


Another big discussion topic this month was around ASF involvement in Google Summer of Code (GSoC) and how we might be able to gather data and statistics that show more clearly how GSoC benefits our projects and communities.

Apache Community Development's main goal is about developing Apache communities so it would be good to have actual data about the GSoC program within the ASF and how it supports us in achieving this.

Committer Diversity Survey Results

Thank you to everyone that has helped or participated in getting the Committer Diversity Survey out, and also to all the committers who responded to the survey. It has been really good to be able to collect this information and see what it tells us about our committer base.
The main data and graphs from the survey onto the Community Development Wiki

In total we received 765 responses (out of a 5861 committer base at the time the survey was run) so around a 13% response rate. We also got 111 feedback comments of which 29 did not give their permission to share or from quote their comments.

The comments have been categorised into various themes / topics with the main ones as follows:

  1. Suggestions for improvements within the ASF

  2. Suggestions for improvements to the survey (or any future ones)

  3. Thanks / positive feedback about the ASF and/or survey

  4. Feedback and ideas around diversity

Next Steps will be:

  • Continue to analyse the information and identify any potential Community Development related actions

  • Start discussion threads on the various themes and topics raised to see if they will result in additional actions

  • Discuss feedback and diversity ideas and if necessary, integrate into diversity and/or general community development strategy

Contacting Community Development

Remember that we are always happy to get your feedback and comments so please feel free to contact us, follow our events and participate in our discussions on our mailing list. If you would like to be kept up to date with all the latest news about what is happening in Community Development then please subscribe to our mailing list by sending an email to dev-subscribe AT community DOT apache DOT org.

Thursday December 08, 2016

Community Development News - November 2016

Welcome to the first in a series of monthly blog updates about what is happening in Apache Community Development. This month we have news about our Committer Diversity Survey, FOSDEM 2017, ApacheCon NA 2017 and our PMC grows.

Apache Committers Diversity Survey

Over the last month we have been discussing diversity within the ASF and this month we sent out our first ever Apache Software Foundation Committer Diversity Survey. The committer group was selected because they are a large group that are linked to every Apache project. (NOTE: The ASF currently has 5861 committers across 295 projects). To ensure the confidentiality and privacy of the respondents, the survey is anonymous and completely voluntary.

Our survey is currently in progress and thank you to all the committers that have already responded. Ideally we would like to see as many responses as possible so that we can get a clearer picture of how good the ASF is at attracting and welcoming a diverse range of people into its communities.

If you would like more information on the survey and why we are capturing this information then please see


NOTE: If you are committer and haven't recieved the survey link then please contact our community development mailing list

The survey closes on 11th December 2016.


Once again the ASF will be running a booth at FOSDEM. The conference will take place over the weekend of 4th & 5th February 2017 in Brussels. Entrance is free and it has always attracted thousands of attendees so is a great place to talk to people about Apache, its projects and also its communities. As well as the usual list of developer rooms, this year FOSDEM will be featuring a Community DevRoom specifically for community related topics and presentations.

Volunteers from the Community Development community will be helping manage and run the booth throughout the 2 day conference but we are always happy to have additional help. If you are planning to attend FOSDEM and would like to spend some time on the ASF booth promoting your ASF project then we can organise a specific time for you. Please contact the community development mailing list for more information.

New PMC Member - Sharan Foga

The Apache Community Development PMC is pleased to announce that Sharan Foga has been voted in as a new PMC member. Sharan has been involved in a range of community development activities both on and off the mailing lists. She has actively supported the ASF at conferences such as Apachecon and FOSDEM, and more recently she has been working on developing strategies and initiatives for encouraging diversity within the ASF. Please join us in welcoming Sharan to the team.

ApacheCon North America 2017

ApacheCon North America will be held at the Miami Intercontinental, May 15-19th, 2017. The call for papers is open for the event, which will once again be split into Apache: Big Data, and ApacheCon. You can submit your papers, register, and find more information, at http://apachecon.com/

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