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Tuesday December 02, 2014

Release of Apache Bigtop 0.8.0

A long awaited new release of Apache Bigtop has happened. Actually it has happened about a month ago, but we never had a chance to do the official blog post on that. The community and the Apache Hadoop ecosystem at large is happy to have Apache Bigtop 0.8.0 out and ready for you!


Thanks cos ! A couple of other new features to note. . . Trying bigtop: the super easy vagrant recipes we now have which allow you to try out bigtop on VMs (vbox) or Docker containers. These are now configurable by a single YAML file, under the bigtop-deploy/vm/ ( vagrant-puppet and docker-puppet directories ). Blueprints: BigPetStore as you mentioned is upgraded and includes a mapreduce as well as a spark implementation, which uses our new data generator algorithm for extremely realistic time series data. Smoke tests: The new smoke tests which run from zero, no gradle, or maven, or anything else required, and can be used to validate a hadoop ecosystem on any cluster very easily and quickly.

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